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[Project] SSMB Question Of The Week


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So, ready to find out more about your fellow SSMB members?

I'm starting a weekly question topic, with a new question every Tuesday, with the main purpose of learning about our fellow SSMB members in a fun way, we won't get too personal, but we won't get too jokey, just right in the middle!

I started a Tumblr blog to highlight the most interesting answers as well as a submission box to get new questions, fire away!

I do have some rules to set down though:

  • I understand that some of you aren't comfortable with the answers being shared on the blog, if you don't want it on there, tell me.
  • Try to not make your answers too jokey or too short, we're trying to learn more about you here.
  • And have fun!

And with that out of the way, here's our first question:

Why did you pick your first username?

Some of us had the same usernames since the beginning, some of us changed it and got a more famous alias over time while some of us just can't keep a consistent  name if we tried, but what was going trough your head when you picked your first one?

Since my memory is a bit foggy, my original name has two possible origins, one is simply quoting Orbot since this is a Sonic site and all, the other is me figuring that I wouldn't come up with a good one anyways, I should flat out name myself "Don't Think About It"

Evidently, the name didn't stuck, so that name really doesn't matter much now, but it's interesting to see where such a odd name come from.

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My name originated in a pretty simple way. I pretty much was making a Blaze the cat recolor  (someone's obviously done this too) but I thought I wasn't gonna stoop down to levels like that, so I just used the Character's name which was Flare Sakitha Sol

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I think I explained it before but I like telling the story anyways so here goes.

So the name Crow the BOOLET comes from two different things. Firstly the name itself is a reference to Crow Hogan from Yu-gi-oh! 5Ds, which he called himself Crow the Bullet in a flashback. The reason for the spelling BOOLET is how the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 pronounces it.

And the rest was history. Its just me liking two different things and spreading memes. It just somehow stuck with me over the years. I think its one thing that keeps me unique on here.

As for some other notable names I've gone by...

Captain/Demon Lord/Overlord Wei - This is my original name around the time I've started SSMB, or at least the one that made me stand out from being Hedgehog Master (ugh). The name Wei was just some random Chinese name I gotten and I decided to use it. Captain comes from the part where I like pirates I guess but the titles Demon Lord and Overlord come from my love from the Disgaea games and how they changed my life in an instant. They're still my favorite games to this day.

Malice Misery - This is one of my experimental names back in the day. The name itself is a homage to the visual kei/j rock band Malice Mizer. Malice Mizer is one of my all time favorite bands and I again wanted to pay homage to them so there you go. The Misery part comes from the fact that I love the character Misery from Ruby Gloom so I added her to the name. I might keep this name around however. We'll see.

Ghostrick Dorklord - This is a more recent one. This was going to be the translated name of the Yugioh card Ghostrick Angel of Mischief but everyone thought it sounded dumb so they changed it. I personally like the name because its silly and its a pun off Dark Lord. Its one of my favorite names in the game despite it not being used. I did change my name for the period because I wanted to reinvent myself subtly. I guess it might had worked? We will again see.

Other names are mostly for either RP or character love choices but those are some of the major names I've gone by, This was a history lesson of CROW!

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Failinhearts was a name originating from my cousin. She introduced me to Club Penguin over the summer while I was a little kid and her account was known as "Failinhearts". Club Penguin was my first social experience online so I have a connection with it. When she left back for her home province after the summer ended, she left me a gift: Her account. Rare items and all. Failinhearts was mine.

So I took on that name for all my online accounts. SSMB is no exception.

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"Skull" was a silly (not to mention terribly generic) nickname from when I was a kid. It stuck for a couple years so when I made my second YouTube account on March 16, 2007, I named it skull900, tacking on a number because apparently just "skull" wasn't generic enough.

Many online accounts with the same name followed but that November I made a backup e-mail with the slightly changed name skull902. I don't remember why exactly it was "902," perhaps "skull900" had been taken. Anyway, on April 22, 2008 my skull900 YT account got suspended and the backup e-mail became my main one, the name serving as the basis for my (then-)new YT account and I've been going by that name on almost all of the other online profiles I've made since (though I've had to use skull903 or SCCskull902 a couple times.)

There's my silly (not to mention terribly generic) story. Sure was boring, eh?

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My first internet nickname is also my most common and famous. Dr Spudhead. I use to write Sonic parodies in which I renamed Eggman as Spudhead. Why? I always thought Eggman's head looked like a potato. When I got internet access I was originally going to have many names taken from the stories, but in the end I stuck with Dr Spudhead. I do love the name.

I'm The Tenth Doctor here because I changed my name to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, along with some others and decided I was having to much fun with it to quit. So here I am, still the Doctor almost 3 years on.

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So personally there are two significant names for me. I know this question was about our ORIGINAL name but I wanted to expand it since I thought it would be more fun.


Well, a long time ago I joined this forum under a stupid name called "Wooly The Hedgehog" because I was a dumb Sonic fanboy and it was gross. Anyways, over time I dropped my hedgehog alias and went into a weeaboo phase, naming myself "Wooly-san". Eventually, once I realized users could fairly frequently change their display names, I changed my name to various different things. The format was always Wooly dash something. Off the top of my head I can think of Wooly-Bully, Wooly-Claus, and my personal favorite Wooly-Cooly, or WlCl. There was ton more and I made a huge list of different names I could use, thought I didn't end up getting to all of them since I would end up changing my name, but that's obvious. xD

In a way Wooly was always me, but Wooly was also always a character. At some point I created a silly web-comic that starred an interpretation of myself, simply named "Wooly". Over time Wooly just kind of became his own thing and not necessarily a representation of me (even though there are many similarities some purposeful and some not). He became a character of his own, and the story continued to develop, and thus I needed to change my name to something else. Also you will see more of him again some day hint hint.


But there was also another side to the name-change coin. I straight-up left SSMB because I wanted to focus more on making friends in real life--and tbh at the time I was so engrossed in this silly internet forum that it was honestly detrimental to my life, because I basically didn't do much else aside from go to school and go on this forum. This realization was made when I went to a pool party and had lots of fun and was like "I need to do more with friends geez and also they'll probably think I'm lame if they knew I spent all day on an internet forum about Sonic".

Well when I left it gave me more time to think about life, who I wanted to be, and who I wanted this Wooly character to be. I was no longer Wooly, and I needed a new name. I wanted a name that would be much more memorable, something with pizzazz if you will. Something a little flashy, but still a little cool. One day during the summer (I think that was the season) I was doing my usual "spend way too much time in the shower because I have so many thoughts running through my head" when I came up with the name "Nate the Nerd" out of the blue--or maybe it wasn't idk.

This was too boring for me though. I liked the pronunciation, alliteration, and just overall how it sounded out loud, but when you take the time to look at the letters in text the name is simply one thing: generic. So, because I wanted people to remember, question it, and also be slightly annoyed by it I decided to start spelling "Nate" as "N8te" instead. (It is still pronounced as Nate.) It was absolutely redundant, absolutely silly, absolutely annoying, but it was so perfectly odd that nobody would forget it. Sure enough, people who do or do not know me question the name, and it sticks in their head.

Now BACK TO SSMB. I ended up coming back once or twice just to goof around and see old folks--which I did on April Fools or a day near it--but eventually I decided I wanted the freedom to come back whenever I felt like it. I wasn't tied down to the forum and I changed into a new person, so I had to change my name to what it was now. I continued the name changing gimmick here and on other online communities, and eventually I was just like "What if I was THE N8te?". I don't have a title, no description. I'm just me, one and only. At least on this forum haha, but I still use the "N8te the Nerd" or something similar in other places.


Also if anyone asks I know the word woolly has two Ls, but the name Wooly is actually pronounced "Wuh-lee" not "Wool-lee".

(There's probably a TON of typos in this haha but maaaan I ain't gonna go back and fix them all.)

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My first forum name Yeow(95) I use (and continue to use at some places) was actually part of my full (extended) name that is only used by me and my relatives...on a very rare occasion or so. The 95 is there because it's one of my favorite numbers (both pertaining to birthyear and the interstate near my hometown).

A second display name I used Zinos (first one I used on this forum, actually) was just Sonic's name spelled backwards. It was used primarily so I wouldn't keep using the Yeow(95) name at every location.

The current name I use Gabe(TheGrouch76) was actually an accidental mixup / misspelling by one of my teachers of my first two names. I liked it and have continued using it since. The TheGrouch bit is in reference to Sesame Steeet's Oscar the Grouch, one of my favorite characters from the show. 76 is just a random number I've also grown fond of.

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My name is my name. But then it's too common, so i threw in two letters from my obscure middle name and chinese name and done. It's my first forum name. 

If i ever have to change it, i would probably name myself over some sort of food.

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So, time to update this baby!

Who is your favorite character and why?

As you can probably guess, my favorite is Meowkie from Namco High and she is sadly overlooked IMO.

She has a lot of depth, she's one trying the hardest to be a good person but she goes too far and let people take advantage of her, she is by far the nicest character in the game and never causes trouble for the other student out of malice, but simply because she's doing her job.

As someone who got bullied a lot and had trouble coming to terms with my emotions, I really understand her story and it makes me sad that she will likely not being in anything ever again.

Also, since all of you gave good answers, you're all going on the blog!

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This is actually a no brainer for me.


Amane Nishiki

He's a recent addition to the Blazblue roster from Chronophantasma onwards. He's a kabuki actor who loves to perform his amazing dances to the world. He was introduced as a minor character, he barely contribute to the plot as a whole but he received a ton of foreshadowing about his role. It turns out as of the new game, Central Fiction, Amane is indeed more important to the plot than we thought.

Anyways why do I love this character so much? He's a very fun and creative character in a fighting game. He has the most hilarious lines in the game and he's very fun to play. Even when I'm not playing him, its fun to watch him go, especially in competition. Speaking of, how does Amane fair in competition? He's actually a low tier character. In the first versions of CP, Amane was the best of the low tiered characters but as of CPEX Amane is the /worst/ character in the game. Why bother playing a character? Well as I said he's fun to play as. Fortunately Arcs System Works caught on and buffed Amane to the point where he can tango with high tier characters like Azrael.

I've heard he's been sitting in S tier for a while now so it might be looking up for him. If you watching that vid well I will say Arcs put a lot of detail in Amane's animations and they're very creative to say the least. Check his concept art for these little details they threw in that you would miss. But yeah that's Amane for ya.

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Time for the obvious!

Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

I've gone over her many, many times in this board, so I'm gonna copy a more recent summary of Sayaka and how I relate to her to convey why I love her so much.

On 30/04/2016 at 1:25 AM, Failinhearts said:

For me, a story that relates to me the most is Sayaka Miki's journey throughout the Puella Magi Madoka Magica TV Show.


People could see it as a "girl who likes a guy, but didn't get him so she goes insane" story but there's so much more to that. What I see is the struggle of morals and ideals. What defines a good person, what defines a bad person and overall the concept of "black and white". When Sayaka became a Magical Girl, she wanted to be as selfless as possible, just like her friend Mami. She convinced herself that the wish she made to become a Magical Girl: To heal her crush's arm was out of selflessness and kindness. Sayaka fought for justice and had a strong sense of what's right and wrong. However, this causes her to butt heads with people who she deems as "bad" due to how she perceives people like Homura and Kyoko.

Everything went straight to hell when she realized the truth, however. When she realized that her soul is no longer a part of her body and relegated to her Soul Gem, she saw herself as an unworthy zombie and certainly not good enough to deserve love. That was when she realized that deep down, there is a selfish side within her. Somewhere inside her, she wanted Kyousuke to fall head over heels for her with gratitude for her wish. She wanted appreciation and love, which is unfortunately something a Magical Girl has the luxury of having due to having to live a life of unrecognized Witch hunting. This was where she went crazy. She fought Witch after Witch but not taking the reward that was essential to her survival. People told her to let go of these selfish ideals to save her life, but Sayaka continued to refuse. She wanted to prove the others, and herself wrong. She wanted to be the hero she aspired to be. She wants to abandon all of those aspects about her that she saw was "bad" and she hates herself for having such aspects in the first place. However, it was because of this struggle with her ideals that she eventually gave into despair and died. 

It's much more sad because I see a lot of myself in Sayaka. I have a dark side and I have a selfish side and a huge reason why I have so much contempt for myself is because I can't stand having those parts of me. One of the reasons why I strive to help others so much is to prove myself wrong and that I am a good person, that I am a hero, that I can live up to the ideals I set up for myself. But in reality, I know I can't.

I relate so much with Sayaka, and that's why I love her so much.


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So, it's new question time!

What do you consider your own personal theme song:


I found this song a few years ago and I identify with it so much that I pretty much listen to it every week, it's lyric are inspiring and hopeful, and I hope to follow them in the future.

Plus, it's also the theme of one my favorite comics: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye.

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I'd consider this my theme. The clean version hasn't been released yet sadly so may have slight tiny Doctor Who Series 9 spoilers.

I've always tried to stay optimistic. I try to have hope. This song pretty much sums that up for me. It starts of slow, like we all do.It repeats itself, getting stronger with each time. You can feel the time passing in this song and feel the strength and desperation gathering more and more. Yet it still sounds hopeful. You can feel the hope of finally breaking that wall that is in front of you, holding you back. You may get more desperate at every attempt, you may get stronger with every attempt. Yet you'll still have hope to break through in the end. This is me. Doing the same thing again and again, ready to break through that wall and move on. Murray Gold did a magnificent job on this piece, my hats off to him. Now, please release it on a soundtrack so I can have a clean version please!

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First username:

I'm gonna skip ahead slightly. The first username I took on when I really became active here was The Joker, for a plethora of vastly uninteresting reasons. The Joker is the name of a jester, the wildcard in a deck of cards and a bit of a strange character overall, as well as the notorious DC Comics villain. The name stuck with me because, frankly, I have a tendency to say anything. I like to think you can't really imagine what I'm going to say at any given time besides assuming it'll be quite vulgar. I could be wrong, but it's the name that seemed to resonate the most with you guys.

Eventually I just shortened it to J.

Favourite character:

Jack Napier AKA Joseph Kerr AKA Jack White AKA Jerome Valeska AKA Martha Wayne AKA The Joker

He a bad man. The archnemesis of Batman, a demonic, nightmarish, violent, unempathetic criminal lunatic. He also has a lovely singing voice. Joker is probably the most diabolical villain in fictional history, but he's also absolutely joyous to watch. He's hilarious, clever and even strangely lovable in spite of everything. Or maybe because of it. I don't know.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
Luke Skywalker
Steve Rogers/Captain America

Personal theme song:


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Picking one song for my own personal theme song is tricky, since I relate to so much music that I listen to.  Two songs in particular come to mind, so I guess I'll cheat a little bit and post both of those songs.

Cough Syrup by Young the Giant:

I chose this song because it really just speaks volumes to me.  The opening lyrics "Life's too short to even care at all" just inspires me to keep pushing through life and not care about what other's think of me.  Life's just too short to care about any of that.

Fix You by Coldplay:

Finally, I'd also consider Fix You to be a good theme song for me, as I've struggled with on and off depression.  This song inspires me to continuously better myself and  reassures me that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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I don't have an definite answer for this. There's too many songs I consider to be associated with me.

This song was my theme song during my teen years. It felt like it represented by rebel side and my desire for social change as well as my viewpoint of the said society. But I was a different person then though this song is still pretty rocking. If I'd probably hazard a guess its probably...

Why the PV? Cause its rather fitting for Malice Mizer's visual style. Anyways this is my favorite Malice Mizer song and its really pretty. I don't have any other reason other than that. I really thought hard on this but I just like songs alright? :P

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So, the posts will be on the blog tomorrow, without further ado, here is our next question:

What is your earliest memory?

No matter how good our memory is, chances are we won't remember anything from the day we were born without help from your parents video.

So, how far does your memory go? Share the earliest thing you can remember.

Now, this is going to sound odd, but the earliest memory is two ninjas fighting in a volcano, I'm not lying, but I don't remember what the context this was in, it could  been a dream, a game or a movie, not sure.

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Funnily enough, its embarrassing but its just baby me peeing at my mom's face.

I don't know why I remember it so well especially because its a baby memory but I remember it crystal as day.

There isn't much to say other than that.

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I think my earliest memory was when I was brought into the house for the first time after I was born. I was in a stroller, I think? I was facing the front yard, staring at the tree, the door opened and I was brought in.

I think that's how it went. I fear that my memory's a little messed up.

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And now it's time for a E3 themed update:

What was the first game you loved?

Mine was Super Mario 64, it was one of the first games I ever played and when I saw Mario for the first time, I liked him immediately, I wasn't too good at it back then but now I'm a master at it, heck, I didn't even know Yoshi was in the game at all when I played it, but now I look forward to seeing him on the roof after a good run.

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If I remember correctly, its the GBA port of Yoshi's Island.

One of the first games I remember playing and despite not getting very far in it, I enjoyed it nonetheless and is a big reason why Yoshi's my favorite Mario character.


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*cracks knuckles* Welp, time to catch up. 

Username: I picked my painfully unoriginal username when I was like 10 or so on the Sega message boards because it's my birthstone (and I was obsessed with jewels and stuff at the time) and I just stuck with it, in the Sonic community at least.

Favorite character: Currently Peridot in Steven Universe. Spoilers in explanation: 

Her hilarious transition to Earth culture paired with her genuine appreciation for the world, friendship, and desire to make up for her past actions make up some awesome character development that I enjoy seeing play out.

Theme song: I'll go with a Sonic song, seeing as this is a Sonic site. :P Spring Emotions from Sonic Runners kind of goes along with my mood 80% of the time - carefree, fast-paced, and content. That, and it's just a really happy song.

Earliest memory: Spinning around in circles in the grass with my brother until we got dizzy and fell. I couldn't have been older than 2!

First game loved: Sonic 3D Blast. We had it for PC and I'm pretty sure it's the first video game I ever played that wasn't some Jumpstart type of thing. That Rusty Ruins song takes me back, man.


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I've thought about it honestly. I can't really give you a straight answer.

I've first played Super Mario World but until I would later own it on the gameboy advance and experienced it for myself (I've played some of the SNES at the dentist office). Then there's Pokemon Red, my first ever game that I've owned and while I did had a good time, I think I really truly loved Pokemon Crystal the most. It had higher, colorful graphics and a wide range of pokemon, including those from the previous games. I don't have too much of an attachment to Red but I will always remember my Crystal team the most.

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So, it's time for this week's question!

Would you rather live in the desert or the arctic?

People have different reactions to temperatures, some hate heat, some hate the cold, some love both, some hate both, but if you were given the choice between two extremes, where would you go?

Personally, the colder the better, I have to endure 20 years of Arizona summer and I still haven't got used to it, the very few times I seen snow in  my life made me very happy, so, yeah, go with the cold.  

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