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Your Favourite Not-So-Heavy Bosses (Spoilers)


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Since we now have a topic dedicated to the Hard-Boiled Heavies, I thought it would make sense to make another for discussing our other favourites in Mania. There are a large number of truly clever and amusing twists and references scattered throughout these confrontations, but these are the ones that stood out to me most:



Hydrocity Act 1 - The Switcheroo!

I'm so glad that I had no idea this was coming. We've seen Sonic in an Egg Mobile before, but complete with weapons engaged and Eggman/Robotnik on the receiving end!? And in diving gear!? Holy shit, this was beyond amazing to experience firsthand. I love how non-chalant the guy is, at least initially. Maybe he thought that the 'hog was destined to fail as he did in Sonic 3? What a delightful goof. This kind of thing really adds to the character of the doc too and is absolutely the way to keep him fresh as arch-nemesis.



Stardust Speedway Act 2 - Metal Radness

Finally, the mechanical hodgeheg delivers on an epic showdown with his most heinous target. While it does somewhat drag a bit towards the end, seeing the little callouts to Chaotix, Mecha Sonic and Game Gear Silver Sonic (or whatever its name is) - complete with the appropriate sound effects!! Stunning work here.



Studipolis Act 2 - Rain or Shine

The best are the ones you never see coming, yet make perfect sense. He's got to be filming something there, right? They even got the weathervane-bound Cluckoid to do the forecast! The inclusion of the screen gives me Amazing Arena vibes too, which is a nice bonus. Sadly it's shortlived, being a pretty easy battle with Eggy flying pretty low.

Obviously there is a lot more to gush over, the Puyo boss bein a particular highlight, but I want to hear from you guys now. How did you enjoy some of the doc's finest moments?

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I really liked the first part of Hydrocity Act 2 where Eggman is chasing you down the flooded tunnel. Normally I don't care for bosses that switch up the typical gameplay--something the Eggman fights do a lot of this time around--but there was something strangely fun about that one.

Honestly, the part of the Metal Sonic fight with Silver Sonic was the only part I really liked. The rest of it just felt really...sloppy, for lack of a better term.

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I thought the Metal Sonic fight was pretty ho-hum. It did blindside you with nostalgia via the proto-metals but the rest of it seemed like a poor man's CD fight on loop.

I did adore the Hydrocity switch. My only complaint on that on is that they made it too easy. I would have liked to see at least a pinch mode or something. Chemical Plants MBM was probably the best boss in the game, if only because of how wacky and random it was.


As a whole there were a bunch of really good bosses.

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I actually really liked the Metal Sonic fight, especially since it's not just a straight up race like from CD.

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The Metal Sonic race seems actually similar to Sonic 4 Ep 2's White Park boss fight, which by the way was the best of Sonic 4 Ep2 (even the music).

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Ahh, so many. Too many good bosses. I'll try to be as concise as possible.


Green Hill Zone Act 2: Breaking out the big guns!

We've seen the Death Egg Robot used and reused a lot lately. It's become almost passe, being used as an end-boss in lieu of more original, newer mechs for Eggman to use. But we've never seen him break out this beast of a mech in the very first zone. 

While the DER is a simple boss, it sets the tone for the rest of the game: That Eggman's not messing around this time, and is fully intent on throwing everything he has at you for the entire game.


Chemical Plant Zone Act 2: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine!

Need I say more? Fighting Eggman in a Puyo Puyo battle hearkening back to the Doctor's very own starring role, this boss is a funny, quirky little battle of wits. I only wish Eggman's AI was a bit more aggressive; If anyone should be good at Mean Bean, it's Eggman!


Studiopolis Zone Act 2: How's the weather?

As Pawn already highlighted, this battle is so charming that I had to include it. It's such a perfect endpoint to a zone that was all about Eggman hijacking a TV station, and really carries across that wacky, zany charm that the Doc has come to be known for in this game.

Using the Cluckoid as a weather robot was a clever inclusion as well.


Stardust Speedway Act 2: Metal Sonic

Probably the best Metal Sonic fight in the series. It spans multiple phases, has you travel over an expansive stage during the battle, and even includes Silver Sonic after a long absence!

The fight ends with a climactic battle atop a tower, with Eggman's golden statue looming in the background. The pure atmosphere of this battle is incredible, and has to be on the list for that reason.


Hydrocity Zone Act 1: Scuba Eggman!

I don't have much to add that hasn't been covered already. This is a hilarious boss and it encompasses everything I love about Eggman's wacky personality.

Getting to fly the Eggmobile was cool too.


Metallic Madness Act 2: Toys!

This is one of the silliest Eggman fights, by far. Eggman throws comically lethal toys modeled after himself (and Amy) at you throughout the fight, with his mech taking the form of a capsule dispenser. 


Titanic Monarch Act 2: Eggman and Company

Technically this isn't a "Non-Heavy" boss, as the Heavies feature prominently, but since Eggman's the main focus, I'll allow it!

Here, you fight Dr. Eggman in a bizarre spherical contraption (based on unused concepts from Sonic CD, no less!), while he brings out his loyal Hard Boiled Heavies to attack you throughout the battle. It's partially an Eggman boss, partially a boss rush, and all a great thematic end to the game.

...or is it?


True Final Boss: Dr. Eggman and Heavy King

As Super Sonic, you do battle with both Eggman and the Heavy King, who take turns wielding the Phantom Ruby against you.

With two likable antagonists dueling over the Ruby while you fight them both, with a kickin' tune blaring in the background, this fight is a great way to cap off a thrilling adventure.

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So I figure this is the best place to ask a question about that True Final Boss.


What is the point of the Super Sonic Flash Dash? Does it deal double damage or something? The game tries to demonstrate the move in the start up to the boss fight, but that 10 ring penalty for using it is brutal for something that seemingly has no benefit up front. Its too costly to have any real value as an emergency eject button either.

I can only imagine most people just avoid using it.

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