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I just watched Antdude's entire video about Colors Ultimate. I agree with basically everything, as much as I want to like this remaster, it's full of absurd issues, I can't even believe we have to deal with those in the final release of the game.

It's been said to death already, I still wouldn't have liked if they made an "official Dolphin version" because that would have had zero effort, I appreciate what they did... I just think it had too much brightness and blur, I can't see anything, on the other hand the cutscenes rework had no effort at all because they all look the same. You can't change and choose music (unlike Party Superstars for example) between original and remastered, which on Planet Wisp and Sweet Mountain is especially felt . 

What else? Customization is barebones, aside from the movie skin, and the overall presentation is weirdly low quality, especially Metal Sonic's time trial screen, the Rival Rush is... just there, although it is quite challenging.

I'm also sad they had to cut Metal Sonic as playable and the online leaderboards, which made the character icons quite pointless.

The real features I thought were cool and well implemented are Tails Save, it's actually useful and fair in the spots it is used, which are otherwise cheap deaths, and the Jade Ghost which has new paths to take to find red rings, that are not in the original version.

Other than that, I'm just sad that this is how Colors was treated now. The patches can only fix the glitches, not the rest.

As Antdude says, they could have made quality of life improvements like for example Skyward Sword HD, which doesn't really add anything new (and that's a shame), but it still improves the overall experience, Colors Ultimate sounds like it wanted to add new minor features, but none of them really added a better experience to the original game. 


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The PS4 version (JP only) has received a new patch 1.05 which includes "improved stability and minor bug fixes" (no idea when NA/Europe will get this patch). I've just done a playthrough of the new patch and the only difference I noticed is that the Egg Pawns now fall more slowly from above when landing in Sweet Mountain act2 & Aquarium Park act1 like they did in the original Wii version. Oh and my save file didn't get corrupted when I played on PS5 this time :)

Below is a screenshot of the update history of my Jp copy:


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Heya. I know that this thread it quite old, but I think it's probably the most relevant one, especially as I'm not allowed to start my own threads, being a new member 'n' all.

Basically, is anyone able to explain to me what the appeal of this game is? I've tried about 5 times to get into the switch version, and I just don't get it. I run from left to right and I'm either prompted to press something e.g. Y to slide, or R to do the laser, or press jump to automatically home into enemies, and I can't imagine this is supposed to be where the fun is at? There's minimal platforming, and of what there is, Sonic feels really awkward to move.

I also notice that certain abilities are blocked in the levels, so presumably the more you go through the game, they're unlocked and you're meant to revisit earlier levels, this time with alternative methods and routes? Does this make the game more enjoyable? Is this the kind of title that you're meant to grind for a while before it starts to get good?

This is certainly how I felt with The Sacred Rings. You start off slow with limited movement and abilities, but leveling up Sonic makes him a joy to play after a certain level of investment.

I have played the similar Sonic Unleashed too, but Colors still feels more constricted. Yet, this is reportedly the better title. What exactly is it about this game that people find fun? Is it playing through the levels over and over and memorising the exact moment to press whatever button? Is it that the later abilities are really fun to play as? If feel that there is something fundamental about this game that I'm just not understanding. Like, I don't know how the game was meant to be played.

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