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Rumour: Mania on PS4 has Online Multiplayer Via Share Play

Badnik Mechanic

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Not seen anyone talk about this yet. Currently unconfirmed but it has a very high chance of being correct.

So based on Sega's own advertisement Mania doesn't have online multiplayer built in.


However, on PS4, there might be a way to actually play both the competitive and Single player co-op with friends online through the PS4'S Share-Play feature. 

How it works is as follows. 

Player 1 needs to own Mania and have an active PS+ subscription. 

Player 2 doesn't need to have an active PS+ Subscription or even own the game!


During the game you press the share button and select 'share play'

Select 'play together' 

What happens now is Player 2 gets Player 1's stream and defaults to controller slot 2. 


You are now playing Sonic Mania online with friends.

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1 minute ago, Mayor D said:

Devs can disable it if they want.

Extremely unlikely and the only games I know which have done it are Call of Duty and Battlefields Beta.

Yes, devs can disable it but as you said, it's extremely unlikely. I'd pretty much say it's doable until proven wrong in-game itself (Which again I'd doubt SEGA would go to such lengths).

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15 minutes ago, Sonicfan287 said:

I'm not too familiar with this trick. I have a PS4 so I could do it. Would this work with the competitive split screen mode as well? 


The 2nd player sees what you see, only they get set to controller port 2. 

So there is utterly no reason why it won't work with split screen since player 1 has both the 1st and 2nd players view on it at the same time.

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I've actually heard a few people on /v/ mention this about the PS4 version, usually as a counter to people saying the PC version will have mods (which isn't impossible, but I wouldn't count on for a while). Because y'know, everything needs a console war argument behind it.

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Shareplay is great (as long as both parties have a good internet connection). I shareplay all the time with my bro. Pretty much any game that features local multiplayer can be "shared" and a second guy across the country can play as if he were sitting right next to you. Throw in a voice chat, and its the next best thing to buying him a plane ticket and flying him over to my house.

For the record, it also works for most single player games. You can pass the controller to a friend and watch him play as you. Story heavy games, Like Batman and Persona tend to block this feature, but the vast majority support that too.


This isn't exactly a secret though. I fully expect Mania to support shareplay. There is no reason why it shouldn't.

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I can confirm that the shareplay works for the co-op Sonic and Tails during the main story. Let your little bro fight all the bosses as the immortal Tails while you take Sonic and hide in the corner. Its Sonic 2 all over again.


I'll give the competitive mode a go later, but if it works in the main game, you can bet it will work everywhere else too.

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5 hours ago, SimplySY08 said:

Thanks for the update! glad it worked for you. what country are you in? If it still wont work for me when I next play it at least I may have some indication as to why. 


It did region block the shareplay when I attempted to do it at midnight, because the PS Store had yet to update. But at about 3 AM, (when it was Midnight on the west cost thus available everywhere in the country) I tried it again and everything worked fine. Must have had something to do with that PS Store release...


Anyway, I can confirm the shareplay works for the competitive mode. Played that for a little while against my bro. Drop Dash is busted FYI

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