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Sonic 06 cutscenes direct rip


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Hello, guys.. Sorry if i made a topic in the wrong place, but i dunno, where else it could be. So, i've been searching for all the cutscenes(not CG once, i already have them) in HD quality and without subtitles. I know, they used to be on soniconthenet.org, but back then i wasn't able to download them all(that's why i only have the CG onces) and now the site is almost dead and nobody answers me, where else i can get them, nobody creates a torrent with them once again.. I thought TSS is the best place for such questions. Does anybody have the cutscenes in HD without subs? Can anybody upload them on megaupload or somewhere else?

Maybe not HD, the primary target for me is to get the cutscenes without subtitles. They bother me a lot! I am an GMV maker(it's my hobby) and that's why i'm asking for that. Can anybody help me? Please, i can't find them anywhere.(((

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Ok, time for me to make the topic again, and I even have a higher quality ripping tool this time... I'll take on the task again, and help you out, I have free time this summer and almost every Sonic game in existence, a will, and the tools to do it. I think I'm going to redo the Sonic Cutscene download topic, except in Higher quality and more organized than before. I'll get started on that today.

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You are really a great man! I'll be happy!^_^ I will not forget about you when i'll create new GMVs with your material! Please, tell me when i will be able to start downloading! ^_^

P.S. Please, do it without the damn subtitles^_^

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