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Sonic Christmas Blast


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I was looking on Amazon when I found this movie. Does anyone know anything about? It looks like the old Sonic, so I'm sure its an old movie.

According to AMazon.de and .co.uk its coming out on the 26th of October.

The 2-disc version has 4 episodes of AOSTH. Thats pretty cool. :)



Anyone else know about this? :)

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This was a special episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog made after the final episode, it's an half-hour special featuring Sonic with Princess Sally (YES, for NO reason, she is randomly inserted into the final episode of AoStH) on Christmas when Robotnik comes out as "Robotnikclaus" and now all inhabitants need to give HIM presents. Followed by lots of nonsensical nonsense, Sonic and Tails off to save the kidnapped Santa, and Scratch and Grounder finally figuring out what they were doing wrong all these years (except of course not thinking of the obvious solution). It was alright, animation was a little bit better, but nothing too amazing really.

You can watch it here-

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Yes, the whole series ends with Sonic becoming Santa. Grand, ain't it?

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It was shown on TV many years ago in the States (but never in Australia, boo)

Yeah, Sally was in it for a bit.. even thou she never spoke a word

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As I understand it, it was supposed to be a tie-in with Sonic X-Treme (and named accordingly), which is why it was produced so long after the show originally ended. Its... bleh. Not terrible, per se, but it reeks of the licenced cash-in that it was (yes, even compared to the normal Sonic shows). I do remember for a long time that Disney showed it around Christmas time long after they stopped showing AoStH with any normalcy.

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Ah, I remember this. It only ever aired in the UK once ever (unless they've rerun it since) a few years back on Christmas day in the middle of CiTV showing AoStH.

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