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What's your favorite boss beatings ever? Do you like arena bosses, character bosses, or rundown bosses? 

Boss battles in sonic games nowadays tend to either be between lackluster, or too frustrating to too easy. What comes to mind in fun boss battles for me is the challenge, the presentation, the music and how it flows with the events in the game. What are some things that sonic games can improve with boss battles? I think there should be more battles in sonic games and have a steady difficult curve. 

My favorites: Egg dragoon (generations and unleashed)

Though the werehog wasn't my type of gameplay style all the time, this whole battle kicked add. There was fun combat and gave you enough ways to attack eggman. My favorite thing about the one in unleashed is the transitions from the base to the core of the earth. The presentation was on point, and they did the quick time events right with this one. One of the few bosses where I actually felt like sonic taking apart another machine with this one. What I like about the generations version is it's variety of attacks and that you actually have to keep up with him to land a hit. No sit and wait for an opening, I don't like that, unless it gives you something to do in between That at least.

I got plenty more but feel free to discuss! Also, what are your own ideas for engaging bosses in sonic games?




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