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This morning, I tried to change my pfp and got a message saying that it couldn’t upload. I tried refreshing and reloading the page as well as waiting a while before trying again. It still didn’t work so I decided to crop the picture in case it was too big. I got it to 153 kb and it still didn’t upload and I received the same error message. I would send a screenshot of the message I got, but I can’t send any pictures at all, even in PMs. Is there anything I can do to make it so that I can actually upload images again?

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I tried contacting the staff about this but still haven’t heard back from them. I checked my attachments to see if I had used up all my upload space, but I had used 49%, so that wasn’t the issue. Went ahead and deleted most of the images I had uploaded just in case, but I hope this isssue gets resolved soon, because I can’t change my pfp or send any images anywhere…

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