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Idea thread: if IDW did Archie Sonic reprints

Big Panda

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I actually would love to see reprints, but it's really up in the air right now. From what I saw on Twitter, Penders is trying to prevent this from happening. If they did reprints, I feel like the smartest thing to do would be starting from the reboot, but... then we'll be missing a lot of the stuff older fans really enjoyed. It's a difficult situation.

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Archie Reprints would be neat, but I doubt IDW would want to deal with the legal minefield that is the pre-sgw. It's not even sure if we get get Archie Reprints at all.

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Even if they COULD do Archie reprints, SEGA's crusade to erase all that was American Sonic in the 90's would prevent that from happening.

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