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Sonic Games World Tour #2: Westside Island Zones


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(This is the Archie Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2017 Textless Cover)

Hello & Welcome back to the Sonic Game Worlds Tour

Last time we started our tour with South Island and are now flying towards our second stop, Westside Island.


Westside Island (aka Imaginary Island in Japan) was an island Sonic came across while flying the Tornado, sometime after defeating Eggman on South Island. While exploring the island, he met Tails (aka Miles Prower) for the first time, who was able to keep with him and even copy some of his moves, including a new technique he called a “Spin Dash”.

It didn’t take long before things headed South Island because Eggman had been tracking Sonic and learned that Westside Island had access to all 6 Chaos Emeralds, plus an extra one that was missing. Soon, he took over the island, captured all of the small animals, created more Badniks, and started putting the finishing touches on his latest and greatest invention, the Death Egg. The only thing missing from Eggman’s evil Checklist were the Chaos Emeralds. 

Eggman wasn’t very subtle about taking over and didn’t wait for Sonic to leave Westside Island before going on the offensive. Once Sonic & Tails witnessed everything going down from a beach, they immediately jumped into action, freeing all of the small animals from Eggman’s prison capsules, bringing down the Death Egg from space, and collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds, transforming into Super Sonic for the first time.

Little did anyone know that this adventure would be the beginning of what fans would later call the “Death Egg Saga”.


  • Westside Island is the second major location we see in the Sonic Games.
  • It’s the major setting for 1 Sonic Game and has at least 10 unique Zones.
  • The most remixed Zone from Westside Island is the Death Egg Zone.
  • The Westside Island Special Stages have been remixed at least 6 times!
  • Unfortunately, there is no canon map for Westside Island.


1. All entries in this opening post are Action Stages, Hubs, & Bosses from Official Licensed Sonic Games, that take place on Westside Island. This includes: 

  • All Single Player Zones & a brief look at the Special Stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
  •  The rebuilt Death Egg Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  •  A quick drive through the Westside Island Zone Racecourses from Sonic Drift 2
  • Dynamite Plant from Sonic Fighters
  • Sky Chase 1 & 2 from Sonic Adventure
  • Most of the remixed Zones from Sonic Pocket Adventure
  • The Death Egg from Emerl’s Chapter in Sonic Battle
  • Metropolis & Metropolis Ground Zero from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
  • Egg Hangar from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
  • The 20th Anniversary Remixes of Chemical Plant, Casino Night, & Death Egg Robot from Sonic Generations
  • The Sky Fortress Zone from Sonic 4: Episode 2
  • Studiopolis Zone & Mirage Saloon Zone plus the remixed Chemical Plant Zone & Oil Ocean Zone from Sonic Mania Plus
  • The Story Stages & Boss Battles in Chemical Plant, Death Egg, & Metropolis from Sonic Forces

2. Even though Casino Street Zone & Mad Gear Zone from Sonic 4 are similar to the Casino Night Zone & Metropolis Zone, I’ll talk about them when we travel to Mirage Island.

3. As mentioned above, the Death Egg Zone has a number of remixes and inspired Zones. However, I’m only going to cover some of them here and cover all of them later in a future Death Egg Zones Topic.

4. Please remember that during the Sonic Games Worlds Tour, I’m focusing solely on Sonic Games. Any battlefields from Super Smash Bros., cool callbacks from LEGO Dimensions, or any other Zones used in crossover games will not be included. The only exceptions to this rule are the racing games: Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing & Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.

5. Next Stop: Little Planet Zones


Pictures and other graphics will be posted shortly.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Emerald Hill Zone



The Emerald Hill Zone was the tropical, mountainous, and checkerboard coastline of Westside Island and the first stop on Sonic & Tails’ adventure. 

Although similar to South Island’s Green Hill Zone, Emerald Hill Zone had different variations of the iconic checkerboard pattern in the dirt, different small animals & plants, and the iconic corkscrew bridges. 

The first Badniks Sonic & Tails encountered on Westside Island in the Emerald Hill Zone were:

  • Coconuts was the first monkey Badnik Eggman created. They loved to climb up and down palm trees and throw coconuts that grow from them. Luckily all of the trees were low enough for a good Spin Jump.
  • Buzzer was an upgraded version of Buzz Bomber. Their wings were replaced with rockets, giving them more speed. They still came to a complete stop to fire their stingers, though.
  • Masher was supposed to be an upgraded version of Chopper. However, not much had changed.

EHZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Drill Eggman

Drill Eggman was an Egg Mobile car with a large drill fitted to the front of it. After flying in, Eggman tried to turn Sonic & Tails into roadkill. 

He even tried to launch the drill at them from a distance as a last resort. Needless to say, he failed.


Sonictrainer Says: As much as I love the Emerald Hill Zone, it will always live in the shadow of the Green Hill Zone and only be referenced by its music or the occasional corkscrew bridges seen in other Zones.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Chemical Plant Zone



The first Chemical Plant Zone was a chemical factory located in an unknown city on Westside Island. After taking over the factory, Eggman used to it make his signature chemical, Mega Muck (aka Mega Mack). The first batches of Mega Muck Eggman created were Pink Mega Muck, which was similar to water but didn’t produce Air Bubbles, and Blue Mega Muck, which was highly toxic. 

Besides swimming in the purple Mega Muck, Sonic & Tails ran around the chemical tubes, sometimes jumping & rolling inside them, and used the floating platforms, block elevators, and Springboards to reach new areas.

The Badniks watching over Mega Muck production in the Chemical Plant Zone were:

  • Spiny was a sea anemone Badnik. They slowly slithered around the floors and walls of the factory and would occasionally shoot a projectile out of it head. A good Spin Attack or Spin Jump would squash them.
  • Grabber was a spider Badnik. They drop down from the ceiling to grab intruders, set off a detonator, and explode. A good Spin Jump could take them out. Also, Sonic’s speed & Tails’ tails allowed them to escape Grabbers if they got grabbed.

CPZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Water Eggman

Water Eggman was an attachment for the Egg Mobile that collected Blue Mega Muck and tried to dump it on top of Sonic & Tails. 

The problem was that Eggman was completely open to any Spin Jumps during the pumping process.

CPZ Fast Fact: In one continuity, the official scientific name for Mega Muck is “megamalatricarboSonichloride”.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Aquatic Ruin Zone



The Aquatic Ruin Zone was a collection of marble ruins covered in vegetation and submerged underwater on Westside Island.

Besides the occasionally falling marble pillars, Sonic & Tails also had to avoid arrows being shot out of pillars due to motion sensors.

The Badniks checking tables for the house in Casino Night Zone was:

  • Grounder was a bigger & heavier version of Burrobot. Although they no longer jump, they liked to hide behind walls and then come blasting through them when Sonic & Tails got close.
  • Chop Chop was another piranha Badnik, that patrolled the waters and tried to bite any intruders that happened to hop in. Fortunately, Sonic & Tails’ Spin Jumps were sharper than their teeth.
  • Whisp was a fly Badnik, that tried to buzz around Sonic & Tails in groups. Although it was annoying, Spin Jumps could defeat them plus Sonic & Tails could outrun them.

ARZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Hammer Eggman

Hammer Eggman was a trap that stuck Sonic between 2 totem poles. When Eggman hit them with a hammer, a random arrow would shoot out from the totem pole.

However, the arrows could be used as stepping stones for Sonic to reach Eggman. Also, Tails could easily fly out of the arena at any time.

Sonictrainer Says: I think this is the first appearance of the Piko Piko Hammer.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Casino Night Zone



The Casino Night Zone was a very popular casino on Westside Island. It’s so popular that other casinos have tried to copy and modify their giant pinball table designs.

Besides gambling their Rings away, Sonic & Tails rode elevators and conveyor belts and bounced off of bumpers and Launch Springs to reach new areas.

The only Badnik checking tables for the house in the Casino Night Zone was:

  • Sprawl was a hermit crab Badnik, who uses a Bumper as a shield. While it could block a few attacks from Sonic & Tails, it couldn’t keep blocking forever.

CNZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Catcher Eggman

Catcher Eggman was an electric attachment for the Egg Mobile that dropped spike bombs that explode purple projectiles.

Sonic & Tails couldn’t touch the bottom of it and used the arena to get high above Eggman and rain down on him with Spin Jumps.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Hill Top Zone



The Hill Top Zone was an Aqua Green Volcano on Westside Island, that has similar dirt patterns to the ones found in the Emerald Hill Zone.

Apparently, the volcano was still active because Sonic & Tails had to quickly and carefully travel through its caves during 2 earthquakes.

The Badniks studying the peaks of the Hill Top Zone were:

  • Spiker was an upgraded version of Spikes. Instead of a slow Badnik carrying a heavy spiky shell, Eggman made them lighter, faster, and able to launch their shells like rockets. Luckily, once the shell is gone, they were completely defenseless.
  • Rexon was a lava-proof plesiosaur Badnik, swimming in the molten lava outside and inside the volcano. When it saw intruders, it would spit tiny fireballs at them. Once Sonic & Tails hit their heads with a Spin Jump, the small animal inside them would be released and their leftover bodies could be used as platforms to traverse the lava.
  • Sol (aka Gohla) was a new version of Orbinaut that used fireballs instead of spiky balls. However, they were completely defenseless once the fireballs were thrown. There were also seesaw versions of them that were too hot & tough for Sonic & Tails to touch or destroy.

HTZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Submarine Eggman

Submarine Eggman was a fireproof submarine, armed with a flamethrower, that could travel through lava. Instead of using this invention for science, Eggman tried to use it to roast Sonic & Tails.

It seems the flamethrower took too much time to shoot its flame rounds, because Sonic & Tails were able to dodge and eventually sank the entire sub. Good thing Eggman installed a fireproof escape pod.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Mystic Cave Zone



The Mystic Cave Zone was an ore mine on Westside Island.

While exploring the mine, Sonic & Tails avoided crushing traps disguised as vines, grabbed real vines that acted as switches to activate bridges and doors, and quickly climbed up moving steps fitted with spikes on the sides.

The Badniks solving the mysteries of the Mystic Cave Zone were:

  • Flasher was a firefly Badnik. When they lit up, they could zap anything that touches them. When their lights went out, Sonic & Tails could strike back.
  • Crawlton was a centipede Badnik. They would hide around the cave and launch out of their hiding spots to bite intruders with their fangs, like a jack-in-a-box. However, they couldn’t retract back into their holes as fast.

MCZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Drill Eggman 2

Drill Eggman 2 was an Egg Mobile fitted with 2 large drills. While Eggman drilled through the cave, Sonic & Tails had to watch out for sharp rocks & debris.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit/2013 Mobile Version) - Hidden Palace Zone



The Hidden Palace Zone was a crystal cavern hidden underground on Westside Island. It was discovered after digging out a spike pit that was in the Mystic Cave Zone.

While exploring this new cave within a cave, Sonic & Tails slid down a water slide, avoided perpetual motion spike balls, and destroyed giant emeralds to find hidden Springs.

HPZ BESTIARY (Westside Island Version)
The Badniks hiding in the Hidden Palace Zone were:

  • Redz was a raptor Badnik that breathed fire. Luckily, they were too slow to actually roast our boys.
  • Batbot was a brand new Bat Badnik. While similar to its processor Batbrain, it actually flew around in arcs without touching the ground.
  • Jellygnite was a jellyfish Badnik, swimming in the water. They functioned the same as Grabbers, except their range and mobility were better plus getting bearhugged and exploded underwater was a drowning hazard.
  • Stegway was a triceratops Badnik, rolling around the caves. When they saw Sonic & Tails, they charged up to ram into them. Sonic & Tails could easily jump over them though.

HPZ BOSS BATTLE (Westside Island Version): Sonic & Tails VS Brass Eggman

Brass Eggman was an overcomplicated tuba attachment for the Egg Mobile. Eggman used the instrument to summon spiked bombs that drop into the water and use the tides to try and knock them into Sonic & Tails.

Eggman didn’t realize that the big spiked bombs could shoot water into the Egg Mobile, causing it to land onto the ground and allow Sonic & Tails to dunk on him.

HPZ Westside Island Fast Fact: Since the entrance to HPZ can only be found in Mystic Cave Zone Act 1, HPZ only has 1 Act and replaces Mystic Cave Zone Act 2.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Oil Ocean Zone



The Oil Ocean Zone was a giant lake made entirely out of oil on Westside Island. I’m not sure who dug it up but sometime after its creation a harbor was built here, filled with oil refineries and sometimes even docking ships that were able to travel through it. Fortunately, I believe the oil is contained within Westside Island and won’t spill out and pollute the regular ocean. Unfortunately, it was a great resource for fueling the Death Egg.

This Zone also had flame propelled platforms and checkerboard, flying cannons Sonic & Tails used to blast themselves through the area.

The Badniks getting an oil change in the Oil Ocean Zone were:

  • Octus was an octopus Badnik. They sat around the harbor, hovering off the ground and firing ink from their mouths at intruders.
  • Aquis was a seahorse Badnik. They flew in the sky in random patterns while also shooting ink projectiles from their mouths.

OOZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Submarine Eggman 2

Eggman remade his submarine after his loss in the Hill Top Zone, removing the flamethrower, adding a laser and 2 sharp, remote controlled tentacles.

One flaw to Eggman’s upgraded submarine was that he had to come out of the oil repeatedly, because he couldn’t see anything and didn’t know if he actually finished off Sonic & Tails despite the targeting systems being almost perfect.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Metropolis Zone



The Metropolis Zone was a giant smelter Eggman made as a ground HQ on Westside Island. He made sure to improve upon what worked & didn’t work in the Scrap Brain Zone.

It was filled with a number of traps to slice, shock, burn, squash, and destroy Sonic & Tails between 3 different Acts.

The most annoying Badniks during the entire adventure, and possibly the entire Genesis Era, that worked in the Metropolis Zone were:

  • Asterion was a starfish Badnik that could fly. Once Sonic & Tails got close enough, they would detonate and send 5 spikes flying in different directions. While exploding did free the small animals inside them, they usually appeared in spots Sonic & Tails couldn’t Spin Jump to.
  • Shellcracker was an upgraded version of Crabmeat, that replaced its claw projectiles and installed a giant spiky grappling hook for a right claw. Their job was to wait for Sonic & Tails to show up, normally near a ledge or in front of a High-Speed Pipe entrance, and then sucker punch the Rings out of them. The only good thing about the claw was that it was very heavy, making Shellcracker slow and forcing them to punch in only one direction.
  • Slicer was a praying mantis Badnik, who’s arms were throwing knives. The narrow paths, their ability to climb on walls & ceilings, and the fact that they occasionally appeared in groups made it extremely difficult to dodge their projectiles. Luckily, they were completely defenseless once their arms were gone and they couldn’t retrieve them.

MPZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Flying Eggman

Flying Eggman was an Egg Mobile that had a laser on the front and tiny, floating eggs that contained miniature clones of Eggman & the Egg Mobile. During the fight, Eggman had the Eggs fly around his Egg Mobile to attack and defend simultaneously.

Sonic & Tails couldn’t touch the eggs and had to wait for gaps between them in order to hit Eggman. Every time Eggman got hit, an Egg would release a clone. The clones were weak as Motobug though and didn’t really have any attack.

Once all his clones were gone, Eggman tried to shoot Sonic & Tails with the laser.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Sky Chase Zone



The Sky Chase Zone was an area of the sky above Westside Island where Sonic & Tails flew the Tornado to chase after Eggman, who had escaped to the Wing Fortress Zone.

The Badniks trying to knock the Tornado out of the Sky Chase Zone were:

  • Balkiry was a bird Badnik that flies quickly through the air. Instead of shooting projectiles, they used their whole bodies as weapons and tried to ramp into the Tornado. 
  • Nebula was a helicopter Badnik, that flies slowly through the air and drops bombs.
  • Turtloid was a turtle Badnik that flies slowly in the air. Sonic couldn’t destroy them but he could use them as stepping stones.
  • Baby Turtloids were smaller Turtloids that rode regular Turtloids and activated their projectiles. Once the babies are gone, the Turtloids are almost harmless.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Wing Fortress Zone



The Wing Fortress Zone was an airship created by Eggman to act as a sky base flying over Westside Island. Due to the Tornado taking significant damage, this was also the first Act where Sonic & Tails were separated.

While trying to reach Eggman in the captain’s room, Sonic & Tails hovered across giant fans to reach different areas and grabbed panels of the ship to avoid getting blown away by strong winds.

The only Badnik employed on the Wing Fortress Zone was:

  • Clucker was a chicken Badnik that operated turrets. The first Cluckers were installed all over the airship. Unfortunately for Eggman, they couldn’t move and could only shoot in one direction.

WFZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic or Tails VS Barrier Eggman

Barrier Eggman was a trap room that kept Sonic/Tails stuck between 2 barriers and a giant laser moving across the ceiling. 

In order to get out of the trap, Sonic/Tails had to use the spiked flying platforms to Spin Jump the laser and eventually destroy it.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Death Egg Zone



The Death Egg Zone was a spaceship Eggman created to use as a fortress, satellite, and prison for many small animals.

DEZ BOSS BATTLE (Sonic 2 Version): Sonic or Tails VS Silver Sonic Mk 2
Silver Sonic Mk 2 (aka Robo Sonic) was the second robot duplicate of Sonic created by Eggman in the games. This version was given hands and could shoot quill bullets out of his body. Without any Rings around, Sonic had to carefully dodge and attack once Silver Sonic wasn’t in ball form.

DEZ BOSS BATTLE (Sonic 2 Version): Sonic or Tails VS Eggman & the Death Egg Robot

The Death Egg Robot was the last line of defense for the Death Egg, in the form of a giant robot made in Eggman’s image. The first Death Egg Robot was armed with spiky rocket hands, Bombs, that were designed to look like Eggman, and a jetpack.

Even after barely recovering from the previous battle with Silver Sonic Mk 2, Sonic managed to hit the Death Egg Robot 16 times, causing it to explode and bring the entire Death Egg crashing down.

DE Fast Facts:

  • The Death Egg is based on the Death Star, from Star Wars.
  • If Sonic has all 7 Chaos Emeralds, he will fly down as Super Sonic to meet Tails in a secret ending.
  • In Sonic Jam’s Easy Mode, it’s possible to play this Zone with Rings.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) – Special Stage



The Special Stages were halfpipe highways that Sonic & Tails had to run through while collecting Rings and avoiding spiky bombs.

If Sonic & Tails managed to reach all 3 Checkpoints, with enough Rings, they would be rewarded with a Chaos Emerald.

However, their teamwork was put to the test as their Ring Collection was shared between them and any damage Sonic or Tails took would make the both of them lose Rings.


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles - Death Egg Zone



Although Sonic & Tails managed to break the Death Egg twice, Eggman was able to fix it and get it flying for a third time. With the help of Knuckles, Sonic & Tails managed to hop onto the Death Egg from the Sky Sanctuary Zone before it got into space again.

While running through the space station to find Eggman and retrieve the Master Emerald, Sonic & Tails ran across platforms created by energy projectors, used Ring Shooter Boosters to spin across the air, and traveled through areas with reverse gravity.

DEZ BESTIARY (Sonic 3&K Version)
The spiky Badniks waiting to fatally injure any intruders in the Death Egg Zone were:

  • Spikebonker was a spike ball Badnik, that used antigravity to fly and swing a spike ball around its body. When they spotted intruders, they threw their spike ball at them. Even if they miss, the spike ball would return back to Spikebonker although Sonic & Tails could dodge and attack in the meantime.
  • Chainspike was a chained spike Badnik. When they spotted Sonic & Tails, they would fly in closer and drop a grappling spike down towards the ground. Due to their spiky bodies, they could only be destroyed at specific angles with a Spin Jump. Sonic had an easier time destroying them with his Insta-Shield.

DEZ ACT 1 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Red Eye

Red Eye was a Super Badnik installed inside a pillar, armed with metal balls filled with spikes, acting as security for a section of the Death Egg.

As you can probably guess, its weakness was that fancy eye.


However, after getting hit several times, it detached from its pillar and flew around in an alternate form.

DEZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Death Ball

Death Ball was a round, flying Super Badnik protected by fast moving and very thin Bumpers. Each time Sonic & Tails tried to attack it directly, the Bumpers would move around its body to deflect them away.

The only way to defeat was to use the spike carts it generated by switching the gravity of the arena and having the carts crash into it. The Bumpers couldn’t repel the spike carts and it was soon defeated.

DEZ FINAL BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Eggman & the Super Eggman Robo

The Super Eggman Robo was a giant Eggrobo, that was even bigger than the Death Egg Robot, armed with a variety of weapons and using the Master Emerald as a power source.

First, Sonic & Tails had to do was destroy its giant hands while trying not to get grabbed. 

Finally, the 2 of them had to wait for the Super Eggman Robo to open its chest to reveal the Master Emerald and attack while dodging the flamethrower and massive laser.


Sonic Drift 2 - Emerald Hill 1 & 2



2 racecourses were built in the Emerald Hill Zone.

Emerald Hill 1 was the first racetrack of the Purple GP. Racers had to watch out for landmines placed around the racetrack, that always explode during the Final Lap.


Emerald Hill 2 was the final racetrack of the White GP and had less Power-Ups than Emerald Hill 1.

Sonic Drift 2 - Hill Top 1 & 2



2 racecourses were built on top of 2 mountain peaks in the Hill Top Zone.

Hill Top 1 was the second racetrack of the Purple GP. It was a One Way racecourse where racers could drive over dirt mounds, dodge Motobugs, and go through Checkpoints before reaching the Finish Line at the end.


Hill Top 2 was the fourth racetrack of the White GP and was similar to Hill Top 1 except they both have different sets of Power-Ups.

Sonic Drift 2 - Casino Night



A single racecourse was built in the Casino Night Zone, acting as the fourth track of the Purple GP. 

Racers could drive around the casino, jumping over small ramps and avoiding giant pinball bumpers placed throughout the course.

Sonic Drift 2 - Mystic Cave



A One Way tunnel was constructed inside the Mystic Cave Zone to act as the 5th racetrack of the White GP.

Spikes and racecar sized holes were littered throughout the dimly lit road and acted as obstacles. However, a few of the holes were actually shortcuts from a higher level of the cave to the lower level.

Sonic Drift 2 – Death Egg



Eggman built a Death Egg that was used as the final racetrack for the Blue GP and the only racetrack of the Final GP.

It features many close and wide curves where Racers had to turn multiple times in a row and only 4 Power-Ups.

FINAL GP: Sonic & the Cyclone, Tails & the Wheelwind, Knuckles & the Tempest, or Amy & the Breeze VS Eggman & the Egg Typhoon
If any of the Heroes win all 3 GPs, they will have to race against Eggman alone in a Final 3 Lap Race.

FINAL GP: Eggman & the Egg Typhoon, Nack & the Marvelous Queen, or Metal Sonic & the Blue Devil VS Sonic & the Cyclone
If any of the other characters win all 3 GPs, they will have to race against Sonic alone in a Final 3 Lap Race.


Sonic the Fighters/Championship – Dynamite Plant



The Dynamite Plant was a fusion of the Chemical Plant Zone & Oil Ocean Zone.

Bean the Woodpecker, aka Bean the Dynamite for his unique use of bombs, was the opponent here. If any Fighters managed to defeat Bean, they would receive the Green Chaos Emerald.


Sonic Adventure DX – Sky Chase 1 & 2



During Eggman’s first Robotnikland project, Sonic & Tails tried to chase after the Egg Carrier 2 times.

In Sky Chase 1, Sonic & Tails flew the original Tornado to chase after the Egg Carrier during the day.


In Sky Chase 2, Sonic & Tails used the new, blue Tornado 2 to chase after the Egg Carrier during the night. During the flight, Tails switched the Tornado 2 from Biplane Mode to Jet Plane Mode, increasing its speed.

The Badniks trying to protect the Egg Carrier in Sky Chase 1 & 2 were:

  • Air Jawz (aka Fighter Aircraft A) were shark & plane Badniks that protected the Egg Carrier by shooting enemy planes or flying into them like Balkiry. Both Tornados were fast enough to avoid them and shoot them down with regular bullets and homing missiles.
  • Missile Launchers were self-generating turrets installed around the Egg Carrier, that fired spiky homing projectiles at Enemy Aircraft. They didn’t move from their spots and could be easily taken out from a distance.
  • Lock Jawz (aka Fighter Aircraft B) were 2 Air Jawz fused together. They appeared during the second chase, leading some of the other Air Jawz while also firing and trying to ram into the Tornado 2. Despite them being connected, they still went down after one hit.
  • Air Mines were spiky, floating bombs Eggman released around the Egg Carrier in an attempt to blow up Sonic, Tails, & the Tornado 2. Despite their quantity, Tails was able to fly through the minefield.

SC2 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, & the Tornado 2 VS Eggman & the Egg Carrier Cannon
The Egg Carrier Cannon was a giant cannon positioned on the front of the Egg Carrier. The first time Sonic & Tails chased after the Egg Carrier, Eggman used it to destroy the Tornado and end the chase.

However, during the second chase, the Tornado 2 was able to dodge and destroy the cannon through the awesome technique of spamming.



Sonic Pocket Adventure - Neo South Island Zone



The Neo South Island Zone was a remixed fusion of the Green Hill Zone & Emerald Hill Zone, acting as the first Green Hill Zone for Modern Sonic. 

It had the same totem poles (although some of them were painted red) and checkerboard pattern in the dirt as the Green Hill Zone plus the corkscrew bridges and Badniks from the Emerald Hill Zone. There was even a vertical road similar to the one seen in the Palmtree Panic Zone that Sonic ran up.

The Classic Badniks returning to work in the Neo South Island Zone were:

  • Coconuts returned to climb up and down palm trees and throw coconuts at Sonic.
  • Mashers returned to jump from under bridges and swim up waterfalls.
  • Buzzers returned to fly in the air and shot at Sonic with their stingers.

NSIZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Hammer Prototype

The Egg Hammer Prototype was a car fitted with the same hammer that Hammer Eggman used.

It failed because the hammer’s range was extremely small, the car was too slow, and Sonic could jump over the entire thing and repeatedly Spin Jump on Eggman from behind.

NSIZ Fast Fact: Neo South Island Zone Act 1’s music is a remix of Sonic’s World, from Sonic Jam, and Act 2’s BGM is a remix of Angel Island Zone Act 2, from Sonic 3&K.

Sonic Pocket Adventure - Secret Plant Zone



The Secret Plant Zone was a remixed Version of the Chemical Plant Zone. 

There were no Grabbers though.

The only Badnik crawling around the Secret Plant Zone was:

  • Spinies returned and could even be found crawling on the ceilings.

SPZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Spiker

The Egg Spiker was an Egg Mobile accompanied by 2 floating platforms, with spikes underneath them, and fitted with a gun.

Sonic had to jump onto the platforms and hit Eggman while dodging the projectiles and the spikes.

SPZ Fast Fact: Both of Secret Plant Zone Acts’ music are remixes of Angel Island Zone Act 2 and Hydrocity Zone Act 2, from Sonic 3&K.

Sonic Pocket Adventure - Cosmic Casino Zone



The Cosmic Casino Zone was a remixed Version of the Casino Night Zone without Badniks.

CCZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Bumper

The Egg Bumper was an Egg Mobile fitted with a barrier to allow Eggman to ricochet around the pinball arena.

It seems that Eggman couldn’t control it very well because Sonic was able to dodge and attack during the confusion and it got faster with every hit.

CCZ Fast Fact: The Cosmic Casino Zone’s BGMs are remixes of 2 Bonus Stages from Sonic 3&K.

Sonic Pocket Adventure - Aquatic Relix Zone



The Aquatic Relix Zone was a remixed Version of the Aquatic Ruin Zone.

The Badniks exploring the Aquatic Relix Zone were:

  • Grounder returned to roll around & smash through walls.
  • Whisp returned to bug Sonic through the Zone.
  • Chop Chop returned to swim in the water and bite anything it comes across.

ARZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Knuckles

Why is Knuckles here and why did he want to fight Sonic? I have no idea.

Anyway, this fight is similar to the fight in the Hidden Palace Zone on Angel Island.

After Sonic defeated Knuckles, Knuckles dropped the Purple Chaos Emerald. Suddenly, Eggman dropped in to steal it! To help Sonic go after Eggman, Knuckles uppercut Sonic so hard, he flew up into the air towards Tails and the Tornado…

ARZ Fast Fact: The Aquatic Relix Zone’s BGMs are remixes of Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1 & Hydrocity Zone Act 1.

Sonictrainer Says: I can’t tell if Relix is a typo or the intended spelling for the Zone because someone thought it sounded cooler. Then again, we do have the Chaotix…

Sonic Pocket Adventure - Sky Chase Zone



Oh hey, they didn’t bother to change the name of the Zone this time.

This Version of the Sky Chase Zone had floating platforms holding Item Boxes, Puzzle Pieces, and Pop-Up Spikes. Also, Sonic hopped off onto a platform at the end before touching the Goal Post or Giant Ring to the Special Stage.

SCZ BESTIARY (Pocket Adventure Version)
The Badniks trying to knock the Tornado out of the Sky Chase Zone, AGAIN, were:

  • Nebulas returned to try and bomb the Tornado.
  • Balkiries returned with different flight patterns to ram into the Tornado.

SCZ (Pocket Adventure Version) Fast Fact: This Zone’s Music is a remix of the Azure Lake Zone’s music.

Sonic Pocket Adventure - Aerobase Zone



The Aerobase Zone was a remixed Version of the Wing Fortress Zone.

The only Badnik protecting the Aerobase Zone was:

  • Clucker returned to try and shoot Sonic from only one direction.

ABZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Silver Sonic Mk 2

Silver Sonic Mk 2 returned and was slightly taller than Sonic. However, it was pretty much the same battle as before except Sonic actually had Rings this time. 

After Sonic defeated Silver Sonic, he malfunctioned, crashed, and created an entrance for Sonic to reach the Gigantic Angel Zone.

ABZ Fast Facts:

  • The BGM for this Zone is a remix of the Sonic 3&K Death Egg Zone.
  • The BGM for the Silver Sonic Boss Battle is a remix of the Mecha Sonic Boss Battle theme from Sonic 3&K.

Sonic Pocket Adventure – Gigantic Angel Zone



The Gigantic Angel Zone was a remixed fusion of the Scrap Brain Zone & the Metropolis Zone. 

The background of the Zone was similar the Scrap Brain Zone while gimmicks, traps, and Badniks were taken from the Metropolis Zone.

The Badniks making life hell for Sonic in the Gigantic Angel Zone were:

  • Asterions returned to hover in place before shooting needles in 5 different directions.
  • Slicers returned to throw their knives at Sonic.
  • Shellcracker returned to sucker punch Sonic with their giant grappling hook claws.

GAZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Burst Blazer

The Egg Burst Blazer was an Egg Mobile that could produce bombs and fire a spreadshot of projectiles at Sonic.

This is similar to the Screw Mobile used in the Hydrocity Zone because Sonic could also use the bombs explosion to reach Eggman.

GAZ Fast Facts: The BGMs for this Zone are remixes of the Desert Palace & Chrome Gadget Zones.

Sonic Battle – Death Egg


The Death Egg that appeared during Emerl’s adventure was fitted with a laser, that was used to destroy an unknown star. 


To thank Eggman for discovering him, Emerl decided to fight him. Eggman flew around using his Egg Mobile and a series of missiles & bombs.

DE BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Ultimate Emerl
Ultimate Emerl was a super version of Emerl that lost control and was going to use the Death Egg’s laser cannon to destroy the world. In order to stop him, Sonic tried to fight him and use the Master Emerald to cancel out the Chaos Emeralds Emerl absorbed. 

Ultimate Emerl fought Sonic using the Ultimate Moves, which were upgraded and supercharged versions of techniques Emerl had copied from Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Amy, Knuckles, Cream & Cheese, Shadow, Chaos Gamma, and even Chaos Zero. Sonic won and saved the world but at the cost of Emerl’s life.


Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Metropolis (Chapter 5: Battle for Angel Island)



After Eggman’s latest defeat, the Metropolis Zone was left in ruins and unattended until the Marauders/Nocturnus Clan transformed it into their HQ. After they collected all of the Chaos Emeralds, they used them to pull Angel Island toward Metropolis. 

Once our heroes & Eggman managed to sneak in through an underground secret tunnel, they split into 2 teams:

  • Sonic & Knuckles led a team to reach Angel Island and protect the Master Emerald. They managed to sneak onto an airship but were almost destroyed by a new cannon that was installed on Angel Island.
  • Tails & Eggman led the other team, who stayed behind to collect parts and throw together a non-lethal device that would send the Marauders back to the Twilight Cage. They also found E-123 Omega, who was disabled by the Marauders and gladly joined the team to get revenge after being repaired by Tails.

The reprogrammed Badniks & Nocturnus Clan Echidnas patrolling the ruins & airships in Metropolis were:

  • Laser Drone Mk 2 was an upgraded version of the Laser Drone that was stronger, faster, and had more defense. Their POW move Full Power was strong enough to instant KO their opponents.
  • Seeker Drone was a Sentry Drone armed with seeking missiles, that have a Blast effect. They could also Self-Destruct to try and 1-hit KO Sonic or another character.
  • Assault Drone was a Sentry Drone armed with gatling guns and had a high Attack Stat. Like the other Drones, Wind and Water Elemental attacks were their weakness.
  • Shield Pawn was a big defensive Badnik, covered in armor. They could even decrease incoming damage by using their Shields Up POW move. Piercing attacks made their armor useless though, which is probably why Eggman discontinued them.
  • The Gun Pawns seen in Sonic Chronicles were offensive opposites to the Shield Pawns, covered in guns, weapons, and ammunition. Despite their cool, red designs, Eggman stopped using them because they lacked any defenses and were even slower than Shield Pawns.
  • Guardian Pawn was a Badnik Eggman created by combining the defense of the Shield Pawns with the offense of the Gun Pawns. Their chest armor even opens up to reveal an energy cannon. One of them was guarding Eggman’s anti-aircraft cannon.
  • A Nocturnus Velite was a type of Nocturnus Echidna soldier, recognized by the blue glowing visor on the front of their helmet. They were similar to the Scout Sonic & Amy fought in the Green Hill Zone but with better Stats.
  • A Nocturnus Hastatus was a type of Nocturnus Echidna soldier, recognized by the unique loop designs in the back of their helmets. Although they have the same POW moves as the other soldiers, they attack using their own version of Shadow’s Chaos Spears.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Metropolis Ground Zero (Chapter 6: Black Hole Sun)



Metropolis Ground Zero was the Metropolis Zone after Angel Island fell on top of it. As if losing all 7 Chaos Emeralds & the Master Emerald, crashing Knuckles’ home, and having a giant wormhole in the sky wasn’t bad enough, all of the leftover Badniks plus some unfinished Badniks in the Hazard Vault were activated, malfunctioning, and attacking anything that moved.

The Good News was that Shade, a Nocturnus Clan Echidna Elite who quit after finding out Ix was planning world domination, decided to join the group. Also Tails & Eggman were able to quickly built a spaceship that could travel to the Twilight Cage and allow our heroes to defeat Ix and retrieve all of the Emeralds. After Sonic, Shade, & 2 other heroes collected all of the parts and restored the power grid, the heroes flew off into the portal.

I don’t think leaving Eggman behind was a good idea though…

The Badniks blowing things up in Metropolis Ground Zero were:

  • Seeker Drones were still flying around the area.
  • Assault Drone Mk 2 was an incomplete version of the Assault Drone. Although they had more attack and defense, they shot everything and everyone.
  • Shield Pawn Mk 2 was a version of Shield Pawn that had double the HP, Attack, & Speed. Piercing attacks still took away their protection though.
  • Gun Pawn Mk 2 was a stronger and faster version of the Gun Pawn. However, its defense and armor were still low.
  • Guardian Pawn Mk 2 was the best version of Guardian Pawn, increasing its stats and making it better. Too bad it failed at its one job.
  • Bomb Pawns were Badniks armed with explosives. Their Super Bomb POW move can even stun opponents. If Eggman had managed to iron out the bugs, they would be even more of a serious threat. 

MPGZ CHAPTER 6 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Shade + Amy/Rouge/Big/Knuckles/Cream/Omega VS Egg Bot & 2 Assault Drone Mk 2

Egg Bot was a Super Badnik made in Eggman’s image that spoke using a broken voice box of Eggman’s voice. As much as Eggman enjoyed creating him, he was stored inside the Hazard Vault for being faulty and unpredictable. 

Egg Bot attacked by firing bullets from its buttons and by using Shocker, which was a POW move where he shot electricity from his hands.


Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing/All Stars Racing Transformed – Egg Hangar



The Egg Hangar was a racecourse created inside the landing dock of the Death Egg, which is filled with laser cannons and has a beautiful view of the planet. In Transformed, this was a Car Only Racetrack.

Racers had to avoid Egg Pawns and falling off the road into the Death Egg’s machinery or outer space.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) - Chemical Plant



In the HD Version of Sonic Generations, Classic Sonic & Modern Sonic revisited the Chemical Plant Zone.


Classic Sonic rolled around a part of the factory in Act 1 while Modern Sonic boosted through another area in Act 2.

After the Sonics restored the factory, Amy was also restored.

The Badniks still watching over Mega Muck production in the Chemical Plant were:

  • Spinies were crawling around the base and were bigger than before.
  • Grabbers returned with a new design that gave them extra eyes. They still worked the same as before though, trying to bearhug & blowup intruders.

Sonictrainer Says: I still think it was a missed opportunity to not have Classic Amy in the game.

Sonic Generations - Casino Night



Casino Night appears in both versions of Generations, but in different forms.

In the HD Version, it’s a fun minigame where players can bounce around a single pinball table with Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic. Classic Sonic can use 3 Spin Dashes & Modern Sonic could use one full Boost Meter to Boost around the table.



Meanwhile, in the 3DS Version, it replaces the Chemical Plant Zone as a representative for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit). Act 1 is a copy of the original in 3D while Act 2 had Modern Sonic rushing through the casino and bouncing over Bumpers and Flippers.

The only Badnik still working in the Casino Night was:

  • Sprawls were still acting as bouncers throughout the casino. Despite their Bumper Shields still being effective against Classic Sonic, they were no match for Modern Sonic’s Boost.

GENESIS ERA RIVAL RACE (3DS Version): Classic Sonic VS Classic Metal Sonic

Instead of roundhouse kicking Classic Metal Sonic in the Bad Future of Stardust Speedway Zone, Classic Sonic had to race him through a section of the casino.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) – Death Egg Robot



CLASSIC ERA BOSS BATTLE (HD Version): Classic Sonic VS Classic Eggman & the Death Egg Robot
Although Classic Sonic didn’t have to fight another Silver Sonic on the Death Egg, he did have to fight the latest version of the Death Egg Robot. This model was even bigger, had extendable arms, had stronger metal to protect its chest from Classic Sonic’s Spin Jumps, and was using the Green Chaos Emerald as a power source.

However, its head was still vulnerable, its underside had become vulnerable, and it could be stunned by the regenerating bombs Eggman installed in the 2nd arena. After Classic Sonic cracked it open, Time Eater appeared and took Classic Eggman away, leaving the Green Chaos Emerald behind.


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 - Sky Fortress Zone



The Sky Fortress Zone was a bigger & better version of the Wing Fortress Zone. Eggman retreated here after Sonic & Tails freed all of the small animals captured in the Sylvania Castle Zone, White Park Zone, & Oil Desert Zone. To help protect the Sky Fortress, Eggman created the Metal Carrier, an airship for Metal Sonic to pilot that was armed with cannonballs, lasers, and several Badniks.

While flying & running around the Sky Fortress Zone, Sonic & Tails flew the Tornado to shake off Metal Sonic & the Metal Carrier, which could Boost to defeat Badniks & destroy Boxes but leave Tails dizzy for a few moments after, jumped inside Ring Shooters, similar to the ones found in the second Death Egg Zone, ran across metal fences, that usually split into higher and lower paths, and used the Copter Combo, to fly around obstacles and avoid falling off the airship.

The Badniks flying alongside Metal Sonic and patrolling directly outside the Sky Fortress Zone were:

  • Bubbles was a pufferfish Badnik, that was first used in the Marble Garden Zone. Blue ones don’t have Spikes and Red ones do. Eggman really liked using them on Mirage Island for some reason…
  • Balkiry returned and tried to nosedive into the Tornado from above.
  • The Turtloids also returned and Tails could fly the Tornado into the babies to destroy them. Problem solved.
  • Cluckers also returned. Some them were given flying turrets so they can shoot while in midair.
  • Fullboar was a warthog Badnik, that drove around on 4 wheels. Eggman made 2 versions of them, although only the red ones were stationed here. Red Fullboars charge at any intruders they come across.

SFZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, & the Tornado VS Metal Sonic & the Metal Carrier

As the sun set in the background, Sonic & Tails flew the Tornado and prepared for a final fight against Metal Sonic & the Metal Carrier. This time Metal Sonic started using the Metal Carrier’s lasers to try and take down the Tornado.

After avoiding lasers, Balkiry, & giant missiles, getting several hits in, and finishing the battle off with a Tornado Boost, Metal Sonic evacuated the Metal Carrier and flew off. Sonic & Tails quickly landed the Tornado and popped open the Prison Capsule onboard before the fires got worse.


Sonic Mania Plus – Chemical Plant Zone



Once Eggman got his hands on the Phantom Ruby, it sent our heroes to the Chemical Plant Zone. Act 1 still had everything Sonic & Tails remembered from their first visit. However, Act 2 was an R & D lab where Eggman was experimenting with different kinds of Mega Muck and the Phantom Ruby’s power to change reality.

Act 1 was a mix of the original's 2 Acts while Act 2 introduced Green Mega Muck, which could be used as a Spring, Purple Mega Muck, which could be used as an elevator on certain platforms, and 


In Encore Mode, the factory looked like it was in night mode.

CPZ BESTIARY (Mania Version)
The Badniks slipping & sliding in the old & remixed Chemical Plant Zone were:

  • Spinies were still crawling slowly around the factory and shooting projectiles from their heads.
  • Grabbers were given pulley belts in the ceilings to increase their mobility and grabbing range.
  • Catakiller Jr. was an upgraded version of Caterkiller that floated through the air and attacked with electricity instead of spikes. Like the original Caterkiller, their heads were still their weakest spot.

CPZ ACT 1 BOSS BATTLE (Mania Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS Amoeba Droid

The Amoeba Droid was a remixed, upside down version of Hailstone, that used Blue Mega Muck for offense & defense.

Once it dropped the Mega Muck, it was wide open.

CPZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE (Mania Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS Eggman & the Mean Bean Machine

The Mean Bean Machine was a quick game of our heroes VS Eggman in a game of Puyo Puyo.

After beating Eggman, the gang hopped into a nearby pipe and ended up in the Studiopolis Zone.

Sonic Mania Plus – Studiopolis Zone



The Studiopolis Zone was a city of production studios that make a variety of television programs and movies. Thanks to Eggman’s experiments with the Phantom Ruby, a number of Egg themed ads & ideas were being produced at the time.

The Badniks setting up stages for the next shows in the Studiopolis Zone were:

  • Tubinaut was a spotlight version of Orbinaut made for Studiopolis.
  • Mic Drop was a microphone Badnik. They hid throughout the city and would drop down to surprise intruders and then try to electrocute them.
  • Canister was a movie projector version of Snail Blaster. They climbed walls and would fire pieces of sharp film strips from their cannons.
  • Shutterbug was a fly Badnik. They acted as surveillance cameras and would fly into people’s personal space to snap pictures of them.

SPZ ACT 1 BOSS BATTLE (Mania Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner was a male, blue, police style HBH armed with a rocket launcher and a personal helicopter. Accompanied by 3 regular Egg Robos wielding wooden batons, he chased after our heroes on a highway. 

Fortunately, Sonic & and the other could use their Spin Jumps to reflect some of the missiles Heavy Gunner fired back at him. After his own missiles took out all of the Egg Robos and his helicopter, Heavy Gunner retreated.

SPZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE (Mania Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS Eggman & the Weather Globe

The Weather Globe was a trap room Eggman created to simulate dangerous weather patterns: sunny, windy, & rainy.

Each weather report had a trap that could be avoided by moving to a safe space or by having the right Elemental Shield. However, Eggman’s Egg Mobile could be always be attacked after the Sunny reports.

Once Eggman was taken off the air, our heroes left to catch a ride on the newest Flying Battery.


SPZ Fast Fact: The Studiopolis Zone has the most cameos & references in Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania Plus – Mirage Saloon Zone



The Mirage Saloon Zone was a massive ice cream parlor that was recently built in a desert on Westside Island. After regrouping on Angel Island, everyone hopped on the Tornado to fly over the Phantom Ruby’s signal. However, Heavy Magician appeared and knocked Knuckles off from the plane into a canyon.

Act 1 ST was a desert version of the Sky Chase Zone, where the Sky Chase Zone Badniks were given desert inspired redesigns and Eggman drove a Steam Train towards the Oil Ocean Zone.


Act 1 K was an exclusive Act for Knuckles to use his fists and other abilities to get through the canyon to catch up with everyone.

Act 2 explored the inside of the actual saloon, which had piano keys from the Music Plant Zone, pinatas that could be used as stepping stones, giant guns that could be used as cannons, and delicious ice cream sundaes.


In Encore Mode, the sands of the desert are dyed purple and Act 1 was a railyard where all 5 heroes used their abilities to get pass the train cars.

MSZ BESTIARY (Mania Version)
The Badniks flying through the skies and rolling through the sands of the Mirage Saloon Zone were:

  • Vultron was a vulture Badnik. They stood on top of tall objects or cacti and would swoop down to stab intruders with their beaks.
  • Rattlekiller was a new type of green Caterkiller Eggman designed for the desert. Rattlekiller would slide around totem poles and strike at any intruders that get close enough. However, since their head was both their main point of attack and weakness, Spin Jumping when close to them was a guaranteed solution.
  • Armadiloid was an armadillo version of Turtloid. Besides the new look, they worked exactly the same.
  • Cactula was a green version of Nebula that hid at inside giant cacti before popping out to try and bomb the Tornado.
  • Roller Mk 2 was an upgraded version of Roller Eggman created after seeing Mighty in action, even copying Mighty’s shell and fur colors. While they were faster, stronger, and more persistent, their weakness of being vulnerable while uncurled still remained.
  • Bumpalo was buffalo Badnik that had a Bumper for a back. They rolled around the restaurant in Act 2 and charged at any intruders they came across. Although Mighty could bypass the Bumper with his Hammer Drop, everyone else could only destroy them with a Roll or Spin Dash.

MSZ ACT 1 ST BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, Mighty, Ray, & the Tornado VS Uber Caterkiller

The Uber Caterkiller was a Rattlekiller that had been magically enhanced by the Heavy Magician, growing to almost the size of a Lost Hex Sandworm. Our heroes tried to fight from the Tornado while it jumped in and out of the sand.

Even though it was huge, its head was still its weakness.

MSZ ACT 1 K BOSS BATTLE: Knuckles VS Uber Caterkiller

After making it out of the Canyon, Knuckles had to fight another Uber Caterkiller on land.

MSZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS Heavy Magician

Heavy Magician was a yellow, female HBH who could use magic to transform things, similarly to the Phantom Ruby but to a lesser extent. 

When she first encountered the boys, she tried to put on a show by turning herself into each member of Team Hooligan: Nack the Jerboa, Bean the Woodpecker, & Bark the Polar Bear. Although her ability to copy other characters was impressive, the spells could be broken with 1 hit. After getting out-staged, she did a disappearing act for her finale.

Sonic Mania Plus – Oil Ocean Zone



After being fired out of a giant gun in the Mirage Saloon Zone, our heroes landed in the Oil Ocean Zone.

Act 1 featured the same gimmicks as before as well as a new returning Badnik.

However, in Act 2, part of the harbor was covered in a toxic gas that drained the Rings of anyone that breathed it in. Fortunately, a ventilation system could be activated to make the smog disappear by grabbing any of the activation pulleys.


In Encore Mode, the skies of the area are clean and free of any pollution.

OOZ BESTIARY (Mania Version)
The Badniks continuing to change their oil in the Oil Ocean Zone like it’s 1992 in 2017 were:

  • Octuses returned to jump, hover, and spit oil.
  • Aquis returned to fly around randomly.
  • Sols were added to the harbor but were only given 2 fireballs. The boys had to be careful avoid their fireballs and any oil they set ablaze.

OOZ ACT 1 BOSS BATTLE (Mania Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS Meter Droid

Meter Droid was a Super Badnik, dressed as a plumber and armed with a giant wrench. 

It tried to smash our heroes by making the pipes send our heroes into a ceiling of spikes but the boys were able to dodge and smash it instead.

OOZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE (Mania Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS Eggman & Mega Octus

Mega Octus was a giant version of Octus that Eggman could ride inside. Its weapons were a combo of the ones used by Submarine Eggman 2 and Heat Arms. 



Sonic Forces - Spaceport



Spaceport was a loading dock for the Eggman Empire’s sea, sky, & spaceships, located on a brand new cold, ocean bound Chemical Plant Zone. 

Once players create their first Avatar, they will join in on a mission to steal a Spaceship and practice using a Regular Burst Wispon for the first time.

The Sentinel Series Badniks moving supplies & patrolling the docks in Spaceport were:

  • Egg Pawns tried to stop the Resistance but ended up being used for Wire Attack & Wispon target practice instead.
  • Buzz Bombers appeared in small swarms to help out the Egg Pawns but they also failed.

Sonic Forces – Prison Hall



Prison Hall was one of the areas of the Death Egg’s Prison, where captured Resistance allies were transported before being thrown into a prison block.

After sneaking onboard, the Resistance caused a commotion and destroyed Badniks while trying to find Modern Sonic.

The Sentinel Series Badniks moving supplies & patrolling the docks in Spaceport were:

  • Egg Pawns roamed the prison in squads.
  • Buzz Bombers buzzed in small swarms to monitor the halls.
  • Aero Chaser was an aerial Badnik that’s fast enough to catch up with Modern Sonic and try to snipe him with 2 lasers. The Sentinel Series Versions were very intelligent, making sure to avoid upcoming obstacles and only attacking intruders in areas where they can’t counterattack with Wire Attacks or Wispons. Luckily, the Resistance learned that their lasers can be avoided by Quickstepping and make sure to include this technique when training new recruits.

DEATH EGG BOSS BATTLE: Modern Sonic VS Phantom Zavok & the Death Queen

Phantom Zavok was a replica of Zavok the Zeti created by Infinite that was almost perfect except he didn’t spit any fireballs. After Modern Sonic’s restraints were removed, Phantom Zavok called in the Death Queen, a giant Sentinel Series Buzz Bomber armed with lasers and a stinger boost attack, to try and stop him.

Modern Sonic had to fight and dodge the Death Queen & regular Buzz Bombers and use her stomp attack to launch himself into the air and Home Attack Zavok, who was riding the Death Queen.

Sonic Forces – Egg Gate



After beating the Red out of Phantom Zavok and watching him dematerialize, Modern Sonic ran off to find an exit. Upon realizing he was in space, he tried to find a shuttle back to the planet and eventually met up with the Resistance.

During the jailbreak, Modern Sonic grinded Rails through outer space, rushed through hallways with crush traps, and jumped across Resistance Fighter Spaceships that were being blasted by Death Egg turrets.

The Sentinel Series Badniks that failed to close the Egg Gate in time were:

  • Egg Pawns tried to catch Modern Sonic but he blew past them.
  • Buzz Bombers also trying to stop him but ended up helping him escape instead.
  • 3 Aero Chasers flew in to try and tag Modern Sonic while he was Grinding, but he Grind Stepped out of the way.

Sonic Forces – Capital City



Capital City was a city located in the new Metropolis, one of Eggman’s personal territories that was a massive white city filled with high-tech devices. During Operation Big Wave, Knuckles and the others led the entire Resistance into Capital City in order to take back the territory from the Eggman Empire. Unfortunately, Infinite used his illusions to throw all of the Resistance into confusion and chaos.

During the siege, some Resistance Soldiers still managed defeat several Badniks, avoid the city’s defenses, and escape…all except for one who accidentally ran into Infinite.

The Sentinel Series Badniks living in Capital City were:

  • Egg Pawns appeared on routes to defend against the heroes.
  • Despite the illusions having different types of gravity, Nebulas still floated in place without changing.
  • Sandworm was an upgraded version of Caterkiller that could swim in quicksand but was later modified to be a turret. The Sentinel Version could be installed in the floors, walls, and ceilings of several buildings and popped out to shoot at intruders.
  • Buzz Bombers tried to blow the Resistance up.


Feeling confident after stopping Operation Big Wave, Infinite tried to take on a single Resistance Soldier.

Despite his VR illusions creating different sizes and kinds of cannons, the Soldier was able to counterattack and defeat him inside of an enclosed space.

Sonic Forces - Chemical Plant



Classic Sonic & Tails traveled through a part of the Chemical Plant to try and find Eggman’s database and find out more about the Eggman Empire’s plans.

This part of the factory had different Mega Muck labs that Classic Sonic could find by taking certain paths.

The Sentinel Series Badniks watching over the Mega Muck in the Chemical Plant were:

  • Gun Pawns & Egg Pawns were patrolling throughout the lab and tried to shoot Classic Sonic from a distance.

Sonic Forces – Network Terminal



The Network Terminal was another computer Eggman had in the Chemical Plant Zone. While new Resistance recruits were stopping the Death Crab and causing a distraction in Guardian Rock, Modern Sonic snuck into the Chemical Plant Zone to access Eggman’s computer and shut down the defense systems on the Death Egg.

Modern Sonic had to skydive into a vent, while dodging lasers, avoid Mega Muck Waterfalls, that could pull him into bottomless pits, and use the chained platforms and cube elevators to reach specific areas of the lab.

The Sentinel Series Badniks watching over Eggman’s PC in the Network Terminal were:

  • Egg Pawns & Gun Pawns were patrolling outside and inside the factory. Modern Sonic boosted right though them though.
  • Some Buzz Bombers were flying around the plant.

NT Fast Fact: The exterior and interior parts of this level have their own BGM.

Sonic Forces – Death Egg



Classic Sonic made a final lap through the Death Egg after its defenses were shut off to take out the remaining Badniks while the imprisoned Resistance members were freed.

It’s similar to the Sonic 3 & K version except in 3D and with Sentinel Series Badniks.

The Sentinel Series Badniks Classic Sonic cracked on the Death Egg were:

  • Egg Pawns were around the spaceship but Sonic rolled right through them.
  • Buzz Bombers tried to bomb Classic Sonic but got blown up instead.

Sonic Forces – Metropolitan Highway



Metropolitan Highway was a highway built in Metropolis, that Modern Sonic ran through after the Death Egg blew up.

During his run, he skydived through a missile barrage, ran on a weird curving road he couldn’t drift around, and hopped across fast moving aerial platforms.

The Sentinel Series Badniks watching the roads of Metropolitan Highway were:

  • A number of Egg Pawns & Gun Pawns were lost that day.
  • Buzz Bombers got squashed by Modern Sonic’s Homing Attack.
  • Raid Runner was a roadrunner Badnik, that ran on roads in groups and fired missiles from their “wings” at anything that could chase it. Modern Sonic had to mind the missiles when he got near them.
  • Nebulas appeared but Modern Sonic just used them to reached higher areas with his Homing Attack.

Sonic Forces – Null Space



Null Space was a small pocket dimension created by Infinite and the Phantom Ruby, acting as a prison with no exit. 

Although Modern Sonic and a Resistance Soldier got trapped in there, they were able to break out using a Double Boost. Once they were out, the Tag Team raced through the city to tell Eggman & Infinite that they failed.

The Sentinel Series Badniks that were still in Metropolis before & after the Tag Team entered & exited Null Space were:

  • Egg Pawns, Gun Pawns, Buzz Bombers, & Raid Runners tried to gang up on the Tag Team but they were quickly destroyed.
  • Nebulas flew around a tower to lend a bomb but were also no match for the Tag Team.

Zone Discussion Questions
1. What is your number 1 BEST Westside Island Zone? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorite Zones?

2. What is your number 1 WORST Westside Island Zone? Or you can’t pick one, what are your top worst Zones?

3. What are your favorite Westside Island Zone Music Tracks?

4. Besides the Chemical Plant Zone, Aquatic Ruin Zone, Casino Night Zone, Oil Ocean Zone, Sky Chase Zone, Wing Fortress Zone, & Death Egg Zone, are there any other Zones from Westside Island that you would want to see again/remixed in a future game?

5. Are there any ideas or gimmicks from these Zones that you would like to see again in a future Sonic Game?

6. Are there any scrapped ideas for Westside Island you’d like to see in a future game?

30th Anniversary Discussion Questions
1. Was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) the first Sonic game you ever played?

2. Out of the many versions of Chemical Plant Zone/Death Egg Zone, which one is your favorite? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?

3. Out of the many versions of Chemical Plant Zone/Death Egg Zone, which one is the worst in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top worsts?

4. What are your fondest memories of Westside Island, if you have any?

5. What are some mysteries or questions you have about the games that place on Westside Island?

6. How many Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) do you currently own?

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  • The most remixed Zone from Westside Island is the Death Egg Zone.

Now how can it be on an island when it's clearly in space? 😛

I'll restrict myself to Sonic 2 since it gets headache inducing for me to straighten out what other games take place on Westside right fast. 

Discussion Questions 1

I'm partial to Aquatic Ruins. Iconic music, unique aesthetic that I'm surprised isn't attempted more often. Textbook high and low routing level design. Vectors could potentially live here and I like those a lot.

Also rans include Chemical Plant Zone which despite a resurgence in remixes in recent years hasn't reach Green Hill levels of over exposure in my mind, and Mystic Caves. Aquatic Ruins theme really pushes it over the top for me. If you've never watched ChaseFace's Sonic 2 break down give part 2 a watch to just have him sell you on the stage. 

Discussion Questions 2

This one's tricky, Hill top, Metropolis, and Wing Fortress all come to mind, but think I low key like Hill Top, and Metropolis almost gets a pass for being so late in the game it's asinine overtuned obstacles are almost forgiven. Winged Fortress is probably the weakest link with it's little precision platforms that aren't very classical Sonic, which usually favors overexaggerated platforms for good reason. Can't fault the music though, except maybe where Hill Top is concerned. Someone swat that fly!

Discussion Questions 3

Favorite music includes Chemical Plant, I've even been known to idle at the start of Mania's just to let it loop a few times. Mystic Caves, and the after mentioned Aquatic Ruins. Heck it's Sonic 2, good luck picking just one track here.

Discussion Questions 4

Hmm, there is a distinct lack of Mystic Cave in that line up... and we could always do with more haunting Halloween fuel.

Discussion Questions 5

Oil Ocean's slides probably. Water slides show up from time to time, but I don't know there's something iconic about them. 

Discussion Questions 6

Yeah it was called Sonic CD. Revisiting levels at different stages in time was one of the myriad of scrapped ideas for Sonic 2 as I recall that I'd like to see a modern spin on. It doesn't have to be time travel exactly. Any excuse to revisit stages under different conditions works for me. Pumpkin Hill, and Rail Canyon are basically the same place at different times of day, and Mushroom Hill transitions between seasons. 

30th Anniversary Discussion Question 2

Mania's Chemical Plant has trounced the original in every conceivable way in my eyes. 

4. What are your fondest memories of Westside Island, if you have any?

Possibly going out of my way to collect all the chaos emeralds and achieve Super Sonic. I usually don't bother but finally went through the trouble just to cross it off my list. I got to say that economizing sign posts really changes the way you look at these zones. 

5. What are some mysteries or questions you have about the games that place on Westside Island?

Is Westside really a floating island?  I swear I've seen it said that it does that. Not in the same way Angel Island does, but that is that it never stays in one place. That the island floats on the waves like a boat.




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On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Zone Discussion Questions
1. What is your number 1 BEST Westside Island Zone? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorite Zones?

Casino Night Zone

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Zone Discussion Questions
2. What is your number 1 WORST Westside Island Zone? Or you can’t pick one, what are your top worst Zones?

The Death Egg Zone (Sonic 2 Version)

Having to face 2 Bosses back to back without any Rings is unnecessarily hard.

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Zone Discussion Questions
3. What are your favorite Westside Island Zone Music Tracks?

  • Original Hill Top Zone & Mystic Cave Zone
  • The Sonic Generations remix of Casino Night Zone (which is played by a Jazz Band)
  • Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 from Sonic Mania (which has a little of Wacky Workbench in it)
On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Zone Discussion Questions
4. Besides the Chemical Plant Zone, Aquatic Ruin Zone, Casino Night Zone, Oil Ocean Zone, Sky Chase Zone, Wing Fortress Zone, & Death Egg Zone, are there any other Zones from Westside Island that you would want to see again/remixed in a future game?

I’d be down for any remixed version of Hill Top Zone, Mystic Cave Zone, and/or Hidden Palace Zone.

I would also love a remixed Emerald Hill Zone, but I doubt we’ll ever return to it…

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Zone Discussion Questions
5. Are there any ideas or gimmicks from these Zones that you would like to see again in a future Sonic Game?

At the time of typing this up, I can’t think of anything.

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Zone Discussion Questions
6. Are there any scrapped ideas for Westside Island you’d like to see in a future game?

If there are any other scrapped ideas that didn’t get used in Mania, save them for Mania 2 or a future game.

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

30th Anniversary Discussion Questions
1. Was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) the first Sonic game you ever played?

Yes, Sonic 2 was my first video game ever.

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

30th Anniversary Discussion Questions
2. Out of the many versions of Chemical Plant Zone/Death Egg Zone, which one is your favorite? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?

CPZ - Sonic Mania Plus’s Chemical Plant Zone. The idea of the factory making new kinds of Mega Muck was genius.

DEZ - …you know, I kind of like the Death Egg Stages from Sonic Forces. Prison Hall, Egg Gate, Death Egg, & Zavok’s Boss Battle are some of the best levels in that game. Plus, I don’t have as many memories of the Sonic 3&K Death Egg.

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

30th Anniversary Discussion Questions
3. Out of the many versions of Chemical Plant Zone/Death Egg Zone, which one is the worst in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top worsts?

There isn’t a single version of the Chemical Plant Zone that I don’t like.

However, as mentioned above Sonic 2’s Death Egg Zone is the worst for me due to not being an actual stage and having no Rings.

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

30th Anniversary Discussion Questions
4. What are your fondest memories of Westside Island, if you have any?

Sitting and watching my Uncle play through the Zones on multiple playthroughs.

Sometime I would help by playing Tails but I too young and inexperienced to actually do anything at the time, considering I was 2 or 3 years old.

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

30th Anniversary Discussion Questions
5. What are some mysteries or questions you have about the games that place on Westside Island?

How come South Island had 6 Chaos Emeralds & Westside Island had 7 of them?

When & how did the Oil Ocean Zone originally form?

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

30th Anniversary Discussion Questions
6. How many Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) do you currently own?

Just 3.

Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, & a SEGA AGES version of Sonic 2 on Switch.

I will be getting Sonic Origins, just so I can finally have a copy of the Taxman Version (if that’s the version included in the collection).

On 5/17/2021 at 2:27 AM, Sonictrainer said:

5. Next Stop: Little Planet Zones

I'll also be taking a quick look at Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park before Sonic Colors: Ultimate comes out. 

Stay tuned! :)

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On 5/16/2021 at 11:27 PM, Sonictrainer said:
  • Sky Chase 1 & 2 from Sonic Adventure

This one I'm curious about.

Where's the confirmation that Westside Island was in Sonic Adventure?

Because I subscribe to the theory that the Mystic Ruins and Station Square are actually on Westside Island and this intrigues me greatly.

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12 hours ago, Slash said:

This one I'm curious about.

Where's the confirmation that Westside Island was in Sonic Adventure?

Because I subscribe to the theory that the Mystic Ruins and Station Square are actually on Westside Island and this intrigues me greatly.

I didn't add Sky Chase 1 & 2 to this list because I believe it's near Westside Island.

I added it because

  1. it was named Sky Chase, like the original Zone.
  2. It involved Sonic & Tails chasing after Eggman in the Sky using the Tornado, similar to the original Zone.
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17 hours ago, Sonictrainer said:

I didn't add Sky Chase 1 & 2 to this list because I believe it's near Westside Island.

I added it because

  1. it was named Sky Chase, like the original Zone.
  2. It involved Sonic & Tails chasing after Eggman in the Sky using the Tornado, similar to the original Zone.

I guess if you're using Chronicles - as your list did - you can also claim Westside Island is in SA1 through extrapolation.

In Chronicles, Metropolis and Station Square exist on the same landmass. Ergo, Station Square must be on Westside Island. (While likewise, Central City is on the same landmass as Green Hill Zone and must be on South Island)

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Discussion Question 1: what's your favorite zone?

Aquatic Ruins, great balance between platforming, and speed, great visuals, nice gimmicks, i just love how it's a water level where you don't have to go underwater, the only thing i dislike is the music, chemical plant is also great but it would be the obvious answer

Discussion Question 2: what's your LEAST favorite Zone?

Metropolis, it's just too much BS, this being said i like everything else like the music or visuals.

Discussion Question 3: what's your favorite music?

might be a weird choice but Sky Chase from Sonic Adventure.

Discussion Question 4: any zone you want to see remixed?

Hidden Palace Zone.

Discussion Question 5: any scrapped ideas you'd want to see in a future game?

a lot of them were already used in future games/ports such as Time Travel, Hidden Palace or Sand Hill (reporpoused into mirage saloon), so i guess Wood Zone would be good, as its the third most famous scrapped zone behind Genocide City and Hidden Palace.

Anniversary Question 1: was Sonic 2 Genesis your first Sonic game?


Anniversary Question 2: of the many versions of Chemical Plant or Death Egg, what's your favourite?

Generations (Modern) for Chemical Plant, Sonic 3 & Knuckles for Death Egg

Anniversary Question 3: of the many versions of Chemical Plant or Death Egg, what's your LEAST favourite?

ironically i'd say it's the original ones, especially for Death Egg.

Anniversary Question 4: what are your fondest moments of Westside Island?

getting Super Sonic in Aquatic Ruins and accidentally glitching the game.

Anniversary Question 5: what is the biggest memory/question of Westside Island?

simple, who in Sonic Team tought it was a good idea to include an unescapable spike pit?

Anniversary Question 6: how many versions of Sonic 2 do you own?

i only own the one on the Genesis Collection on PS4.

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