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Sonic Adventure 2 Vs Super Mario 64


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The battle of the games has begun!

Sonic Adventure 2 Vs Super Mario 64!

Arguably the greatest 3d platformers in video game history going head to head in discussion.

So let me lay down some info for both sides then you guys decide on which is better (or if you already have your opinion you can just say it)

Sonic Adventure 2:

Pros: 9.4/10 from Ign (this game got nothing below an 80), The best 3d Sonic game, different gameplay styles, it maintain's through the test of time.

The animation was priceless at the time, Chao Garden (hell who doesn't like the Chao Garden), Hero Mode and Dark Mode, Multiplayer is really fun, the best plot, chasing the truck instead of it chasing you (pretty much all the glitches)

Cons: The constant switch between running and railing,holding down the shoot button, the bad treasure hunting levels( seriously Knuckles AI was bad).

 the choose feature from Adventure 1 was removed( so you were basically stuck playing with who they wanted you to), Shadow only got 4 stages (I wanted more so sue me).

 Tails using a robot wasn't really fun (to me), Racing levels (please no more these), Music ( they could have done better), Despite having the best plot it was poorly written

The ranking system is annoying getting an A is the harder thing ever

Super Mario 64:

Pros: 9.8 from Ign, Best Mario game, fine graphics at the time, beautiful soundtrack, fun levels (15 worlds!), Awesome bosses, milestone for 3d games to come, secret stars (nice addition), great for speedruns, the backwards long jump was fun.(pretty much all the glitches), 120 stars and you get to go to the top of the castle (or you can glitch yourself there whatever works).

Cons: Doing the same levels over and over again gets tiresome, getting thrown back when dying is very tiresome, the hats take to long to be unlocked therfore taking some of the fun they have as powerup's.

To be honest looking at it now the gameplay is a lil stiff and clunky, Controling the wing cap is annoying, the camera is annoying(clunky), No Luigi at all (don't give me that castle fountain rumor junk).

No rideable Yoshi, Getting all 120 stars is a real pain and guess what when you complete the game you get 100 one-ups but for what you already completed the game.

Both of these games were amazing and have stood the test of time but there can only be one winner.

So who is gonna be Sonic Adventure 2 or Super Mario 64




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I really enjoyed writing this battle of the 3d games i hope you guy's enjoyed this!!!
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 Mario's 64's sheer ingenuity makes it a better game. It essentially pioneered 3d platforming and got such an absurd amount of things right on its first try that we still talk about it and play it to this day. Mario's moveset and physics are so complex that we're still discovering new tricks. The decision to abandon Mario's linear level structure for freeform pacing goes beyond any debate about antiquity because it was straight up a future proof concept. I don't think the game is perfect or anything but it's hard for me to give most other games in the genre credit over it. 

Sonic Adventure 2 has a different type of appeal where its time and scoring systems emphasize mastery over exploration in a way I find pretty satisfying. The lighting quick pacing with no repeat content is a rarity for platformers at the time and makes replays pretty easy to knock out in an afternoon. Add in the extra features  multiplayer mode and the Chao gardens and I don't think the game is exactly a slouch even if it can't measure up. I think the game could have benefitted from a more singular focus, but what it did do was a lot of fun for me. Fun enough for me to play it more than I did M64 when I had access to both


There were some dud missions in this game but I actually think the same is true of Mario 64 for the most part. The ability to avoid some missions can remove a lot of pitfalls from the experience but you're not gonna know that on your first go around. 


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To be honest, I don’t think it’s fair to pit them against each other because they couldn’t be any more different if they tried. Sure, they’re hoth 3D platformers, but that’s pretty much where their similarities end. They’re both great games in their own right (although I’ll give points to Mario 64 for being one of the most influential games in video game history).

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This isn't really a fair comparison? They're two entirely different games with two entirely different goals. I mean, sure, MAYBE you could argue the Emerald Hunting is kinda similar to Mario 64, but only tangentially, really

SA2 is sort of like, a proto-3D Sonic Rush where it's more about how fast you can go, how many points you can rack up and how cool you can look doing it. Adventure 2 is a very flashy, style-centric game, whereas Mario 64 is about more slowly and methodically making your way through the world and solving puzzles to get stars


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I have to say, this is an odd comparison, usually Mario 64 is compared to SA1. I find the Adventures more fun and interesting than 64, although 64 is more focused and has a more consistent experience.

That being said, I also think Mario 64 is highly overrated (then again, so is SA2 lol). Janky camera and controls. There's no lag or anything but the way Mario interacts with the environment is not always favorable. Examples are much like the modern Sonic games, standing on a platform and doing that weird full arc movement when just trying to turn around, thus walking off the platform. Others are sliding on hills that look like regular slightly elevated ground (Sunshine also suffers from the hill thing). I'm a strange one who actually finds it to be the worst 3D Mario, even more than Sunshine. However I really like the much improved DS version, especially with the 3DS analog stick. (Luigi all day.)

The DS version also adds wall sliding to make it easier to telgraph when I can wall jump. The earlier levels are even more contained and easier to navigate. Because of the control issues I mentioned earlier, most platforming challenges just become infuriating later, especially when booting you out the stage upon failure....or success. The best thing about this game are the castle discoveries and figuring out alternate ways to get certain stars. A pioneer that contributed heavily to 3D platforming, but it certainly is far from perfect.

SA2, I came back to recently. Maybe it's been too long since my last play, but moving at high speeds feels like a twitchy nuisance sometimes, especially when trying to do trick ramps. I can mostly do without the other 2 styles, as I prefer Gamma and the emerald radar functionality in SA1. Mech levels definitely fits Eggman more though if we really gotta shoot something.

Chao Garden is great for a time sink. The rank system, I have a love-hate relationship with. However, it does amplify the scoring arcade style that Sega is known for, so you are encouraged to do better each playthrough. I also must say SA2 still feels like the most ambitious and complete 3D Sonic. Never felt like there's much missing in terms of content, and what they released is exactly what they wanted to make at the time, even if not all gameplay choices were winners.

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Count me in with "this is odd."

Not that the two can't be compared at all, but there's usually some basis. 

Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure invite comparisons because they're both the first 3D platformers by two of the kings of the genre at the time, and were released fairly close together-- 1996 and 1998, respectively.

Sonic Adventure 2 and Super Mario Sunshine invite even more comparison because they were not only both the second outings and released closer together (2001 and 2002), but also on comparable levels of hardware.

Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure 2 is basically a prototype versus an evolution/refinement that came out five years later. The only real basis for comparison I see is that some Sonic fans like Sonic Adventure 2 best of his 3D outings, and some Mario fans like Super Mario 64 best of his 3D works.

Even then, as others have said, it's not really a fair comparison. By that same token, one could pit Sonic Adventure 2 against Super Mario Odyssey.

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11 hours ago, RadicalLaRuby said:

I have to say, this is an odd comparison, usually Mario 64 is compared to SA1.

This was meant to be an odd comparision to catch you by surprise. 

To make you think and debate over which you think is best and why.

I wouldn't be good if it was like other compairsons you would probably just ingore it and move on.

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The real correct comparison would be Mario 64 vs. Sonic Xtreme! Ugh let's not get reminded of that. ;-;

Personally I prefer SA2 because linear platformers are more my style than sandox ones are. Maybe I'm biased that way. I also have more nostalgia for the game.

That said, Mario 64 definitely is the more influential game, no contest. But man do people obsess over it way too much. I enjoy seeing all the cool and creative fan hacks of it, some of them better than many modern 3D platformers today (the few we have recently), but I can't go back and play the vanilla game itself. It's just been overdone so much lately.

Whereas SA2 has been getting a questionable reputation for years, and us diehard fans of it have to stand up and defend it.

I think Mario 64 did age better. Yeah the graphics are simple, but in that respect, they didn't attempt realism at all. They stayed within their realm and almost look Minecraft-esque, to compare it to a modern game. There's very few cutscenes, and they aren't too corny. There's no convoluted plot, just the usual, and you pick up and play.

SA2 did not have the same fate. Sorry but the cutscenes look atrocious. I feel it graphically did not age as well. And don't get started on the plot being way too overdone for a Sonic game.

Both games could do with improvements, but it's easy for us in 2021 to say that about games that came out so long ago. Mario 64 was a result of hard work with brand new technology, in a genre that hadn't been done previously, and was such a huge risk. It was a flagship title of its era, and a moment in gaming history that may never get repeated ever again, unless actual virtual reality becomes a thing.

SA2 was wonderful, but it was just the sequel that fans wanted. It had an established formula, it made a few changes and went with it.

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I like Mario 64 (played it on N64 and been playing it again on the 3D All-Stars Collection on Switch) but for me Sonic Adventure 2 is more fun to play.

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