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Your Perfect Sonic Voice Acting Cast


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Using Previous Voice actors:

Sonic - Ryan Drummond

Eggman - Edwin Neal (He's the perfect Eggman)

Miles "Tails" Prower- Kate Higgins

Knux- Scott Drier (Dan Green just does not gel)

Amy- Jennifer Douillard

Shadow - David Humphrey

All-new cast:

Sonic- Paul Tylak


Knuckles - Ryan Phillippe

Robotnik - Tony Jay

Amy - Jessica DiCicco

Shadow - Jude Law (C'mon it would be f**kin sweet)

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Classic Sonic: Jaleel White

Modern Sonic: Ryan Drummond

Tails: Kate Higgins

Knuckles: Scott Dreier

Sally Acorn: Kath Soucie

Amy: Jennifer Douillard

Dr. Robotnik: Jim Cummings

Blaze: Laura Bailey

Antoine: Rob Paulsen

Shadow: David Humphrey

Rouge: Petrea Burchard

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To be honest I haven't heard enough of the current cast to really say. But I miss LIsa Ortiz a lot. Especially when I heard Minnie Mouse Amy in Generations.

Actually I miss Jason too. And Dan Green......*cries* I must be ill. Even though Knuckles' current VA sounds almost identical to Green. Weird. At least he does to me. Jason could be recast as either Sonic or Shadow but highly highly prefer that he not do both lol.

Most everyone else I think I'm okay with. Haven't heard enough of them. Actually Pete Capella might as well be Silver again because just like Knuckles, his new VA sounds identical (to me) Like the director said "do your best to sound like the last guy"

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If I'm going with previous VAs....

Sonic :: Roger Craig Smith

His acting is perfect, but I think it should sound a little more like a kid, and he could. Not that it sounds OLD, it's a really deep teenager voice. It's kind of where Knuckles should be, only more Sonic-y.

Tails :: Kate Higgins


Knuckles :: Scott Drier/Travis Willingham

Improve the direction a bit, and you've got the best Knux ever.

Amy :: Lisa Ortiz

Shadow :: Jason Griffith

Rouge :: Karen Strassman/Lani Minella

Cream :: Michelle Ruff

Vector :: Marc Biagi/Dan Green/Kirk Thornton

Espio :: Any of them really...

Charmy :: Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Blaze :: Bella Hudson

Silver :: Quinton Flynn

Eggman :: Jim Cummings/Mike Pollock

If I'm going with a new set...

Sonic :: Liam O'Brien

Tails :: Tara Strong

Knuckles :: Nolan North

Amy :: Jessica DiCicco

Shadow :: Jon Curry

Rouge :: Laura Bailey

Cream :: Hynden Walch

Vector :: John DiMaggio

Espio :: Dave Wittenberg

Charmy :: Julie Ann Taylor

Blaze :: Kari Wahlgren

Silver :: Sam Riegel

Eggman :: Lex Lang

Otherwise, I'm fine with the new cast, really. They all just need more time to shine.

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Sonic (older/'modern') - Ryan Drummond using his SA1 tone, Jason Griffith using how he did Sonic's voice in SatBK, or Roger Craig Smith if he would take a bit of a different direction with it. Any of those three I am fine with.

Sonic (younger/'classic') - Martin Burke. No exceptions. If you use classic Sonic again, go hunt down where this guy lives and get down on your knees and beg for him to do the voice once more.

Tails - Kate Higgins. I feel like should make it sound more natural boyish (like that one in her voice demos), and less like Jimmy Neutron.

Knuckles - Scott Drier, or Ryan Drummond. A-OK with either of them. Dan Green and Travis Willingham's versions of Knuckles really don't fit the character, or at least the way he was.

Amy Rose - Lisa Ortiz and that one person who did her voice from SA1-Heroes sound just about the same (or not enough differences to matter) so either is fine.

Eggman - Stickin' with Mike Pollock. Deem Bristow would actually be my immediate choice but.. well, yeah.

Shadow - Either Kirk Thornton drops the vampire lisp or David Humphrey takes his spot back, since Humphrey was pretty darn great as Shadow.

Rouge - The current VA (which's name slips my mind) is fine. Stick with her.

Blaze - Same goes for Blaze; her VA is perfect.

Vector - I agree with what was said before, LOL. John DiMaggio with his "Jake" voice would be golden on Vector.

Charmy - Don't care. Do what you want.

Espio - Same.

Silver - You guys aren't gonna like this probably, but if Silver's gonna be around, I'd rather have Pete Capella be there AND write all his lines. His idea on how Silver acts is hilarious and should definitely be how he really is.

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My cast:

Jaleel White - Sonic

Kath Soucie - Sally

Kwesi Boayke - Tails

Lisa Ortiz - Amy

Dan Green - Knuckles

Rob Paulsen - Antoine

Nancy Cartwright or Kath Soucie - Bunnie Rabbot

Kathleen Delaney or Nicole Sullivan - Rogue

Mike Pollock - Dr. Eggman

Charlie Adler - Snively

Jason Anthony Griffith - Shadow

Phil Hayes - Scratch

Garry Chalk - Grounder

Ian James Corlett - Coconuts

Maurice LaMarche - Sleet and The Oracle

Rebecca Honig - Cream

Jack Quevas - Cheese

Mark Ballou - Rotor

Bobcat Goldthwait - Vector

Amy Birnbaum - Charmy

David Willis - Espio

Might add more later.

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Okay, I like this topic already. At first this is going to look like I just like the SA games... but read the whole thing and you'll see what I think.

Sonic - I don't mind the new voice, but Drummond was my favorite. Smith just sounds a bit too old.. or something. I don't know what it is, but I liked Drummond's voice.

Knuckles - Honestly, I didn't like Dan Green voicing him. For some reason, he pulled off Knuckles as angry all the time (or perhaps that was the writing. Maybe they were picturing it with Dan Green's voice when writing and it just turned... angry?). I liked how he acted in the Sonic Adventures. Dan Green was too angry and gruff, and the new guy seems too surfer-dude-ish... I don't even know.

Tails - I'm starting to sound repetive, but Sonic Adventure game's voice. The new voice is better than 4kids or Heroes, but I still thought he sounded more like an eight-year-old genius in the SA games.

Amy - Actually, her 4kids voice didn't bother me, and neither did her SA voice. I liked them both. I don't care which it is, but oh my gosh, please change it. Making it sound like she sucked up helium and turned into Minnie Mouse was NOT ideal. Something makes me think that Lara Jill Miller could do a pretty good Amy voice, though.

Shadow - Honestly, his current VA would be totally fine if it weren't for the vampire voice. (Actually, if he talked exactly like Saix, he'd probably be almost perfect IMO). I think David Humphrey takes the cake, though. I didn't like the 4kids voice because he started to change in portrayal (like Knuckles), to the point where they acted more like he was 'mysterious cool guy' than 'arrogant jerk'. Seriously, in SA2 he seemed like a jerk, and with the 4kids voice he just became 'mysterious'. They seem to be going back to jerk again with his new VA though.

Eggman - I'm fine with his current voice, but Bristow was the best. He pulled off 'sinister' Eggman. He seemed way cooler than current Eggman, though his mix of silly and cool isn't bad.

Vector - Heroes voice, please. Or, use the current one, but get rid of that stupid lisp thing. It makes him sound like he's dumber or something. His voice in Heroes just fit his personality of a greedy gator more.

Espio - Again, I miss his Heroes voice. It honestly doesn't even seem like they tried for a similar voice for him. His old one was very deep and sounded really cool.

Charmy - Don't care.

Rouge - I like the new voice, its pretty good. I also liked the SA2 one. I just didn't like 4kids or Heroes.

Blaze - New voice is good.

Cream - Sounds pretty much the same to me, so don't care really.

Silver - Sega nailed it with Quinton Flynn. Seriously, one of my favorite VAs ever. Got it memorized?

I think thats everybody. All in all, I'm pretty much fine with the current cast, except for Vector's stupid lisp and Amy's helium voice.

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I'll be honest. I pretty much love the cast as is. I'd really like to hear more of Kirk doing Shadow's voice (It's been two years since Free Riders and he just sorta had that one odd line in Generations that was weird, who knows) before passing judgement on that. I do wish he'd go at it from a different angle though. I don't mind the voice so much as the way he just speaks in general. Shadow's days of being a foreboding, mysterious character are in the past. He doesn't need to sound too spooky.

Also, going to echo some sentiments for Amy's voice actor. It's not a bad voice in general, but it's just not what I've come to expect from Amy. I was hoping as time would go on I'd adjust to it but playing through Generation's storyline again for the 21st anniversary really just showed me that I won't get used to it. I don't have anyone specific in mind but if we could go back to something like what was in Adventure 1/2 I'd be alright with that.

And really those are my only two qualms with the voice cast. Every other character either doesn't show up enough these days to matter, or I love what's being done with them. Maybe in the past I haven't minded the voice of a character but didn't like their acting, or maybe I liked their acting but didn't like their voice...but with the current cast I'm pretty darn pleased. I hope we can keep these guys and gals around as long as we can personally.

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Sonic: Ryan Drummond

Tails: Kate Higgins

Knuckles: Scott Drier

Robotnik, not Eggman: Jim Cummings

Amy: Lisa Oritz

Shadow: Jason Griffith

Eggman, not Robotnik: Mike Pollock

Blaze: Kath Soucie (using Sally voice)

Metal Sonic: Martin Burke

Rouge: Lani Minella

Mecha Sonic: Dave Guerrie (using machinedramon voice)

Big: Bill Faggerbake

Cream. Heroes voice

Omega: Heroes voice

Jet: Roger Craig Smith

Fang: Charlie Adler

Shade: Venus Di Tezero

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Am I the only one that thinks Dee Bradley Baker would do a good Sonic?

I mean, he already had that Teenage-ish voice when he was Viewtiful Joe, if he changed the tone a bit I think it could work.

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Oh hey, this topic again.

I'm not really going to go through everyone, I'm just going to point out certain ones that a) are the Chaotix (A-DUH) or B) actually have a strong opinion on.

Knuckles - I really don't like Travis' work on Knuckles for some reason. He seems very...inconsistant on his actual voice. The voices in the Adventures also seemed too laxed for my liking. Dan Green would probably be my prefect already-done voice for him.

Amy - Yeah, I have to echo the sentiments that Lisa Ortiz had her voice down pat. Cindy and Jennifer are just too squealing for me.

Silver - Absolutely no offence to Quinton Flynn (who rocked N.Gin, back in the day), but Pete Capella had such a way with Silver's accent and tone that it alone was a reason I liked the character so much.

Vector - I'm a minority that doesn't care, really. Carter's delivery was off a lot, but I don't think Dan's or Keith's are bad particularly.

Espio - Neutral all around to every voice for him.

Charmy - Amy and Colleen are both better than Emily's. I know he's supposed to be annoying, but there's only so much "I'll do my be--zyoo-zyoo-zyoo-zyoom!" one can take.

Actually, I do have to wonder if there's anyone who doesn't like Mark as Vector and Bill as Espio, because I haven't seen one person yet

Aside from Ian Flynn.

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I don't mind the new VA's that much. My personal favorite is Kate Higgins as Tails. I think she does a fantastic job sounding like a boy. :)

If I had to make a voice cast, I'd ax Amy's VA. Get out Minnie, you aren't a voice actor!

So... yeah. Just keep the new VA's, but change Amy's please. ^_^

Oh, and make Vector and Charmy sound like they care, rather than by annoying as hell

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Ya know, I don't think Amy would get so much hate if Amy herself had a more likable personality at the moment, I mean her VA plays Makoto in Blazblue and Labrys in Persona 4 Arena, and while they have similar voices, they sound nowhere near as annoying as Amy does, so maybe it's more the voice direction than the voice itself.

For reference:


Now does that sound as annoying as Amy does?

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My choice of voice actors would be....

Sonic the Hedgehog - Jason Griffith - He was probably my most favorite, I think he fit Sonic well, and I love RGS too, but he's a bit better.

Miles "Tails" Prower - Kate Higgins - Now she's a perfect Tails, and it makes him sound like a boy again!

Knuckles the Echidna - Dan Green - I just loved his Knuckles, I'm not sure why, but it's my favorite.

Dr. Eggman - Mike Pollock - I don't really need to explain why I love him, because I just do.

Shadow the Hedgehog - Jason Griffith - I prefer Griffith as Shadow more than anyone, I just think he was a great Sonic and Shadow.

Amy Rose - Cindy Robinson - Yes, I enjoyed her voice in GENERATIONS, in Free Riders she was awful, but I liked it in Generations.

Silver the Hedgehog - Quinton Flynn - He hasn't voiced Silver much, but I think he sounds good from the lines he has said.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm sure this thread has come up before, but it's long dead and buried by now. Besides, opinions can change over time.

Please do NOT start a Voice War. You can disagree with other users' choices, but if you do feel the need to criticize, please offer a better, more civil explanation than "So and so sucks! You suck!"

Well, without further ado, here's my Dream Cast.

Billy West as Sonic the Hedgehog

West could play Sonic as a younger, cockier, and more energetic version of Fry from Futurama Alternatively, Tom Kenny could do nicely based on his work as Spyro. A third choice would be Ian James Cortlett, as Sonic is basically a cockier version of Cheetor from Beast Wars.

Mona Marshall as Miles "Tails" Prower

The more I think about it, the more I see it working. Most of Marshall's notable roles are pre-pubescent boys, and two of them, namely Izzy Izumi from Digimon and Jeremie Belpois from Code Lyoko, were geniuses. A second choice would be Tara Strong. It seems she can play young boys and geniuses pretty well.

Scott McNeil as Knuckles the Echidna

Scott McNeil as Knuckles has been something that has been on my mind for a while. He seems to be pretty adept at playing tough, youthful-sounding characters. Even now, I can imagine Scott doing a Jetfire-esque voice threatening telling an Eggbot to get off Angel Island before it gets beaten into scrap metal.

Tara Strong as Amy Rose

I was thinking something similar to her performance as Sari Sumdac in Transformers Animated.

David Kaye as Shadow the Hedgehog

After hearing clips of his work as Treize on Gundam Wing, I have come to believe David would make a pretty good David Humphrey-esque Shadow. Another good choice could possibly be Diedrich Bader. I first became interested in him due to the Zeta Project, where he played the main protagonist. I watched an interview with him on YouTube where a commenter said he should play Shadow. Now, listening to Zeta's monologue in the opening sequence for TZP reminds me of the scene in SA2 where Shadow introduces himself to Sonic.

John DiMaggio as Vector the Crocodile

DiMaggio's typical acting voice is a bit gravelly, and, based on his work in Futurama, he should be able to do the croc's New York accent well. I can just imagine a Bender-esque voice saying "Find the Computer Room!"

That's all I can think of for now.

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Rik Mayall as Doctor Robotnik

I think Mayall could top Mike Pollock if he was Eggman, I love the crazy English voice he has in Bottom, now that would make a good Eggman!

Samuel L. Jackson as Knuckles the Echidna

I don't think an explanation is necessary here.

David Kaye as Shadow the Hedgehog

I think if he used his smug Megatron voice I would like Shadow 10x more.

Liam Neeson as Espio the Chameleon

Because, that's why.

Danny Devito as Vector the Crocodile

I've always imagined him with a gruff voice, like Mario in those godawful cartoons...

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I'm sure this thread has come up before, but it's long dead and buried by now.

We prefer to keep it one topic per subject, even if the topic is a little old, unless the topic *really* needs a restart, but I do not know if that ever is the case here anyway.

By using the Search feature, I found an identical topic which had replies as recent as this month. I like the effort you put into your contribution. Allow me to merge it into the other topic for you, it makes a great example of how topics like these do not have to get too spammy/list-y. ^^

Edited by ^DiZnEy^
Merged topics: Sonic Dream Cast - Who would YOU pick to voice the characters? -> Your Perfect Sonic Voice Acting Cast
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Oh balls. By the time I finally did this, that other thread by Gamma Fangirl had vanished by natural causes. Curses.

In any case, I'm actually really glad this has been brought up, because I've been thinking very seriously about this for some time. Many of the voices have been good and occasionally even great, but there's just something missing that I can't quite put my finger on it. So I sat down for a bit and thought of - as this thread declares - what my ideal cast would be. Now, I'm not saying I'm a hero by any means, but I think I've finally managed to set the score, and I really do believe I'm onto a winner here.

~~~Dr. Crusher Presents: The Best Sonic the Hedgehog Cast to Ever Fucking Exist~~~

Sonic: Keanu Reeves

Tails: Verne Troyer

Knuckles: Harrison Ford

Amy: Any voice actress that's ever voiced an anime-tastic plucky girl. Really. Anyone. I'm not picky.

Shadow: Brian Drummond

Robotnik: A GOOD, GREAT, AWESOME, OUTSTANDING, and all-around AMAZING mix of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, John Hurt, Clancy Brown, and Christopher Walken

Nega: Peter Cushing

Metal Sonic: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mecha Sonic: Sylvestor Stallone

Metal Knuckles: Bruce Willis

Mecha Knuckles: Dolph Lundgren

Tails Doll: Chuck Norris

Metal Sonic 3.0: Mel Gibson

Big: Liam Neeson

Froggy: Jake Lloyd

Gamma: David Tennant

Beta: John Simm

Chaos Gamma: Matt Smith

Orbot: Adam West

Cubot: William Shatner

Egg Robo: Tom Hardy

Espio: Stevie Wonder

Vector: Brian Blessed

Mighty: Cranky Kong

Ray: Elijah Wood

Charmy: Jeremy Clarkson

Heavy: Mike Tyson

Bomb: Dennis Hopper

Nack: The Sniper

Bean: The Pyro

Bark: The Heavy

Erazor: Ganondorf

Witchkart: Gruntilda

Kukku: Ben Campbell

Speedy: Bruce Campbell

Ix: James Earl Jones

Lumina: Kirsten Stewart

Void: Robert Pattinson

Illumina: David Bowie

Chris: John Barrowman

King Arthur/The Black Knight: The Black Knight

Chip: Howard from Halifax

Shahra: Howard from Halifax

Caliburn: Howard from Halifax

Merlina: Howard from Halifax

Omochao: Howard from Halifax

Yacker: Miming Howard from Halifax

Elise: Peach

Tikal: Zelda

Blaze: Samus

Silver: Eric Vale

Rouge: That one across the street who keeps telling me to get out of her house. She's a good'un.

Marine: Pinkie Pie

Cream: Fluttershy

Whisker: Bernard Manning

Johnny: Johnny Depp

Mini & Mum: Statler & Waldorf

Shade: Kirsty Young

Vanilla: Queen Latifah

Omega: Captain Lou Albano

Emerl: Tom Baker

G-Merl: Sylvester McCoy

The President: Bill Clinton

G.U.N. Commander: R. Lee Ermey

The Master Emerald: Samuel L. Jackson

Pachacamac: John McCain

Chaos: Barack Obama

Dark Gaia: George Bush

Iblis: Bruce Dickinson

Ifrit: Ringo Starr

Master Core - ABIS: Tom Cruise

Professor Pickle: Sean Connery

Solaris: Morgan Freeman

Time Eater: Stephen Fry

Biolizard: Jim Carrey

Gerald Robotnik: Tobin Bell

Duke of Soleanna: Malcolm McDowell

Maria Robotnik: Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

Every single Koala in Windmill Village: Rolf Harris

King Boom Boo: Mark Hamill

Egg Golem: Fat Albert

Jet: Mickey Mouse

Wave: Donald Duck

Storm: Goofy

Babylon Guardian: Pete

The Badniks: Don Messick

The Egg Pawns: Casey Kasem

The Sonic 2006 Robots: Lennie Wienrib


Mephiles: Dan Green. As himself.

G.U.N. Truck: Henry Rollins

Black Doom: John Cleese

You see? Perfect. Nothing wrong.

...What? What do you mean some of them are "sadly deceased"?

/endoverdonerubbishjoke No but seriously, I've never been that bothered. Apart from Cindy Robinson's Amy sounding like Minnie Mouse and Dan Green's Knuckles occasionally sounding too much like... er, Dan Green, there's not that many major problems I have with their actual voices (well, not any I can think of). Usually it's the voice directing that causes hilarity.

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Sonic: Roger Craig Smith

Tails: Kate Higgins

Knuckles: Scott Drier

Eggman: Mike Pollock

Amy: Lisa Oritz

Shadow: Kirk Thornton

Blaze: Laura Bailiey

Silver: Scott McNeil

Rouge: Lani Minella

Metal Sonic: Jason Griffith

Jet: Gilbert Gottfried

Cream: Current one is okay

Shade: Venus DiTezero

Vector: Dan Castelina

Espio: Scott McNeil

Charmy: Tara Strong

Tikal: Tara Strong

Wave: Carolyin Lawrence

Mecha Sonic: Dave Guerrie

Eggman Nega: Doug Lawrence

Big: Bill Faggerbake

Storm: Bill Farmer

Omega: Big Micogona

Marine: Yeardley Smith

Fang: Charlie Adler

Mighty: Ian James Cortlett

Ray: Dee Bradley Baker

Bean: Billy West

Bark: Frank Welker

Captain Whisker: Rodger Bumpass

Shahra: Kathleen Barr

Blaze the Second: Bella Hudson

Chaos: Frank Welker

Brutus: Harry Shearer

Merlina: Tabathia St Germain

Silver Sonic: Travis Willingham

Professor Pickle: Dan Green

Grand Battle Kuku: Hank Azaria

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