Gamespot Interview Reveals Information

Yojiro Ogawa, in a new review with Gamespot, spills the beans on some of the games status. Though this is his third interview in a week, this is quite possibly his most in-depth interview yet.

First off, it seems that the game hasn’t been in actual development as long as people expected; they only started programing the game last January and only have had a little over a year to work on it. This isn’t exactly bad, though, cause they have actually pushed back the release date a few times to put in everything they wanted to. To make up for lost time, though, they doubled the development team on the game so more people could work on it. One half of the team worked on Adventure Mode (the game’s main mode) and the other half worked on Party Mode (multiplayer minigame mode). this explains why the multiplayer and single player seem like two totally different games. Continue reading Gamespot Interview Reveals Information

SatSR website up, new Ogawa interview

New Sonic art... Sonic's such a poser.

Sonic and the Secret Rings American site has finally gone up revealing lots of new info about the game, including story, minigames, and unlockables.

The story is simple, Sonic is laying down after reading his copy of Arabian Nights, but falls asleep. He wakes up to discover a mysterious genie named Shahra in front of him. She tells him she is the genie of the ring, and tells him of an evil genie named Erazer who is- get this -erasing the pages of Arabian Nights. If he succeeds in his goal, Erazer will break free of the book and become free in Sonic’s world, likely continuing his role as the backside of a pencil in the real world. Sonic agrees to Shahra’s pleas and enters the world of Arabian Nights on top of a magical carpet. Continue reading SatSR website up, new Ogawa interview

Nintendo talks to Yojiro Ogawa

Just recently, the Official Nintendo Magazine had a little chat with Yojiro Ogawa, Sonic Team member and esteemed game developer – also responsible for Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic’s latest outing on the Nintendo Wii system.

According to the article, the lovely chaps down at Nintendo Magazine had a sitdown with Ogawa, and, after having a chat with him, gave a run through the complete version of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“As you may know by now, the game is controlled by moving a constantly-running Sonic left and right. This is done by holding the Remote on its side and tilting it to make Sonic turn. Like all the best Sonic games it is simple to pick up and play and while he’s racing through the levels Sonic can perform loads of different moves. Continue reading Nintendo talks to Yojiro Ogawa

LIVE FROM E3: Sonic Wild Fire

From LAdude: Sonic Wild Fire to be the first game that features Sonic in a solo adventure in 15 years, since the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

From Psychobob: The latest intrigue comes in the form of Sonic Wild Fire, an Arabian Nights inspired adventure covered in this earlier report by Kieran R. Since then we have had new gameplay footage, reports from IGN, an interview curtsey of Gamespot, and SEGA’s Sonic Channel promoting the official Sonic Wild Fire site. And let us not forget SEGA of Americas Sonic the Hedgehog page. Continue reading LIVE FROM E3: Sonic Wild Fire

Sonic 360 revealed by Kikizo Games

Kikizo Games today posted an interview with Yojiro Ogawa, a Project Director from SEGA Japan. The interview in itself is somewhat interesting, however in the introduction to the interview, Kikizo games lists Sonic 360 as one of Sonic Teams upcoming titles. It has been known Sonic Team have been planning another mystery Sonic title for quite some time now, could this be it?

As this appeared theory have instantly been created, Microsoft next generation of their Xbox console is been believed to be called Xbox 360 by many reliable figures in video game journalism. Along with the title speculation and other bits of evidence has revealed that some game titles themselves will have the 360 suffix appended to them. This falls in place with the first theory that Sonic 360 may be an Xbox 360 exclusive title, also tying in with previous reports quoting SEGA promising a new Sonic game for the upcoming Xbox console.

The next (and somewhat more rational theory) is that this is simply the name of the new Sonic title for the Nintendo DS, not only did Kikizo fail to list it on that page suggesting the game may now be titled differently, but with Nintendo DS touch screen controlling abilities may also tie in with the 360.

Stay with SONIC NEWS for more information as this develops.

li3k, an UpDat!

Got a press release from SEGA today – TakeTwo Interactive has effectively bought out Visual Concepts and Kush Games. For those that don’t really care or know (that’s everyone outside of America, then), they are the SEGA divisions that brought us the Sports 2K Series. The acquisition will see SEGA no longer owning the developer’s rights to these games. TakeTwo and SEGA are also apparently going to work together to bring Visual Concepts games to arcades – be it Sports 2K or something else we dunno. Finally, the agreement will apparently include SEGA publishing and distributing the 2K series in Japan and Asia. I’ll post the whole press kaboodle on the SSMB later. Continue reading li3k, an UpDat!