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What was the first Sonic game you guys have played?

Dr Devil

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My first official Sonic game was Colors, but  the really first one was  Sonic Robo Blast... I couldn't play the older games   before Adventure 1 DX because the first console to be released in our country was the Gamecube...

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I guess it was "Sonic The Hedgehog," followed by whatever else there was on Mega Collection. A day later though I played SA2B.

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The first I played was Sonic 2, the first I owned was Sonic Advance. I wish my copy wasn't dead :'c I didn't get properly into the series until around the time of Sonic Battle/Sonic Heroes though.

Sonic Heroes :) My mum bought it for me for my 11th Birthday but it wasn't my initial Birthday present. My mum bought me American Idol along with a PS2 but I wasn't very keen on that game. We had the TV on at the time and an advert for Sonic Heroes popped up and it caught my interest straight away and my mum actually went out and bought me the game despite it not being on the list of games that came with the console bundles :) I guess she thought "it's her Birthday so I'll get it anyway" :) I just thought the game looked really fun and I loved the way it looked :) Sure it had its issues being the PS2 version and all but I still had a lot of fun while playing it, I still do to be honest :)

Haha, this reminds me, when I was a kid and I first saw the ad for Heroes, I dismissed it because I thought "Sonic doesn't work in 3D". I ended up getting the game and becoming completely obsessed with it.

Fast forward to 2015 where I'm the most ardent supporter of 3D platformers, especially Sonic, you'll ever find.

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