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Sonic Forces DLC topic(Get a Shadow costume from preording from EB Games)


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Coming from EB Games(Basically Gamestop in Australia) official website, a banner on the site confirms that there will be a Shadow costume for the Custom Hero if one preorders it from there, with the Bonus edition and this, I can safely say DlC is happening. 

With what be presented with, I guess we will be getting preexisting characters costumes for the avatar as most with the DLC but hey, every new 3D Sonic game since 06 besides Colors and Generations(Unless you count the pinball table) got levels too, so we might get a couple.

What are you hoping for DLC?

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I would much rather be Sonic, his friends and the avatar because I feel like that accomplish the dreams kids have when they want to be friends with Sonic and be a hero like him, they also want to be friends with his friends, rather be friends with Sonic ... twice, but that's a subject for another topic.

I do hope this opens the door for costumes for characters who wouldn't be playable anyways, like Tikal or Marine.

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52 minutes ago, VEDJ-F said:

Well, this does rule out Shadow-style quills as being one of the styles you can have on the hedgehog character naturally. 

I don't expect you to make characters that look exactly like anyone who's a real character, especially shadow. 

52 minutes ago, Soniman said:

Man that's fucking depressing, like they're rubbing it in our faces that we cant play as these characters now 

This game is a hot ass mess

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4 hours ago, Lord-Dreamerz said:

This is just... terrible... and that is all i can think about this. Also this really showcases how the avatars have some of the worse body proportions i've seen in this series when it comes to the standard type animal people races.

I've noticed this too. Proportion-wise, the avatar characters just don't fit in. They all look strangely narrow, and any of their discernible features are not accentuated enough (particularly those on the head) to the point where I actually can't tell the difference between wolf/dog/bear/bird/whatever they're supposed to be.

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"Wanna play as Shadow or any of Sonic's friends again? Too bad tough shit lol." 

This is really how it comes off.  It's been 11 years since 06 it's time to play as somebody other than Sonic to be playable that isn't a customize character.

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Not only is it salt in the wound, it's retailer-exclusive pre-order DLC. Being locked behind a pre-order is bad enough, but for it to be a specific retailer that certain fans will have to bend over backwards to get? That's even worse.

Even if it's later released as DLC, that still isn't much better. It's already on the disk, and they'd be releasing it for an additional cost.

And it's not even a playable character or skin in the first place. It's a costume of them...

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I really do miss when costumes were just a fun unlockable extra you could just get for free, if with a bit more effort or a code, but hey, I bought a lot of amiibo and bought all the Smash costumes so I suppose I'm not helping:P

Speaking of Smash, that game was nice enough to get you some themed costumes just in game, I hope we can get some basic Sonic or Sega things for the Custom Hero in game, we do have Sonic's shoes, Amy's dress and a whole lot of Chao backpacks after all



Don't switch to the dark Sonical or Cat skin, my bad editing skills will be more apparent


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Fans: But why? We want to play as the actual characters! Even as skins! Not a costume on a custom character! What even is this!?

Sega: aZY7oAh.jpg

-sigh- ...I'll always be a Sonic fan, but I'll never be a Sega/Sonic Team fan and shit like this is exactly why.

Yeesh, they couldn't even be assed to make it look even slightly good by just having it cover the whole head! It looks like someone hollowed Shadow's body out and cut out his whole face! What the actual fresh hell?

Fuck off Sega and Sonic Team. Your Modern Era ideas are fucking awful.

I swear, there better not be a Blaze costume or I'm going to be significantly more-- absolutely fucking livid.

Goddammit, I hate liking Modern Sonic.

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  • Zaysho changed the title to Sonic Forces DLC topic(Get a Shadow costume from preording from EB Games)

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