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A few questions about Team Dark


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To put it simply, sonic is in a weird place right now. I feel like it doesn't quite know where it wants to go, a lot of things getting shifted around a lot of chances being taken for better and for worse. And we are in a period where odds are we wont be hearing something for a while, game just came out, even if it was an engine test probably wont be a new game in a year or so, this will intensify with how the sales of sonic forces how high or low they maybe. The next batch of content we are going to get , that we know of is the comics. So we gotta a little time

And in this time I wont to pose some questions about Team Dark. First how I feel about the team and what they are,  Team Dark as concept is something that I don't quite feel is needed anymore. The 3 characters friendship, or whatever type of ship you headcanon, doesn't really require them being on a team. I feel as though omega is a plot point now I feel like he's a weird robot damsel in distress even back in sonic 06. When things needed to get real for shadow , omega would go missing or rouge, the reason I feel like this happened is because there's no reason for those 3 to be on a team so the plot when those characters are around tends to revolve around one or two of them missing usually omega.  They don't actively contribute anything to one another, Shadow can effectively do both of the other team members jobs by himself. The comic showed rouge having intell which is the first time she's ever been useful in to the team, but that doesn't even require her being there. And kind of falls into my criticism of the team dark comics  in Archie where the entire rouge parts of the story could be told over an ear piece and omega could just not be there and the story would function the same if not better in their absence. The only reason this team seems to exist is shadow needed a team for sonic heroes and it just kinda stuck around, it was to push shadow. But that's it really, and shadow's way over and doesn't really need a push. 

I don't think they need to be a team , and I think it would serve each member of the team more to able to do stuff on their own. And I understand, if you were to separate them, the only one you would really see around is shadow because he's the one people care about the most but even then at least in comics , the new IDW ones I can maybe get a rouge or and omega comic by themselves every once in a while. I feel like even sega knows they just want to use shadow, so i feel like it would be a net gain if they stopped trying to force team structure on characters that don't really need it. 

So onto the questions

  1.  How do you feel about Team Dark? Simple enough, I've voice my opinions on the matter how do you feel?
  2.  How do you feel about omega? As much as I like the guy, the guy isn't too popular. And if he were to ghost , I don't think too many people would care much. How do you feel about him? Love him, hate him? Revere him as a god of destruction?
  3.  How do you feel about rouge? Rouge is an interesting character, while she's more popular than omega , she doesn't isn't too popular. I find that a lot of people aren't fond of her character, and during the leaks of sonic forces. There were some younger folks who were so unfamiliar with her character they were confused as to why she was on the good guy team. It was interesting, they understood shadow was a good guy, they didn't get rouge. So how do you feel about her? Her place in the series?f
  4.  Fans of rouge, how do you feel about team dark? She has fans, but I wonder if her fans actually ever liked her as apart of this team structure or viewed her as something different. I understand pre-reboot in the comics for a very long time team dark wasn't even a thing ( though a lot of that was during the really bad parts ). Do you want her to operate on her own? Do you like this kinda of weird family she has? Do you wish that she was maybe more business about it?
  5. Fans of rouge, How do you feel about shadow? I'm interested because she's just latched onto shadow as a character? Do any of you rouge fans hate shadow and hate the fact he kind of adsorbs or is the focus of a lot of character? Would you rather she hang outwith other characters like knuckles or Amy or something? Maybe you feel like the two are insperable? How do you feel?
  6.  Fans of Omega , Would you like omega to interact with others both violently and non violently ( as he can )? Omega is weird, rouge and shadow despite them being around each other a lot basically somewhat operate under the assumption that they could and do , go do their own stuff. Omega is weird because even when he was out doing his own thing in shadow's game he felt like he was waiting for shadow. He's this weird character at least in my eyes who seems like they would cease to exist if that team stopped being a team. But how do you feel, would you like the violent robot to hang out with other folks or shoot them violently?
  7. How do you feel about gun, gun's weird. Technically speaking, they are key to shadow's story , but outside of that? Nothing, along with team dark not needing to exist really, shadow just arbitrarily joined gun because sega wanted to push the team narrative. And it didn't do anything, it didn't amount to anything, team stuff didn't work out, and even in games like forces gun isn't even mentioned by name. Team Dark seems to operating on their own, so why are they even a thing if they are still a thing? Do you like them? Hate them? Do you think they can get expanded upon now that sonic has introduced rogue elements in terms of its animal characters like infinite and his mercs? Do you think they should get shut down, or maybe removed from the story if sonic ever gets a reboot. Tell me how you feel.

So you may have noticed, I didn't ask any direct shadow questions. To put it simply, who cares? Shadow's popular he's a mainstay, he's the first character in years to be playable and his playable-ness was responded favorably to. He's solidified his place in the franchise, like him or hate him and there's no real need to go into that. 

GUN , Rouge and Omega are far more interesting in his regard. In order GUN's only relevant element ( that rhymed ) is shadow. With out him, they are essentially a nothing organization full of nobodies, so when shadow vanished from games, so did they. And even when he showed back up, they are still MIA , even in forces. They are this weird non essential element, who's only really necessary for shadow's backstory but nothing else. So I wanna know how people feel. 

Rouge isn't nothing with out shadow, however she's been attached to shadow for quite some time. I was interested in how people feel about the character and how fans of the character feel about her being attached to this group, let alone shadow. Especially those who grew up with X where she's pretty doing her own thing for most of that show. 

And Omega... he's weird. Isn't rouge, he's really that popular. However he isn't quiiiiite GUN where if you remove him, no one would care. I mean I don't think a lot of people would care but it isn't quite no one. And shadow's friendship doesn't requre omega be around. Same goes for the rest of the team .

I asked the question here because this forum has a pretty good intersections of folks who lurk and browse other sonic related forums. I think I wanna make a youtube video asking this at some point.

So tell me your thoughts

Thank you for your time

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  1. I like them as a team, I feel the comics do way more with them than the games but that's not surprising.
  2. Omega could use more characterization to him.
  3. I feel that Rouge is a fun anti hero also her interactions with Knuckles is entertaining.
  4. I'm evenly split between her as a free agent and working with a team.
  5. I like the Rouge/Shadow friendship but it would be nice to see the relationship with a Rouge focused plot.
  6. How Omega act should be depend on who he's with and whatever objective he's working on. Would be cool to see how those two aspects conflict within him.
  7. GUN is a human organization so if there's no humans for Sonic & co to interact with there's no GUN.

Anyways I like Team Dark. A trio of anti heroes initially with their own goals eventually growing a bond with each other is fun to see.

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