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Worst Sonic soundtrack?


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Don't worry about it, Neon. People are just biased and can take things personally when something they like is not held in high regard in others. You clearly stated it was your opinion, and never said it wasn't badly made, that you didn't like Black Knight's soundtrack.


In terms of the vocal department, although this may not count, I think I've found my personal pick for the worst Sonic soundtrack.




It's really weird. That's what can describe these songs for me, they're just really odd. Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata composed this album, best known for composing a soundtrack that gets a well deserved amount of praise, Sonic CD's Japanese soundtrack. But what the hell happened here? The non vocal songs are quite good, but when I first heard lyrics such as "Toot Toot Sonic Hedgehog", I immediately deleted the songs off my Ipod. I enjoy the vocal tracks they helped compose in CD, but not so much here.

                      I know, its just if I create any problems or misunderstandings I like to clear it upsmile.png . 

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