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Sonic Game Ideas.

Eggman Fan

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I'm very unoriginal, but if one of my game ideas ever came into existence, I'd like a continuation of the storybook games! I'm a huge fan of pirate themes in stories, and Sonic being a rebellious spirit would fit nicely into that type of setting. We did get some pirate theming in Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic Colors, Sonic Prime and I believe the Archie comics, but I'd love to see it as a full game. But, besides pirates, I think a horror theme or film noir could make for a rad, Sonic game.

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Silver the Hedgehog- (Bro really needs his own game. It's just sad, 06 just ruined it for him.)








Silvers' future is ruined again by Iblis! Work your way past The Magma Clan, and through Crisis City to find Iblis and finish him for once and for all! 


Map: Crisis City (Format)- Open world


Basic but, I think you get the point... Silver's back baby!


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On 3/13/2022 at 1:39 AM, Eggman Fan said:

I've seen plenty of Sonic Game Plot idea threads, but nothing about The Games. I'll start to show an example.

Imagine a spin-off starring Knuckles where you go hunting for treasure, and with Four Chapters.

All campaigns will have a Shop where you buy items, So let's say there is a big river that is too long to glide across. Go to the shop and buy some boosters to use while gliding to unlock the Mach-Zoom across it, or you use the boosters to slam down into the ground unlocking the Giga-Smash power unlocking some hidden treasure. You earn rings by selling treasure.

Chapter One is a simple one. The Master Emerald has gone missing now Knuckles must find it. You also fight 4 bosses in this Chapter.

Boss One Rouge: Rouge will jump up and dive kick you, or she'll toss the bombs from Sonic Battle. Boss Two EGG REAPER: A MASSIVE FLYING MECH WITH A LASER SCYTHE AND CHAIN MISSILE LAUNCHERS, however it also lacks legs so you need to break the Anti-Gravity device. Boss Three Sonic: Sonic fights like Sonic normally does(BTW this is simply a friendly match). Boss Four EGG DRAGON: IT'S A GIANT METAL DRAGON, AND IT SHOOTS LIGHTNING OUT OF ITS MOUTH, AND IT HAS GIANT CLAWS, also it's bloody massive. But it is mid build, so if you break it's supports it'll be ruined.

Anyway that's all I got right now. Thanks for reading.

Yo, this sounds like a metrovania and wario land 4 had a baby. and it's beautiful.

On 5/30/2022 at 7:33 PM, Shiny Gems said:

Sonic: The Seven Guardians

Finslly, new storybook game. took them long enough/j

On 3/13/2022 at 1:40 PM, Shiny Gems said:

Story of this game: Eggman and his robots are mining for energy one day. As they are doing so, Eggman falls into what happens to be a hidden temple room, one where he finds a gem that was thought to not exist that can warp reality: The Truth Sapphire. Realizing it has immense power over reality, Eggman takes it and uses it to conquer a continent far from South Island. He divides each part of the continent into different "mini-realities" to show how powerful he is. Sonic and his friends go to investigate. Once there, the heroes find that everything has been remade in Eggman's image, and Eggman has made means of travel through time to reinforce his rule. He plans on conquering the world next. Much of nature on the continent is left untouched at the moment. However, Sonic and his friends find out the future of different areas of the world are pretty much post apocalyptic, and even if they Defeat Eggman, the futures will remain the way they are. So Sonic and his friends must find a way to stop Eggman and...through means of time travel, undo the post apocalyptic futures.

This unfortunatly is just dream team but CD. id still love to see this become real though, seems cool on a fronteirs-like gameplay.

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