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Sega Slots: HIT THE LEVER (mobile devices)


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Hey kids, ready to get into gambling?

Recently, what appears to be a unannounced mobile game has appeared, and considering it has a page here, it's legit

The page seems to indicate that this was developed with help with a group called Fox Club, I have no idea who they are, sorry about that.

Not necessarily a Sonic game but big blue has enough of a presence to feel it was right to post it here(Feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place)


Kinda let down they seem to be reusing Dash's Seaside Hill when Sonic has a history of casino levels, but hey, this probably wasn't too big of a budget project


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There's a screenshot that can go here. 



But more important, I've been talking with @Mayor D about this, and this is actually pretty bad. There doesn't seem to be any age restriction in place, so there's nothing stopping kids from using the app as far as can be seen. And kids would try given the cute mascots they know and the bright, friendly images. 

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