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Radiohead vs Miley Cyrus and Kanye West


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I just youtube'd Radiohead just to make sure I wasn't saying the wrong thing. First song that appeared as a real PV, I clicked.

It was this disgusting, warbling piece of shit.

This song was disgusting in every sense of the word. No emotion in the lyrics (does this guy sound like he gives a shit about his own music?), no real rythem, retarded use of distortion... sheer pretentiousness oozes from the video clip itself...

Now, just to prove my point here, I chose a song by a band that is currently in the top #40 in Australia.

#2 Hope It Gives You Hell - All American Rejects

This song might not click with anyone, but it certainly has a rythem, it has understandable lyrics, no crappy distortion for "artistic effect" (LOLWUT?!?!) you can tell the artists have fun making the song...

I'm not too fond of House Of Cars myself. Check out Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Just and Street Spirit.

And Gives You Hell is just shit, no emotion, and blatantly made for the top 40

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What IN the fuck is this. Miley and Kanye just went down on my respect list.

You had respect for Miley Cyrus?

As for Kanye West. He needs to stop singing with autotunes. I miss College Dropout, Graduation Kanye West. He had lyrics that would make you stand up and applaud.

"I say Fuck the police thats how I treat 'em"

You can buy your way out of jail, but you can't freedom

You can buy alot of clothes but you don't really need them.

Things we buy to cover up whats inside.

And they made us hate ourself and love they wealth

Thats why shorties holler'Where the ballers at?'

Drugdealers buy Jordans, crackheads buy crack

And the white man get paid after all of that?"

Come back to the light, Kanye

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I'm not too fond of House Of Cars myself. Check out Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Just and Street Spirit.

And Gives You Hell is just shit, no emotion, and blatantly made for the top 40

No emotion? Dude sounds like he is blantantly telling this bitch that he hopes she has a shitty life because his is awesome. Smart ass retort to the times she turned him down.

Blatantly made for the Top 40 how? The list is made/dictated by fans.... if people like the music, then it gets on the list lol. If no one liked the music, then, it doesn't get on the list. What you basically just said was the music was made to be liked.... gg :lol:

Remz: Yes, the comparrison was pretty far off, I admit. But my point was to point the stark contrast between the two songs rather than what they have in common. I'm at work at the moment, so I cannot look at the Youtube clips. Will when I get home.

Gives You Hell is sweet. Psyched me up hard for the Friday night match of St George Vs Melbourne! It's a fun bouncy song, not meant to tell an underlying feeling or emotion. Staright up in your face "Eat Shit, Bitch" message that resonates perfectly with people who have been scorned by "up themselves" bitches (ie, me! lol).

Final thought: Radiohead were fine back in the day. Their music was original and interesting, then they got up themselves quickly and it was reflected in their music. It went from emotionally charged moopey music to Elitist knob music virtually over night. Which is a shame because the band should be enjoyed by the masses. They segregated themselves.

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Surprisingly I have some Kanye West stuff he's a good pop artist, but he is very Egotistical (too many examples of his ego to metion actually), but so is Prince and Micheal Jackson....

Radiohead are okay but their recent work is quite dull and tenious for me (never been too keen on them anyway).....

and Miley Cryus is as manufacted as Kylie Minogue was in the 1980's with Stock, Aiken, Waterman.

So pretenious pop stars up their arses? Nothing new there.... :rolleyes:

Jarvis Cocker VS Michael Jackson anyone? Meow ouch!!!!

So meh, I don't really listein to much mainstream music these days I use the internet to find stuff that suites my tastes.

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Isn't that the guy who owned Jurassic Park? O.o

Dude! That's John Williams, THE best movie composer of all time! *0* He did the music for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ET, Superman and yes, Jurassic Park amongst many others.

steve hedgehog, I totally forgot about Mr Williams. He's better than Miley Cyrus, Radiohead and yes, even Kanye West (I like most of his music >.>). Better than...anyone! Ok, maybe that's too far. ^^; But still, he's effing brilliant.

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