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The SSMB Community Celebration Video 2 - The Finale to Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 (Video)


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So, you guys might have remembered that back during the Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 event that we showcases work-in-progress versions of the sequel celebration video to last year's video that collided with the original Sonic Musical Spectacular event. Now, while everyone who saw the WIP versions seemed to enjoy them fine, the Motobug team noticed issues with the video and we decided to hold off on their release until the issues were cleared up. Thanks to the hard work of @Spin Attaxx and Galabance, the videos have finally been polished up and completed! Once again, the SMS2 event ran extremely smoothly, and in general had a ton of community work and effort placed into it's creation, not just from Motobug staff, but SSMB's community as a whole. So, as a thank you, and like we did last year, we decided to make a sequel video. So, with all that said, here's the long-awaited celebration video that's been in the making for awhile!

Classic Era:

Dreamcast Era: 

Modern Era:

Huge thanks also go out to @Spin Attaxx for creating the custom Motobug sprite used in the intro, as well as @kirby1up for creating several Advance-Era sprites for the credits, including art for Sally Acorn, Jet, modifying Gamma's sprite, Blaze, Sentinel Sonic ( @Failinhearts's character). 

And as a Side Note: I love the intro, way better than the one we did for the original Celebration Video. Anyway, Enjoy!

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