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Music You Think Would Be Good In A Sonic Game

Chris Knopps

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Over the years, the SEGA company has put in the effort to draw inspiration, both directly and indirectly, from musicians/composers around the world. They've done this through direct partnership, various licensing deals, etc, so the topic here is going to be what music you've heard that would be particularly fitting for the Sonic franchise.

To get the ball rolling, here's one I've always found had a particular Sonic CD type of vibe to it, and would be suitable in another title akin to it, which is more than possible now that Mania is likely starting a new 2D series of games.


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Some of the instrumentals in Kim Wilde's version of "You Keep Me Hanging On" really remind me of Sonic games, especially Sonic CD. I might not literally want it in a Sonic game because it would feel weird, but other than that, I could see some sort of an instrumental variation of the music in a retro-style Sonic game like Sonic Mania.

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