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Sonic Forces Mobile: Surge the Tenrec Event


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Announced on the news feed today on Sonic Forces Mobile, a brand new IDW character is joining the fray! Surge, the brand new Sonic rival created by Dr. Starline is joining the game on the 21st of November, right after the current Super form event, and is the first brand new IDW character brought into the game since Tangle and Whisper years ago, and it’s always fun seeing comic exclusives get added to a game. 

Her stats include: 

Speed: 10/10

Acceleration: 9/10

Strength: 5/10

Her moves on the other hand consist of just two main ones. A Power Surge where Surge will charge forwards and shock any hit enemies, with a risk vs reward mechanic built in, as she will refresh the attack if it strikes, but will lose power as it’s active.

Her second attack on the other hand is a Volt Bolt, which will act like any boost in the game, dishing damage out if you hit into a enemy while propelling you forwards.

Surge will be here starting on November 21st, and will run up to the 28th, presumably debuting as a special tier character, so make sure you get her while you have the chance!

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