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Nooks, crannies, and secrets in sonic games.

A super no.2rookiemusician

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There are some secrets in sonic games that maybe others have discovered, but you had no idea about. There are some secrets that are well known among the fanbase. I made this topic because it's fun to go back and play these games and to find out these secrets for yourselves.

In this topic, post some of the secrets you've discovered in sonic games and your experience when you found them like secret rooms, easter eggs, etc.  

Also, what type of easter eggs would you add into the upcoming sonic games (mania & forces) or any game you would make up? What secrets or easter eggs would you add to existing sonic games?595abbf13fb0e_images(22).jpg.0e20322460b585bfa81586250ecd6cc3.jpg

I played hidden palace zone with tails one day and when I found this I was so surprised! But then really disappointed when I found out there wasn't enough level to use this stuff on.


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Nobody has nothing to share with the class?

I'm actually genuinely curious about the things I missed back in the classics.


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Just found some rings I never saw before in the later half of Angel island act 1 just after everything catches fire.

Right after that checkpoint.

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