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DAY 16 - Comic Panel of the Week 2: 'Sorrow' [30DOS22]


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On 6/17/2022 at 2:51 AM, Stasis said:

The ones I would have picked are already listed so I'm going with this.

Sonic saves Tails from drowning in a swamp early in the comics life (after initially thinking it was 2 foxes due to the tails). Fast forward in time to a point where Robotnik is pretty much a god and has created a timeline where Sonic never existed.


Poor Tails :( 

I don't know if it counts as cheating but I'll have to second this one.

I am not usually a fan of the more dramatic aspects of Sonic comics, I think, especially when it comes to the US comics oddly. My opinion is that in the worst cases the "drama" drags on too much and while a bit of it can spice things up in small, self-contained arcs or short stories, if the WHOLE arc is just "look at how much we can make the characters suffer"...it just ends up boring me. And yes, I am referring to the Zombot arc of IDW especially. Not a fan of that one.


But Robotnik Reigns Supreme? It's 4 chapters, not too long, not too short, gets straight to thhe point ; Robotnik is now omnipotent, Sonic has to beat him with his wits alone, and Robotnik just messes up with him until he doesn't and loses like the loser he has always been, god powers or not. A bit of drama, a bit of sorrow, but it's over in a flash.

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