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Would you like some artist \ band returned to making music for Sonic?


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If the comedy direction of Sonic will continue, how about geting Weird Al Yankovic in to redo a bunch of the old Sonic themes?
Sing "his world" with his nasal voice and about chillidogs this time. That'd be a laugh.
Al used to be popular in Japan too, not to mention Sega almost got Micheal Jackson to compose Sonic songs, and Weird Al's only one step away from that. So perfect fit.

But yeah, I don't really care about what specific band or what specific music theme, but I definitly want to have another energetic vocal theme song that does double duty as epic final boss battle tune.

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Crush 40 obviously, but I would suggest them a more airy touch to their sound. A more minimalist production topped with lots of reverb and delays to get that sense of intensity the likes of My Bloody Valentine and (coincidently speaking) Sonic Youth.

Then, if they really want to get with the times, I think they should hire some guys from the Dream Catalogue, like Vektroid or Blank Banshee. Vaperror wouldn't be so bad either. This album do sound like Sonic.

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