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Quote Boxes Inexplicably Inflating

Blue Blood

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Whenever I quote someone's post, the quote boxes end up with excess line breaks at the end that I can't delete. The line breaks appear in the editor, but I can't place the cursor on them. Has anyone else experienced this? You can see an example of what I mean here. And each time I attempt to edit a post, an extra line break is added on to the end of every quote box. It's really annoying and means that I can't make stealth edits to my posts without leaving a footprint.

Any idea what's causing this or how to get around it? Not having the option for BBCode editing anymore makes posting way more difficult than it used to be.

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4 hours ago, Marcello said:

Do you use Grammarly? I've seen it happen with it on.

I do indeed use Grammarly. Let's see...

Okay, so I tried removing Grammarly and restarting Chrome. That seems to stop the problem from occurring, but I still can't remove the excess spaces either on here nor through Safari on my iPhone. And I've just noticed this appearing when hovering over the space:


"Protected by Grammarly", even though Grammarly has been removed.

Is BBCode gone for good? Because it still works if I manually type in the tags. It would be really, really helpful just to have that setting again. 

Edited by Blue Blood
Was testing out the Grammarly solution...
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