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You know, its funny that while PoV played a major role on derailing the game's development...this build I think ironically looks a lot better than any of the other STI builds for Sonic X-treme. The game actually looks like a proper (if still incomplete) level, rather than a bunch of incomplete platforms strung together into what could technically considered a level. It actually reminds me of LBP in the sense that it's a 2D platformer but had multiple planes to move in-out of it...which considering that the Saturn was primarily designed to handle 2D games instead of 3D games, would had suited the game a lot better.


Can't help but wonder what the outcome would had been if this build (if it existed at the time) was what was shown to the Japanese Sega execs, instead of their porting disaster of Ofer's engine...

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 I think this game almost killed the whole series, and seriously handicapped it. SEGA should have known better then let a game have such development hell, especially at such a crucial time (the early 3D era)which could really make or break series'. If it wasn't for Sonic Adventure the whole series could have died. 

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This may sound stupid but I just downloaded the saturn version and I have no idea how to run it. 


Sorry figured it out, don't have the money :( .

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Bumping with awesome stuff!


== V037 SONICBOOM Sonic X-Treme Level Editor ==

kudos to JollyRoger on another fine release!

This is another "AS IS Release" so there are lot of bugs and issues as how it was found.



If you are missing a DLL, you may need to download the C++ x86 Redistributable. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784

The readme file has a little more information on how to work the editor.

We had initially planned to do a PDF guide with illustrations, but seriously lack the time to do something like that these days.

Hoping we can get someone to write up an instruction guide and also someone to do some bug reports. ( there are a lot of issues that need to be documented)

SonicBoom "Sonic X-treme" Level editor for v037 levels. Release 001:



EDIT: Bad news though:

Well Guys, The level editor will be the last release we will see for awhile, JollyRoger is in need of a break, We may see more stuff towards the winter.

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Huge Sonic X-treme information blowout from Andrew75, jollyroger, and company. 3rd release of the STI Sonic X-treme engine, with over 150 test levels made for the engine (the majority of which have never been seen by the public until now).


Hey guys this is the Biggest release yet! This Mega release includes over 150 levels!
Many of which were never seen by the public before!

For the latest release of Jollyroger's modern Windows port for Ofer's V037 NV1 engine, This release breaks away from the "AS IS" state of our last release by adding:
*the ability to play music.
*Incorporates A camera distance Function which can be tweaked in each .def file to counterbalance level depth scaling differences vs Sonic's distance to camera.
*The engine now has a Global configuration file for Sonic's main physics attributes among other engine settings. (like V038 and above)
*Over 150 playable original STI experimental test levels are now included in the release, however many are duplicate files which
have different adjusted attributes like texture physics settings to help slow or speed sonic up in specific situations. Or are snapshots in time showing a level's development history from start to finish.

Each and every Level.def file that is playable with the release engine had to be edited like so:
*Sonic's main Physics were stripped out.
*Player parameter changed from Static to player.
*New Camera parameters set up and adjusted, to match camera distance between levels that had different depth scaling.
* Some color pallet links corrected.
*Replace all Ring and Enemy Blocks with Actors so that Sonic could pass threw them, and possibly interact with them in a future release.
*Attempted to tweak physics in the new Global file to make the game feel a little more playable.

Besides the modified levels, All of the original Level files and assets are also included in this leak in an unmodified form,
including levels that do not work with our engine since the levels are from older engine builds that we do not have.
There are also partial levels for other builds of the game as well.


Edited by Gabe
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Holy shit, 150 test levels?! STI must've been really planning to use almost every kind of terrain you can think of. 

Thanks Jollyroger and Andrew75 for the release!!

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Okay, I had always thought that this game would be really cool to play and was sad that it wasn't made because it seemed very geared towards being based on SatAM And anything that is based on SatAM is my jam. Though looking at the footage.. I'm kind of glad it didn't get made?

I know it's a prototype but the game footage reminds me of a clunky version of Sonic Spinball or one of those Sonic Arcade games (only with less smooth animations). It doesn't look balances since you can recover rings as soon as you get hit, it's slow,  too methodical and tedious, and just... it doesn't look fun. It looks like work. 

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== V001 Engine release 1 ==

Here we are! Another Sonic Xtreme release! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Jolly found this build, and I quote:


Today, digging casually into the Xtreme archives I found a really old executable from late 1995 that turns out to be an old prototype of the Xtreme engine for PC.
This is from a time before Ofer did any work to port it to the NV1 card, and it renders everything in software.
It also uses an old format for the level files.
There is no source code for it, but tracing the system API calls I managed to see what files it was trying to open at startup and I made it work. I thought you might enjoy...



While its not much to look at, it's an interesting build indeed, as it marks one of the first builds for the PC.

This build uses a software renderer unlike later PC builds which were built to use the NV1 graphics card.
Sadly there is no playable sonic in this build, you are only able to move a camera around by first placing the mouse center of the game window, hit any key to reset view,
and than slowly drag outwards to move the camera. And because it's using software renderer the game runs lightning fast on our modern computers due to the CPU clock speeds.
The only way that I was able to slow it down was by going to power management and in custom settings tone down the cpu speed to 1 % min and max. However it was still way to fast to be able to control properly.


Running on Windows 95
Posted Image

Running on Windows 10
Posted Image

(Uploaded by Borman of Assemblergames)

Quoted from the readme file:


This is engine Version 001, while it is not the oldest build ever seen, it is from a time

before Ofer did any work to port it to the NV1 card, it renders everything in

It also uses an old format for the level files. There is no source code for it, but by
tracing the system API calls JollyRoger managed to see what files it was trying to
open at startup and he got it to work.

The SONCBOOM folder needs to be copied/moved to C:\ before running PCSONIC.EXE




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