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Sonic fans: Classic + Adventure + ????


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Everyone knows that Sonic franchise is split. Majority agrees that Classic games were the best. (These guys are getting more and more love since 2010, with Sonic 4, Genrations, finally Mania, and classic Sonic/ Zones  being pushed everywhere).

However there are some who miss Adventure times (myself included) and we're getting... some love I guess? I would say Forces was first game in long time aimed at us, and Sega still pushed Avatar and Classic in.

But that's old news, everyone knows that. What I curious if there are any 3rd parties. Does anyone on this forum thinks of himself (or at least knows somebody who does) as "Sonic (something else)" fan? I know many people like Boost gameplay, but i don't think I ever heard someone calling himself as "Boost era" fan or something. (Not that this theoretical group would have any reasons to complain right now)

(Also, to make things clear.

1 Being fan of one period doesn't mean you must hate the others, just prefer it)

2 I'm fully aware some people just don't want to be categorized and go with "Sonic fan")

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For me there are 3 "Eras", kind of similar to Generations with one small exception.

Classic - from Sonic 1 up to 3D Blast/Flickies´ Island

Adventure - from Sonic Adventure to:

a. Sonic Heroes (by voice acting)

b. Shadow the Hedgehog (design of characters)

c. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (the main gameplay element)

"Just a guy who loves ADVENTURE."

Modern - after any of a., b. or c. endings of Adventure era 

"An adventure is no fun if it´s too easy."

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Most people will say "Modern Sonic" to refer to Unleashed, Colours and Generations.  It can be safely assumed that unless otherwise stated, Sonic 4 and Lost World probably aren't included in that categorisation.  Just as you wouldn't assume a "Classic fan" likes 3D Blast or that an "Adventure fan" likes Shadow the Hedgehog - unless they specifically state so.

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Okay, but I'm not asking for eras. I'm asking for fandoms.

Sonic Boom can be considered era, but it has practically no fans (cartoon aside).

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