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Funny Moments in the Sonic Film


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Comedy is subjective. Jokes will make some people laugh will make other people groan. For me, there were some definite groaners in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie like when Deputy Wade took Tom's sarcasm about being in Barbados at the beginning of the film literally, especially when he wondered how he "got back so quickly". However, this thread is about the moments that actually made you laugh or smile. Aside from Jim Carrey in general, one moment for me was when Sonic, who has admitted to watching too many action movies, tries to smash a bottle over a guy's head only to find out that real life glass bottles are much more harder to break.

What do you think were the funniest moments in the film?

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From Eggman I think
- First meeting with Sonic. It such funny subversion from we expected.
- ROCK-ONNASSANCE. Good pun and just the fact he feels a need to scream it.

Everyone else. Tom first real talk with Sonic? "Meow" was a terrible joke, but now they actually talking and Tom finds himself so confused that Sonic is kinda making sense. "Why you call me Donut Lord? Oh, I guess you're right."

With that said my favorite not funny moment was Sonic baseball. Jokes were pretty bad, but that moment when he realizes how alone he is was one genuine emotional moment in whole thing.

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I rarely laugh out loud from jokes in movies or TV (I laugh a lot more from jokes made either by people IRL or from random comments on the internet) so honestly I tend not to judge comedies on how much I laugh, because by that measurement most of them would honestly get like a 1 or 2 out of 10.

As for the Sonic movie, while I don't think I laughed, I did like the scene where Robotnik's aggressively complimented Agent Stone on his latte making skills. Even Conan O'Brien ( a person on TV who actually DO make me laugh regularly) laughed at that scene when Jim carrey was with him to promote the movie.

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