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Character creator in a Mania esque game ?


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The title already said all,do you thing is possible to adapt a character creator in a Mania esque game with 2d like the classics ?

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Before we get into whether or not it's a good idea mechanically, I feel it's important to mention that the third dimension is a big part of why character creators are viable at all - models only need to be rendered once, and movements can be jury rigged onto them almost independently of what they actually look like as long as they share a similar general body structure. That's just not practical at all for sprites. It's been done before, but it usually comes either at the expense of animation quality (gluing extra sprites onto a base one and having animations be relatively stiff so they don't desync with one another, ala Maple Story) or the game's budget (where keeping up with a more fluid animation style means making an entire sprite sheet for every body part or element of clothing, which I'm sure you can imagine is a huge hassle). It's a lot more trouble than it's worth.

The bigger question, though, is... why? There's a huge cast all throughout the Sonic mythos, and almost no two characters share the exact same set of abilities (save for Shadow, but I've advocated for them to diverge a lot more anyways) - nearly all variation you could possibly get with custom chararacters, you could present by just using the existing cast anyway, especially considering how neglected they've all been on the stage of gameplay. And honestly, with the bad rap Forces has already gotten because of it (and arguably rightfully so!), do we really want to play that same card twice?

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