S&ASR Transformed World Tour Details Revealed

A new preview of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has appeared over at French gaming website Jeux Video, and in it we learn a bit more about the game’s World Tour mode. This mode is set-up like a board game, with each square representing a race challenge in which you can earn a bronze, silver or gold medal. A bronze medal will let you pass to the next square, but you will need a silver or gold to access squares that hold challenges that unlock characters and boss fights. Jeux Video reports that the difficulty varies depending on the objective of the challenge.

The biggest piece of Sonic & All Transformed-Stars Racing is in World Tour mode , inspired other productions as SEGA Virtua Tennis. This mode is represented in the form of a board game where the boxes represent different races containing many challenges with three medals specific to the key. To move to the next step, only the bronze is required. But to unlock boxes with special challenges unlocks characters and bossfights , silver and gold are essential. Difficulty varies depending on the objectives to be accomplished : finishing third, second or first, beating a rival with a lead more or less, make the most possible slippage or finish the race with a countdown by crossing checkpoints to repel.

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S&ASRT Previews Reveal New Details, Roulette Road Returns, Billy Hatcher Track Confirmed

Some new previews and interviews have appeared online following SEGA’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed news updates the other day. According to EverybodyPlays, SEGA held a press event in the UK for Transformed earlier this week where attendees were treated to some boat riding on the Thames. In their preview, EverybodyPlays reveals that the flying sections will have a ‘Flight Assist’ option that guides players with a line and helps them get to grips with the controls. The game will also include 132 mods, over 100 stickers, and will be fully playable in co-op in the Grand Prix and World Tour modes.

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