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Insert Disk #1 Error in Sonic Riders PC


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After getting Sonic Riders on PC I tried launching Sonic Riders through the launcher and it just said "Please insert disk #1". I have a disk 1 but it's not hard one it's the soft disk. Please let me know how I can fix this thank you! 

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Super late for this, but with older PC games a useful resource to consult is the PCGamingwiki for any compatability issues.


Unfortunately the retail version of Sonic Rider for the PC uses SafeDisk DRM, which Microsoft labeled a security risk back with Windows Vista and will no longer run it. If you want to run Sonic Riders on PC, your options are basically either to grab a Gamecube version and running it on Dolphin or to find the Sonic PC Collection which has retail releases of Sonic Riders and other Sonic games without any DRM.

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