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The seemingly declining member rate


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OK, so for several days now I've noticed that the total number of Myers doesn't feel right. Upon observation, it is now pretty clear to me that it's going down in total.

Im not really sure how I can provide photo evidence of it, but it can be noticed by taking note of the member totals over a short period of time (a couple of days or so). I'd appreciate a way of providing clear evidence though. Is their a reason for this?

(Also, the actual number seems somewhat high but that may just be me.)

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Every so often we do delete a member (e.g. the support accounts created so the forum developers can access the board to fix bugs etc).

The number shown is every account that still exists since the last complete wipe in 2009. It includes banned members, accounts created to attempt to ban dodge, non-validated accounts (a reasonable number, as a result of a period about a year ago where emails weren't being reliably sent)...

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There's also situations where people who changed their Display Names ended up having multiple dummy accounts created by the forum when it switched over to the new system. I can say firsthand it happened to me, quite a few spare Hero Of Fates and Conandos were removed.

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