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What are your favorite and least favorite special stages from the Classic games?


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Including Mania.

Favorite is easily Mania, they are just the most fun and exciting and the only ones I was sad there werent more of

Least favorite is probably Sonic 1s, they just arent very fun, and the backrounds make it very dizzying and hard to look at

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Favorite special stages would be Sonic 3's, and if Sonic 4 somehow counts, I would go for Sonic 4: Episode 2 instead. Least favorite special stages would be Sonic 2's. I like the half pipe concept but the graphics look ugly and you aren't given much reaction time because of the limited animation. A lot of the flaws are fixed in the remastered version but they still aren't perfect.

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My favourite ones are the Sonic Mania special stages, followed very closely by the Sonic 4: Episode 2 special stages if that game counts. Least favourite would be the Sonic 3K special stages; while collecting Blue Spheres as a child was pretty fun, it started to become extremely tedious and annoying to do that as time passed by.

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I bet majority will say Mania has best, Sonic 2 has worst.

All though there are so many bad special stages. Advance games, Lost World 3DS, I wasn't fan of CD either.

I kinda dig Sonic 1, especially when it was updated in 4ep1 and became more fair. (Colors had one of best, but it cheated. Platforming levels in platformer? Madness)

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Complete shit. On a technical level, I'd have to congratulate them. But these stages are so boring and bland. Unlike the stages from Sonic 1 or CD, you have to go at the games pace. It's not every fast honestly and you have to do so many of them.

Blue Spheres need to die but Mania seemed to jerk them off even more.. 

These are the best.  Well, Sonic 2 I deem lower but all of them either focus on speed or more pinball esque like Sonic 1. All about your skillfulness in controlling Sonic.



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