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Think *secondary character* could carry their own series?


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1 hour ago, herefor1reason said:

I unironically think Big the Cat could sustain his own series if it was just decently made fishing sims with Sonic skins. It wouldn't have blockbuster sales (by Sonic standards) but there's enough ironic enjoyment of Big as a character that I think people would try it out of pure curiosity. I'd play it. I stress that it would need to be a decent fishing sim but if they were creative enough in what you could catch I think it'd be worth it. It also helps that Big just kinda doesn't...matter? The general public kinda hates him. Most FANS I've seen kinda hate him . Justifiably given his role in Adventure but still. No one's gonna care if Big the Cat gets a shitty game.

Isn't Sega Bass Fishing a legit thing? They could always use their experience from that.

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3 hours ago, Dash Speed said:

I'm not talking about his character motivations

Then don't respond to my post that was as if you're debating it.

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2 hours ago, Skull Leader said:

Anyone who thinks that any characters not named Sonic can sustain their very own subseries is pretty delusional.

Wow, rude much?

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The characters with potential are Knuckles, Blaze, Shadow, Silver, Rouge, Tails, and Amy.

But I doubt any of them will see the release of their own games.

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Tails no. Amy most likely not. Shadow is the only thing sega would probably consider console wise. Now a small mobile mini game maybe. Again this isnt the 90s as a few have stated were sonic was the current big thing. Comics. Cartoons.  TV ads. Cereal.  the mascot of at that point a main line console. Sega could chug out risk like triple trouble. Tails game gear title. Knuckles choatix.  but today were lucky to get a sonic game every 3 to 4 years

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4 minutes ago, Meta77 said:

 but today were lucky to get a sonic game every 3 to 4 years

That's another big factor for the franchise in general.

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Now that the title of the thread has been changed to every secondary character, I want to express my opinion again.


IMO every character can have a spin-off, but for most of them, you have to be very creative and invent new elements such as when Nintendo made Luigi scared of ghosts in Luigi's mansion (formerly he was barely a Mario recolor with a floaty jump).

Some characters already have something you can extract elements from, in order to make a spin-off.

Blaze and the Sol dimension, as I said, are the only character that IMO fit the requirements to get a full spin-off series without adding too much. The games would still be fast paced platformers, inspired on the Boost gameplay, but with their own take, more oriented on adventure, magic, fighting and special skills, and less about reaching point B from point A as fast as possible.

Other characters can get their own minor spin-offs (maybe not series but single games), and their games would feature completely different gameplays than Sonic's.

Big the Cat can get his well deserved full fishing game... a mix of fishing and adventure, similar to his Adventure 1 gameplay, but expanded, with platforming, puzzles and some ways to make the fishing part more fun.

The Chao can get their cutesy mobile spin-off based on the Tiny Chao Garden from the Advance games (with more content): it would be a virtual pet game similar to Tamagochi, but more focused on minigames; basically, a minigame collection where you can collect rings and other stuff (such as materials for crafting or something). Cream the Rabbit may be featured as the mascotte of the game, even if the Chao would be also fine alone... though Cream would still appear in some minigames when required, such as that one where you have to launch Cheese to grab rings in Advance 2 (I think).

The Chaotix, with Vector as the main character, can get a... no, not a detective game, that would be boring, and why not just make a completely new character (unrelated to the Sonic universe) for that, what the Chaotix would add into the game that couldn't be done by any other original character? No, the chaotix would get a rhythm game instead! They are detectives in this game, but the gameplay is based on rhythm. You will play through a detective story told through rhythm based minigames, in a similar way as the game Rhythm Thief; maybe investigation and detective stuff can play a role in the game, but it would still be focused on rhythm and music as the main gimmick.

Lastly, I think that Classic Sonic (if we consider him as a different character) has already got a spin-off "series". For now it's just a game but it may get sequels in the future.

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Hat in Time and Cuphead were big hit, despite not having any ties to well-known franchise.
Sonic friends as a non-iconic character of iconic franchise would apparently be in worse position to do the same thing. even ignoring Sega's incompetency with Sonic.

We live in a stupid world. Maybe Sega should make a game about people wearing masks and if it gets positive review, reveal they were Sonic friends all along, ala Metroid 1? I'm only half joking here.

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