New Official Artwork for February 2021 Focuses On Sonic & Knuckles

SEGA has published new official artwork on its Sonic Channel website for the month of February 2021, and for old-school fans it’ll tickle your ivories. This new piece features Sonic and Knuckles palling around on Angel Island, in a scene that throws us all back to Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

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Happy Birthday Sonic! Sonic Channel’s June Artwork Features Blue Blur

How is it nearly June already? Have we really been quarantining for two months solid?? Well, June is always the happiest month for us at Sonic Stadium because it happens to be the birthday of SEGA’s fast-running mascot! And today, SEGA has revealed its latest artwork for the month of June, featuring Sonic himself. Continue reading Happy Birthday Sonic! Sonic Channel’s June Artwork Features Blue Blur

TSS Exclusive: Sonic Colours Wallpaper

Sonic Colours was released last Friday (in Europe – officially, the US gets it tomorrow but it’s clear that some retailers across the pond just couldn’t wait to sell it early), and it’s a proper corker as well. TSS will be publishing its in-depth review shortly, but until then you can enjoy this exclusive wallpaper to jazz up your desktop.

You may remember that Sonic Wrecks and Sonic Retro have also posted up exclusive Sonic Colours wallpapers, and TSS’ offering differs in that it features Sonic, Tails and Yakker leaping against the colourful game’s title card design. Cool, isn’t it? You can download the European version here (which has the name spelled as ‘Colours’) and the North American version here (‘Colors’ – shudder).

Both wallpapers are in a 1920 x 1200 resolution, and can also be picked up in the Wallpapers section of the site should you miss this post some weeks later. Enjoy! Many thanks to SEGA for sending these to us!

Sonic 4 Website Unlocks Multimedia & Concept Art


The latest Sonic 4 website countdown reached zero at 7pm GMT tonight and unlike some of the previous unlocks this one actually had content behind it. Firstly the website now sports a “Wallpapers” option under the Multimedia section where you can download a wallpaper (funnily enough) with the Sonic 4 logo in one of three sizes. Secondly the site yielded more concept art, this time of various stylised greenery in the shape of bushes and such. Both items can be seen on the official Sonic 4 Website.

So with two more items unlocked, as seems to be the way with everything on the site, two more countdowns have begun. Thats right, we’re now waiting for  more concept art and our second Badnik model, both of which are due to be unlocked at 7pm GMT next Thursday. What do you think we’ll see? Answers in the comments section below!

Nostalgia Trippin’


A resident member of the SFGHQ forums, my buddy Cstyler showed up on Monday with a pleasant and awesome surprise.  He has created these images of the old Genesis levels with a pseudo-3D viewpoint.  Each aspect of a level’s background is twisted and skewed to create a new, yet trippy, perspective.  In short, they’re epic.

These images have become an instant hit and I thought that I’d share them with the rest of you.  If you have a standard 4:3 monitor, they make a great desktop wallpaper (they’re not quite to scale, but they’re close enough). Spring Yard, pictured above, is especially epic.  Check out the entire gallery of these new look classics past the jump:

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Channel Watch: Get Romantic With Chip Wallpaper


Sonic Channel, for the uninitiated, is Japan’s official Sonic the Hedgehog website. It’s about ten thousand times better than the American counterpart, Sonic Central, and is currently 100% better than the European Sonic City, which doesn’t exist yet (expect that to change when it re-launches though). It’s updated on a regular basis and provides plenty of decent fanservice for Asian fans of the blue blur. Every so often, we’d like to track the updates we find on Sonic Channel, so you don’t miss out on some good stuff.

Every month we’re treated to a new desktop wallpaper and calendar PDF, which features the talented artwork of Yuji Uekawa (who should really do more artwork for promotional purposes like game boxes – too many CG pieces flying around) – and every so often a little bio written by SEGA Europe’s Community Team as well. Recently the character art has been in a sketch style, which is a cool way of seeing how Sonic and Tails are usually drawn.


February’s calendar character is none other than Chip from Sonic World Adventure / Unleashed. I guess it makes sense – Valentine’s Day is the time of love, and Chip just happens to ‘looooooooove’ chocolate. We’re glad the little random sprat is getting some facetime. Even though it’s pink, it’s on my desktop. Because hey, I’m comfortable with my sexuality. Are you? Click here to grab the wallpaper and here for the calendar PDF.

The other main activity on the Japanese website appears to be on the official microsites of Sonic World Adventure and Sonic and the Black Knight, with the latter updating with a pretty cool video featuring Jun ‘Junny Baby’ Senoue and Johnny Gioeli performing ‘Knight of the Wind’ in a SECRET LOCATION. Well, a studio. A studio in a SECRET LOCATION. It’s pretty good stuff, head to the microsite and click the video called ‘Hey All’ to see it.

Finally, even though they’re really old items on the website, we want you to take a look at this video featuring Junny Baby and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (of the SEGA Sound Team live performance band) singing Happy Birthday to Sonic (totally epic), and some awesome ‘Basic Sonic’ stationary that you wish you could buy.

Get Yer Exclusive Sonic Chronicles Wallpaper Here

With the epic Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood game just around the corner, we thought we’d provide more of an opportunity to salivate over it just a little more. SEGA Europe have just sent us this wallpaper, which is exclusive to The Sonic Stadium. Download it, slap on your desktop and be proud. SEGA Nerds also has their own wallpaper, but those with a fetish for Tails and HOT WRENCH ACTION can probably make do with this one. I’ve got it on my desktop now. Those blue, alluring eyes…. looking right at me… as if I was — (Runs off to write a fanfiction)

Sonic Chronicles: Tails Wallpaper (TSS Exclusive) – 2.1MB
Right click and select ‘Save As…’

Sonic Channel Updates

‘Sonic Channel’ have had a rather large update, with yet more promotional photos from the ‘m-flo’ event, and loads of downloadable goodies such as wallpaper and art sheets.

M-Flo Content

Sonic Channel has added to its site new images of the promotional event: where ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ and the Japanese hip-hop soul group m-flo teamed up for a photo shoot. The photo shoot was to promote the soon-to-be-released Shadow remix of their song ‘TRIPOD BABY’ entitled: ‘TRIPOD BABY (SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG MIX)’. Continue reading Sonic Channel Updates