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Are you satisfied with the direction of the series; if not what would you change?


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First of all, the codex claims that Shadow treats obstacles to his goals as things to be evaded rather than forcibly removed. Questionable interpretation of Shadow's attitude towards things that oppose him aside, the game violates this 'logic' by having Shadow act like he's on a roaring rampage of revenge who actively wants to attack and kill any marauder who either gets in his way or who is responsible for Omega's incarceration and who will derive immense satisfaction out of actually doing so.


Secondly, during the time that Shadow is a part of the party, the only thing he cares about is Omega and absolutely nothing else. He'll irrationally engage Sonic in fights at least twice and threaten to leave the party if it doesn't accomplish what he wants done first priority. He coldly rebuffs any attempts by the party to associate with him more closely because of his fixation with Omega.


It comes off to me as this poor attempt to portray Shadow as a lone wolf and as someone who is near-completely adverse to interacting with those he allies himself with when this isn't really the case. Shadow may be more introverted than say, Sonic and he can tend to have a single-minded dedication to his goals but he hardly comes off as jerkish and aggressive when it comes to that, he's more matter-of-factly and calm. Chronicles Shadow comes-off to me as very snidey and excessively self-centered with feels like an exaggeration of his mannerisms.


Ok, and his goal in Chronicles was to rescue Omega was it not? So doesn't it stand to reason that he'd be focused on that goal and nothing else, given that you just said that he considers any hindrance towards his goals an obstacle.


Once again, this really isn't out of character for Shadow because he's always been somebody to put his goals above everything else, so why wouldn't he be upset that the group isn't benefiting him at all? And if memory serves, Sonic is the one who starts those fights by questioning what Shadow is doing in the first place.


Shadow's level of jerkishness varies from the game to game, but generally speaking he's still a standoffish character who doesn't really like interacting with others and prefers to keep to himself and do things his own way. Chronicles doesn't deviate from this in the slightest so I don't understand what's so out of character about his portrayal in there.

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