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Question regarding IDW Covers VS Story Pages


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In the current iteration of the comics, we usually get three variant covers for a standard issue(some exceptions for anniversary issues and such) and 20 pages of story content.  It used to be you got 22-24 pages per issue in the Archie days for $1.50.  Times change of course.  The standard is now more money for less story pages.  What I don't get--if we're getting 3 covers per issue why not just drop the variant covers, make 1 cover per issue and give us 22 pages for $3.99?  I'm fine with variant covers but I think it's overdone and I'd rather see us get 22 pages again and even the occasional double size issue for anniversaries or a yearly annual.   Question--are you fine with the way it is now or would you rather see more story pages and a single, good cover per issue?

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If I'm not mistaken, the entire point of variant covers is to

a.) incentivize bulk orders from comic shops

b.) increase foot traffic to said comic shops

c.) take advantage of OCD/whales/collectors.


Its not really a question of bang-for-your-buck. I feel like your question is a tad misguided. No sane person would vote against more pages for less money, but the variant covers aren't really to blame for the missing pages. Particularly considering your jumping between two different companies.

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During the Archie days I didn't really get the point of the variant covers. Now that I do, I still wouldn't have got them because the ones for the Archie books, more often then not, weren't that good. A lot of the time they'd just stick some 3D game art of a character on the cover and call it a day. The ones that were good were too hard to find back before I discovered my go-to comic shop.

However, with IDW, I put myself on a sign up sheet that specifically makes it so that I not only have an issue reserved for me, but all the variant covers that come with it. As such I just buy all three of them. Why? Because I realized it makes my comic binders look spiffy. That's it.

On top of that, I'm also buying the trades when they come out. I plan on using those for when I want to read them on the go. Physically, since I don't prefer reading comics online or on my phone.

I can't speak for anyone else but I just like having all of what I can get my hands on here for the sake of a nice collection. I didn't really expect more story pages.

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6 hours ago, SatAMhog said:

What I don't get--if we're getting 3 covers per issue why not just drop the variant covers, make 1 cover per issue and give us 22 pages for $3.99?

Because it's not that they have the choice between having three cover and 22 pages. It doesn't involve the same artists (cover are often commissioned to different artists, while the two supplementary pages would be done by interiors artists), it doesn't have the same cost/revenue ratio. It's not the same process.

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Eh, I get the point of incentivizing people to get in the door but I don't like having to buy the same issue three/four/five times if I want a complete run collection.  I just see it as a gimmick to get people to buy more issues when they could actually give us more story.

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I kinda hate variant covers. It's the same content why should I buy it 3 to 10 times for different covers? Doesn't help that people act like they absolutely need to have them to complete their collection. 

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I understand why some people in this topic are saying they don't like variant covers and it seems gimmicky on the surface, but it is really one of the few ways to help keep the comic book store industry afloat. 

Plus the idea isn't that an average consumer is going to buy every single version of an issue just for a cover. Especially not for every single issue. It's really just supposed to be a small bonus to allow readers customize what they want the front to look like. I think if you look at it with a different attitude then it is less offensive than "Why are they making me buy 3 copies of the same story". I look at it like a collector edition of a game versus a standard edition or small preorder bonuses for people who want something small. If you are a diehard you might buy an item multiple times, but really it is just supposed to be a small bone for those who want something different.

I guess I am saying that variant covers aren't that bad if you look at it as something fun and optional than as someone trying to get you. Plus it allows us to see multiple artwork every month for a story. 

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