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The strangest thing happened to me right now. I went to just play "Special Stage Mode" when I went to the title screen "Sonic 3 & Knuckles", hit enter, and gave me the save files. Now I know you go to the menu and stuff, but I wanted to do level select first. Never touched it since I downloaded Friday. The first thing I saw on there: Sonic & Tails, "Angel Island Zone", no Chaos Emeralds. I used the save slot next to it. I ignored it so I went about my business. Now the first save file shows this: Sonic & Tails, "Marble Garden Zone", one Chao Emerald (green). 


    So I came to t he logical consclusion that someone's been playing it. But no one knows that I even have it installed. Help? Oh the first even happened when I installed it Friday. Never did that when I downloaded it before. It was clean when I downloaded it before. Now it gives me this.



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A mis-communication on my part. I went to do the level select in "Sonic 3" (the vine cheat which was an easier way to access level select in this compilation) to look at the beta "Hidden Palace Zone" zone card I never touched "Sonic 3 & Knuckles". 


EDIT: That may sound confusing. I tried the zone select cheat in "Sonic 3" on Friday. I went to play "Sonic 3 & Knucles" on said day and it shown "Angel Island Zone". Now today It shows, "Marble Garden Zone" with a solo Emerald. ALl on the first save slot. I never touched it.   

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