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Game Informer Rapid-Fire Questions Interview With Takashi Iizuka


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Game Informer came out with this interview asking Takashi Iizuka 123 quick questions on Sonic Frontiers and the series as a whole.  


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2 hours ago, JezMM said:

This was a pretty fun watch for 90% of it, but it makes me cringe when interviewers ask stupid meme questions that have no chance in hell of breaking the language/culture barrier and just exist to make the audience laugh at the expense of the interviewee (like the Remember the Titans reference etc). 

I'm glad Iizuka is such a good sport though, and it's always good to present some parts of the fanbase with more evidence that Iizuka is not the all-knowing all-controlling final authority on Sonic that they think he is.

Iizuka is a cool dude. It’s just that being the face of Sonic Team guarantees the fans and public will make up stories against you. Funny thing is, Iizuka didn’t even work on Sonic 06, lol.

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