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So. Seeing as I LOVE Pinball and Sonic, I decided "Hey, why not go download Soic Spinball? Then I can play it anywhere~"

... I didn't find it.. and ended up buying the Sonic 1 Mobile Version.

Dang. Oh well. MY THOUGHTS:


Meh. Phone.


It gets kinda wierd. sometimes it sounds great (GHZ and SYZ) but other's.. uhg. (Boss Battles and Marble Garden)


Well, at least it looks pretty.

Though, the framerate can be a bit low in some places.


IT's SONIC. Of course it's fun.

Make sure your phone is on the more powerful end of the specrum before you pay 8 bucks for it.

Have you guys ever downloaded any Sonic Mobile Games?

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I've never actually thought that the game was that bad. The physics are sloppy, the music seems to be run through an early 80s budget sequencer and the controls are clunky due to the nature of cell phone buttons, but the game's fun actually translated well into the cell phone version. Especially compare to, say, the GBA version. I've actually heard that Sonic 2 Mobile was much more faithful, though I've never played it.

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