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Sticks The Badger Is Schizophrenic


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I mean, she is always saying that the "goverment" is going to get her, it is a common trait in schizophrenic people to feel persecuted for no reason at all. (despite the fact that sometimes she's right, lol)

She is always with that "they're going to get me" attitude, which is a very common trait in schizophrenic people, not to mention she is a jungle person, which brings up the fact that she is always looking to isolate herself (which is another schizophrenia symptom.)

I know she is a hilarious character but if she doesn't have schizophrenia, then I don't know who does...

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well... she is not just the schizophrenia .....

she has been shown to have  pretty nice surviving skills..

she has pretty weird likes too.. she likes adorable things.. like Tails being in love

but she loves disgusting stuff like her ex pet, Buster .. also its seems she would eat a cute bunny (wich are evil?  uhh)

she also is not so sophisticated.... she wanted to bring a snail to the fancy party of the awaydy award  remember?:D  (i loved that part)

and likes to sneak into trash..

so apart from having an schizophrenia side.... she also has a wild girl side..

and i would really love  if in the second season she is more shown like that  :)


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sorry i don't know why i quoted that.. i tipy mistake :D
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Badgers (or at least honey badges) are also insanely courageous/crazy. That's my own reason as to why I thought Sticks was insane in the first place.

That would be a great theory were it not for the fact that they didn't decide what kind of animal she was going to be until after they'd finished designing her (and then went with an animal that doesn't exist).

If she's schizophrenic...wouldn't that make her comedic use rather distasteful?

Nobody's ever accused Sticks of being the best-written character.

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