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Arc name for each game


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Hey guys!

You know that each 4 comics have an arc name, what are some arc names we can have for the games ranging from Sonic 1 till Sonic Forces/Mania/Mania Adventures??

I was thinking of "Scattered" for Advance 3, and "Babylon Origins" for Zero Gravity, or "Home Again" for Mania Adventures after Sonic returns from the war.

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here are a few i came up with:

sonic 1/2/3: chaos emerald conflict

sonic adventure, adventure 2, heroes: a big transformation

sonic '06, unleashed: ancient beasts awakened

sonic colors, generations, lost world: color power calamity

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Alright, seems like fun. A lot of these aren't great but can't say I didn't try at least.

Sonic 1: Rise of the Blue Blur

Sonic 2: Death Egg Rising

Sonic CD: Time Travel Terror

Sonic 3: New Island, New Enemies 

Sonic & Knuckles: Doomsday 

Sonic 3D Blast: Flicky Hunt 

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: Mean Bean Mayhem

Sonic Spinball: Assault on Robotnik's Fortress

Sonic Chaos: Tag Team Trouble 

Sonic Triple Trouble: Triple Trouble (For once, the title actually works well as an arc name)

Sonic Labyrinth: Labyrinth of Chaos

Sonic R: Robotic Racing Revolution (Inspired by the fact Eggman brings in literally all robot racers to face their original counterparts).

Sonic the Fighters: Champions (Archie already had the perfect arc name)

Knuckles Chaotix: Chaotix Chaos 

Tails' Adventure: Battle Kukku Brawl

Sonic Jam: Remembrance

Sonic Drift 1/2: Trouble on the Race Track

Sonic Adventure (Sonic): Eggman Strikes Again

Sonic Adventure (Tails): My Own Power 

Sonic Adventure (Knuckles): Emerald Hunt

Sonic Adventure (Amy): Egg Robo Riot 

Sonic Adventure (Gamma): Program Terminated 

Sonic Adventure (Big): Lazy Days

Sonic Adventure (Overall): Total Chaos 

Sonic Adventure 2 (Hero): Framed

Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark): Control 

Sonic Adventure 2 (Final): Shadow of a Doubt

Sonic Adventure 2 (Overall): The Ultimate Lifeform

Sonic Advance: Back to Basics

Sonic Heroes: Metallic Madness 

Sonic Advance 2: Lost Friends 

Sonic Battle: Battle!

Sonic Advance 3: Gemerl Rising

Shadow: Invasion

Riders: Legends of Babylon 

Rush: Dimensional Destruction 

Right, think that's as far as I'll go for now, might come back to do the later titles at another point though.

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Sonic 1 - 3&K - The Good Times

Sonic Adventure 1 - The Less Good Times

Sonic Adventure 2 - The Pretty Dire Times

Sonic Heroes - Sonic 06 - The Oh So Bloody Dire Times

Sonic Unleashed - The Pretty Graphics Shouldn't Take Priority Times

Sonic Colours - The 2D Times

Sonic Generations - The Pretty Dang Nice Times

Sonic Lost World - Sonic Forces - The Pretty Dire Times - Revengeance

Sonic Mania - The Good Times 2 - The Squeakquel 

There. Sorted. 

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Sonic 1-3 (and Knuckles): Origin

Sonic CD: Secrets of Time

Sonic Adventure: Rage of Chaos

Sonic Adventure 2: Shadow of the ARK/The ARK Legacy

Sonic Heroes: Metal Resurgence

Shadow: The ARK Legacy/Return of the Black Arms

Sonic Rush: Dimension Scuffle

06: The Flames of Disaster/Secrets of Soleanna/The Solaris Legacy

Secret Rings: Tales of the Arabian Knight/Fury of the Djinn

Unleashed: The World Adventure/Legends of Gaia

Black Knight: Will of the Knight/Legend of King Arthur

Colors: Alien Anarchy/Colors of Space

Generations: When Time and Space Collide!

Lost World: Alien Anarchy 2/Rage of the Zeti/Planet of the Zeti

Forces: Eggman War/Infinity War/Infinite Battles


Yeah my ideas kinda start falling apart at the end.

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Sonic 1 - Rescue of South Island

Sonic CD - The Imprisioned Planet

Sonic 2, 3K - Project Death Egg

Sonic Adventure - The Wrath of Chaos

Sonic Adventure 2 - Project Shadow

Sonic Heroes - Team Blast

Shadow The Hedgehog - Hero or Renegade

Sonic '06 - The Solaris Project

Sonic Unleashed - Light and Dark

Sonic Colors - The Amusement Park

Sonic Generations - The Time Eater

Sonic Lost World - Lost Hex

Sonic Forces - Resistance

Sonic Mania - Ruby's Illusions

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Sonic: The Hedgehog

Sonic: The Hedgehog: 2

Sonic: The Hedgehog: 3

Sonic: And Knuckles

et cetera

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Sure, this sounds fun.

Sonic/2/CD/3&K- The Classic Saga

Adventure/2/Heroes/Shadow- The Epic Saga or alternatively Shadow Saga if you’re exclusively following Shadow’s story in the latter games.

06- The Future Saga

Unleashed/Colors/Generations/Lost World - The Reawakening Saga

Mania/Forces- The Phantom Ruby Saga.

Note: The titles of these do not reflect on the actual quality of these and are only plot wise.

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8 hours ago, Blue Blood said:

Tracker forgot one

Sonic 4 Episode 1/2: Remember the good times

Remeber the good times? We sure don't.

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This could be fun




Sonic 1-- World's Fastest Hedgehog

Sonic 2-- Unbreakable Bond

Sonic 3 & Knuckles-- The Controller

Sonic 4-- Revisit and Refine

Sonic R-- You're My Number One

Sonic the Fighters-- Championship

Sonic Adventure-- Sad Angry Guardian, God of Destruction

Sonic Shuffle-- This Dream

Sonic Adventure 2-- The Ultimate Lifeform

Sonic Heroes-- We Can

Sonic Advance 1-- Genesis Wave, Advanced

Sonic Advance 2-- Polite Beginner, I Wanna Be a Hero

Sonic Battle-- The Ultimate Weapon, Unbeatable, The Link

Sonic Advance 3-- Super Genesis Wave, Tag Action

Sonic Rush-- A New Day, Raisin Me Up, Vela Nova

Shadow's Game--WHO I AM, The Chosen One

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG-- My Destiny, Absolution, Flames of Disaster

Sonic Riders-- Rogues of Babylon, Legendary Wind Master, Speed Riders

Sonic and the Secret Rings-- In One Single Hand, Feet in the Sand

Sonic Rivals-- Trading Cards Are the Future, Not So Friendly Nemeses 

Sonic Rush Adventure-- A New Venture, Sol Dimension, High Seas Adventure

Sonic Unleashed-- Control, The World Adventure, Cycle of Gaia

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity-- Un-gravitify, Right through Gravity

Sonic and the Black Knight-- Knight of the Wind, Live Life, Come to End

Sonic Rivals 2-- Race to Win, The Ifrit's Dinner

Sonic Colours-- Speak With Your Heart, [The Colors] Feel So Right, Hyper Go-Ons

Sonic Free Riders-- The World Grand Prix, Free

Sonic Lost World-- Sextuple Trouble, Revenge of the Zeti, Mountain Dew Extraction

Sonic Mania-- Rise of the Icon, Heavy Phantoms

Sonic Mania Plus-- Friends, Reverie

Sonic Forces-- Light of Hope, Zero to Hero



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