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Genesis & Modern Style/Flow Runs!


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Particularly true of the core Genesis games, there is a unique element made possible by the physics and environments that allows, other than speed runs, style or flow runs!  These don't seem to be very prominent, but that is only a good thing!  Many people over time when playing the Genesis/CD classics come to play through zones in ways that are incredibly elastic and quite often differ greatly per person as well!  The Adventure games in the Modern category do encourage this with various combo points but some of the 2d style and flow possibilities vanished with the need for more ground than midair and overhead play elements.  :)

Basically I am encouraging the recording and sharing of both informal and formal creative playthroughs of zones, as well as just ones showing how you play when not trying to go for speed.  ^_^


I feel like over the years, this thread will come to be a mini library of unique and often astonishingly creative and versatile runs!!  In many ways, especially the originals, are some of the most intuitive hand to visual interactive experiences for human beings.  :)  Never mind virtual reality, that can be too overwhelming, the unique physics and flow of Sonic is already what we would have wanted! 

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This sounds like a pretty interesting idea - the physics of Sonic games are so much fun, and there's so much you can do with them. While speed runs are cool and all, there are a lot of other aspects to the games that I wouldn't want to see neglected entirely. But it might be nice to have a bit more clarity on what exactly you're talking about. Do you have any examples of these kind of runs?

I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about, but I've sometimes wondered about runs of levels in which the player collects every single ring, though it would likely be impossible in zones with multiple paths. It still would be interesting to try to collect the maximum possible.

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When making the thread, i looked on youtube and couldn't find any examples; it seems like it would be a relatively untouched upon concept.  :)   However,  all of the S-rank run videos out there from over the years are an example as far as modern games go! 

My kega video capture does not seem to work but i think that i may be able to try a different program and post an example.  It is meant to be fairly open ended, as much as just for people to post from time to time, playthroughs that are... fun, unique, lucky, well practiced; as you are saying, there is already a type of third dimension in the 2d games, which is the connection between the reflex-friendly physics and the decision-making of the player!

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