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Sonic Forces Mobile: Chrono Silver Event


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Announced on the news tab along with Surge, a brand new Silver variant is incoming to Sonic Forces Mobile, bringing a slick Tron inspired outfit along with him, and welding a cybernetic sword. 

Chrono Silver is a really interesting variant, as he seems to be a mixture of Sir Galahad (Silver’s Arthurian variant), and Silver himself, essentially adopting the idea of Silver taking up knightly duties in the future. Still, with Chrono Silver being the official name, it seems to be more a Silver variant than a Galahad variant (Perhaps to people’s collective relief, considering how good Galahad is in the game currently). 

In terms of stats, Chrono Silver is looking at: 

Speed: 7

Acceleration: 6 

Strength: 10

Being a strength centric character, it means Silver might not have top speed, but he’ll recover from attacks incredibly quickly, hopefully making up for it.

His skills also include: 

Psy-Chlone - Silver creates holographic clones that run along side him and will shock any enemy unfortunate enough to get close.

EMP Boost - A boost attack that will shock any enemies who gets hit 

Zap Trap - The standard electrical cloud that appears over your head if used.

Chrono Silver’s event will run back to back with Surge’s, meaning he’ll be available right after her event starting November 28th, up through December 5th, and will likely debut as a special class character, meaning 300 cards to unlock him. Be sure to get him while you’ve got the chance.

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