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Team Sonic Racing - Developer Interview


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14 minutes ago, Jango said:

I like it how you quote just the part you want to answer

What? You mean me not talking about them putting in more games and how you don't see why they made a sequel to the better received tie-in game for more profit and in efforts to keep the Boom brand going? I mean,  that's simple business logistics. The part about positive reception to the tv series warranting its renewal puzzling you, is what stood out. I mean, I really don't get the purpose of throwing shade at them for okaying more of Boom which has a notable fanbase.

That and again,  you're overplaying the blame game with Iizuka.

14 minutes ago, Jango said:

Go watch the video again, Iizuka was asked A and answered B most of the times, 

What do you even mean by that? It doesn't really give the inkling that Iizuka is purposefully dodging questions,  he answers them relatively just fine. A bit plain here or there,  but nothing on the level of your claims.

Furthermore, there's no indication that they're forcing team mechanics on players as you accused him (for whatever inane reason) and Sonic Team who aren't even developing the game of. So, again, yes,  you went off topic,  and i can see why. 

There's nothing legitimate to really make a case on such with needless negativity.

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