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New Sonic Movie 2 Poster Revealed By IGN


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It's an amazing poster, no doubt about that. I love how everyone looks here, especially that action shot at the bottom.

Here's the poster in full:


There's a reference to Labyrinth Zone in those pillars in the background...

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Glad they decided to add in Colleen and Tika's names in the poster afterwards.  It would be a shame that they didn't get any credit for working on this movie.

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I may be overthinking this but from a design layout point of view it looks like the design was intended to be the ‘blue team’ and ‘red team’ name credits on each side, hence the Tom/Sonic credits on the left and the Knuckles/Eggman credits on the right.  I’m thrilled to see Tika and Colleen’s names have been added, they absolutely deserve it, even if it does throw the design off a bit and looks like Tails is in Team Red now because there isn’t enough space on the Team Blue side lol

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