Two new ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ Trailers hit the net!

SSMB user ‘Venom‘ alerted the forums earlier today with a new trailer from massive online gaming website, IGN. The trailer focuses on Knuckles’ character in the game, Sir Gawain, featuring footage of his boss fight and other misc videos of several stages. Meanwhile, Youtube user ‘Supasoni1016′ is kind enough to capture and upload the latest trailer of the game from the Japanese ‘Nintendo Channel’, an online media portal designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Channel trailer shows us lots of already seen footage- but with a one minute fifty second version of the games main theme, ‘Knight of the Wind’ performed by familiar-to-the-series band, ‘Crush 40.

You can watch the Sir Gawain IGN trailer here and the Nintendo Channel video showcase here. Sonic and the Black Knight will be available for the Nintendo Wii on the 13th of March in Europe.

SatBK Minigame @ Neopets Showcases New Trailer

The Neopets site has a new flash game that’s SatBK themed. As Sonic, you’re a knight in training. Use the arrow keys to deflect apples thrown at you to win yourself a new trailer of Sonic & the Black Knight, which features more gameplay footage and shots of Sonic & Compant decked out in their new armor.

Alternatively, you can just watch the video below and skip the game.

Special thanks to our new friends at Sonic HUB!

New GT Trailer: Sonic & Shadow Duel Once More

Maaaaan, back when Sonic Adventure 2 was the shiznit, Sonic and Shadow were all like “faker” and “NO U” in some jungle.  The dialogue was so bad, that it was awesome.  Then, Sonic and Shadow went at it as the island that they were on exploded.

If you have ever thought to yourself that the fight would have been better with swords, your wet dream has come true.  GameTrailers’ new SatBK trailer has some footage of the duel between Sonic and Shadow, amongst other things.  The trailer showcases more environments, gameplay, action sequences, and the storybook cutscenes (which are less low-budget than Secret Rings, by the way).  You also get to see more of these graphics that all of these news folk are raving about.

IGN Showcases Completely Different SatBK Trailer


Screw “Darkspine Sonic!” I’ll take “Gold Knight Sonic” any day of the week!

It looks like the one-to-one odds that a new super-form would appear in this game have seemingly come true.  This above image was seen in a completely different trailer for SatBK hosted at every Sonic fan’s favorite website, IGN.  Their trailer has the instrumental version of “Knight of the Wind,” more wacky sword play, more castle crashing, darker locales, and (ugh) G…Gol…Gold Knight Sonic.  I wonder what 7 magical McGuffins you have to collect to unlock this particluar super-form?  Anyway, hit the break for the trailer. Continue reading IGN Showcases Completely Different SatBK Trailer

“Place Your Bets” with a new Sonic & the Black Knight Trailer

KniiiiiiIIIIIiiiiIIIIIiiiiight of the Wind.

In this new SatBK trailer, we get to feast our eyes on some gorgeous CG cutscenes and some intense gameplay footage.  I mean, if you’re going to do something dumb and give Sonic a sword, this is how you do it.  The cutscene clips give a glimpse as to why Sonic is in King Arthur’s court:  purple-haired Zelda Merlina, some wizard in peril, shoots a beam into the sky and calls upon…Sonic, of all people.   Then, Sonic gets a talking sword kills and anything that moves, while Crush 40 rocks out.

Now that you’ve watched the trailer, it’s time to play “Place Your Bets.”  Bet on what will happen in this game (odds are in parenthesis).

Unleashed: Night of the Living Werehog

To get you into the spirit of things, SEGA have made this awesome Hallowe’en trailer for Sonic Unleashed. But it’s not a trailer for the game. Nope, it’s a trailer for a special animated film that SEGA are producing, to tie in with the game. So it’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s “Thriller” then.

It’s done in a classic horror movie style, and features Sonic and new character Chip heading into a haunted house, with the blue blur unable to contain his dark secret when the full moon comes out… Almost reminded me of the intro to Luigi’s Mansion until Were-Sonic started beating the snot out of some Looney Tunes-esque bull.

Give it a watch, it’s ghoulishly good. Ahem. The full animated short will be available in November.

TGS: Sonic and the Black Knight Trailer

Sega decided to show a trailer of Sonic and the Black Knight at the Tokyo Game Show this year, which is quite an unprecedented move given that we still have no firm release date for the next Wii adventure. It expands a little bit on the three-second teaser that was contained in the Wii showcase we posted a few days ago, and much like Secret Rings, involves Sonic going into storyland to beat an evil force. It’s his destiny, apparently. It still looks like Sonic-on-rails to me, so the jury’s still out here.

POW! Right in the kis… er, Chronicles

Sega have released yet another new trailer for upcoming Nintendo DS RPG title Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. This latest trailer showcases a few POW moves and how their pulled off. The trailer continues the dramatic music heard in previous trailers and ends with a battle against the Zoah displaying a team POW move using Amy’s hammer swinging abilities which look’s quite cool. The trailer is an American one and finally gives you guys a release month of September but no actual date yet though unfortunately.

Source: Gamespot

Download the new Unleashed Trailer

When SEGA revealed the new, werewolfy Sonic Unleashed trailer earlier today, they probably didn’t expect so many people would take a vested interest in it. So much so that many fans are having trouble downloading it from their US FTP server. If you’re clamouring to get your hands on a copy of the trailer for yourself, we braced ourselves for the stormy bandwidth weather and… downloaded the trailer from the European Press network instead, saving us all the bother.

We’ve taken the ~300MB trailer and cut it down to size, but kept it in a good enough quality for you guys to still get wet over it. Right click, save to your computer and Print Screen all those frames of Super Sonic at your leisure!

Endless Possibility Trailer (TSS Media Portal) – 58.1MB
Right-click and select “Save As…”

Werehog teaser 2 is very teasing… and funny

Sega has released a new Sonic Unleashed trailer that teases us again about the whole Werehog thing. The trailer is set in a city at night showcasing mysterious sightings of blue hair and silhouttes “swinging from lamp post to lamp post”. The trailer first appeared at G4TV but has now shown up at with the title – “E3 2008: Mysterious Sightings Trailer”, so could we be seeing some proper gameplay or footage of Sonic’s vicious transformation at E3?

A screencap from the trailer of the Werehog has been posted at the SSMB by member Diogenes –

Very vicious indeedy! A lot of commentators on other sites have been quick to tear this trailer apart because of the fact ‘humans are in it’ and all that other garbage, but that’s like saying Sonic Advance had humans in it because of this commercial. Get a grip, ladies.

You can view the new trailer here.

New Sonic Unleashed Teaser Trailer

AAUK has just given me a link to a new teaser trailer for Sonic Unleashed, which really does give us a heavy impression that the Sonic “Werehog” transformation will happen, and gives us the tag line “A New Adventure Awakens”.

We also find out that Werehog Sonic doesn’t like rings…
Thanks to AAUK for the heads up.

SEGA Superstars Tennis Teaser

IGN have uploaded a new teaser trailer for Sega’s upcoming smash hit Tennis title ‘SEGA Superstars Tennis.’

The trailer features some very fancy CG footage giving introduction to some of the characters available to play in the game. The music heard in the trailer is the main theme for the game composed by none other than Richard Jacques.

Watch the trailer over at IGN here!

SEGA Superstars Tennis is set for release very soon on the PS3, 360, Wii, PS2 and DS platforms.

Keep checking back to TSS for all the latest news as it happens!

Big thanks to Streetballa for the heads up!

Another new Riders 2 trailer shows off some new moves

IGN updated their Media section of ‘Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity’ earlier today with a brand spanking new trailer showcasing some new tricks such as Gravity Dive (which looks similar to how Chaos Control worked in Shadow the Hedgehog) and some flashy never before seen gameplay footage.

You can view the new trailer at IGN’s media page for the game here or at Nintendo Wii Fanboy courtesy of Joystiq here.

The release date is still set for next January in the US and March 08 for Europe. Hopefully it will improve on what the first game had to offer with its tonne of extra gears and courses.

New Sonic Rivals 2 Trailer

A new Sonic Rivals 2 trailer has shown up, it shows footage of the final 2 battle modes out of the 6 – King of the Hill and Tag Mode.

King of the Hill mode is simply battling to earn the most points and keep the highest score while Tag mode is a pass the bomb kind of affair.

Omochao also makes a guest appearance in the King of the Hill mode, I’m guessing he’s a referee because he has a flag and seems to freeze players maybe to penalize them.

In Tag Mode it look’s like each player has a timer in which the bomb will explode if they hold it which is weird. It also look’s like you can ride rockets.

Like most trailers there is no music in this one.
Stay tuned to Sonic News for more Rivals 2 updates!

Footage of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Nintendo have released a new video showcasing Wii and DS titles in Japan for 2007-2008. Among them is the first in-game footage of Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity, it’s only 3-4 seconds long and the quality is terrible but beggers can’t be choosers :p

The first thing you notice is that the HUD has been revealed. We have a meter in the bottom left with the speed count above it, which quickly fills up when Sonic uses Gravity Control, a map of the track in the top right which look’s like a simple course, something in the top left which is covered by the game name >_< and in the bottom right the position count and something I can't make out. If anyone can tell me anything else about this HUD please let me know. Continue reading Footage of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

New NiGHTS trailer released

Matt Cassamassina of has revealed on the website’s message boards that there will be three big features on IGN’s Wii channel from now till midnight. The first feature is a trailer of one of the Wii’s most promising first person shooters, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, one of the first FPS games on the Wii to go that extra mile with beautiful graphics, dead on control, and online multiplayer that can hold up to 32 players in any given game.

The second feature is IGN’s long awaited article on the lack of voice chat on the Wii. Continue reading New NiGHTS trailer released

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (Updated!)

A load of new videos have recently been released from the Games Convention event at Leipzig. I don’t believe I need to say much here. Included below are a bunch of videos from several websites, including Sega Nerds and GameVideos.

Sega Nerds:

Continue reading Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (Updated!)

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity trailer revealed

You’ll remember that we mentioned a sequel to the racing game Sonic Riders being announced by SEGA a month or so back. Well, now it’s official – so much, in fact, that an official trailer has been released for the game! (Courtesy of

This trailer includes a small breakdown of the main point of focus in the game, involving tracking down the “shooting star.” In addition, the ability to control gravity is stressed as a main aspect of the gameplay, and is likely a key aspect of the storyline as well.

At this point, no new characters have been revealed, but knowing Sonic Team’s track record so far, there probably will be.

In addition, you’ll also find some screenshots of the game here, courtesy of IGN. Stay tuned to Sonic News for further updates on Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, as well as other future Sonic titles! And do be careful with that gravity control.

Sonic Rush Adventure video released!

It’s no secret that Sonic Rush has easily been the diamond in the rough, as far as Sonic games go over the last few years. Needless to say, we are quite excited over Sega’s sequel to Sonic’s critically acclaimed DS debut. If you aren’t as excited, just take a look at the video below and see what we’re raving about.

Famitsu Releases New Sonic and the Secret Rings Trailer

Multiplayer Character Select Screen

Famitsu released a new nine minute trailer of Sonic and the Secret Rings on their website. This trailer is an extended version of one that IGN released a week ago. But this goes in further, much further, revealing new levels, multiplayer, and even characters.

Within the trailer, they include an in-depth look at multiplayer. Working similarly to Sonic Shuffle, up to four players choose one of eight possible characters. They then choose a game board play in a series of minigames. The player that wins the minigame gets a chance to open a treasure chest. Treasure chest either contain a Sonic Token or a booby trap. If you get a Sonic Token, you get to choose another Treasure Chest, but if you get a booby trap, your chance to open treasure chest is up and all players play another minigame. Player with the most Sonic Tokens at the end wins.

Along with their look at multiplayer, though, we also see new footage of some new levels, displaying how the games mechanics and level design is presented in the title.

We here at Sonic Stadium will keep you up with the game news, and watch progress on the trailer on the discussion forum on the Sonic Stadium Message board.

Dreams Come True song features in Sonic Nextgen

A new trailer surfacing on the Internet showcases an aspect of the new Sonic the Hedgehog game that not many fans were anticipating – the inclusion of ‘Sweet Sweet Sweet’, a song more commonly known as the ending theme to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Sega Megadrive.

You can watch the new trailer by RIGHT CLICKING HERE and selecting ‘Save Target/Link As…’. For a split second, the trailer also shows Silver battling a boss (likely Iblis or an Iblissy creature) with Blaze following beside him. Continue reading Dreams Come True song features in Sonic Nextgen

Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer Re-Released

Following news of GameTrailers leaking a new Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer on April 1, SEGA have now allowed the showcasing of the trailer on all media and fan websites.

SONIC NEWS reported the leak, which had GameTrailers adding a sequence of the new game involving Shadow facing the Egg Fleet and more moves available at the player’s disposal. The trailer was removed some hours later, yet many fansites had already obtained a copy of the trailer and offered it for download.

We contacted both SEGA and GameTrailers for comment, and it appears that the leaked trailer was not to be unveiled to the public until SEGA’s Pre-E3 Conference next month. SEGA consequently retracted their copies of the trailer, and requested all other websites to remove the movie from their sites.

Continue reading Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer Re-Released

Shadow Trailer Relisted

Update: The new Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer has been relisted on The Sonic Stadium. There was some hoo-hah over GameTrailers breaking the embargo on the new trailer some time ago (it was probably THEIR idea of an April Fools joke), and I’ve been in touch with both GT and SEGA-Europe and SEGA America, and it appears the trailer in question was never to be released until just before E3, next month. Literally, the day before. Perhaps in a special SEGA E3 Presentation.

Svend, Thank you for cooperation re: GT. The trailer was let out before we intended it to. We decided to release that trailer to the public just three days ago via IGN. We will be making it available to the public this afternoon. Please feel free to re-post this trailer as of now, with the full permission of SEGA.

Cheers, Bret

Continue reading Shadow Trailer Relisted

New Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer Leaked

Early yesterday, a new Shadow the Hedgehog movie trailer was released on Game Trailers, however later that night it was mysteriously removed, but not before fans watched the new video showing off Shadow flying a dragon around the Egg fleet, destroying GUN bots, slashing up enemies with the weird alien sword, blowing up doors with a bazooka, using his blast attack, and much more.

For those that missed the trailer, many Sonic website managed to get it before the entry was removed. Not only does affiliate Shadow of a Hedgehog have the trailer to download via Fileplanet, The Sonic Stadium also has new information and movie analysis via the Shadow the Hedgehog Game Archive.

Be sure to keep up to date with all new Sonic game information by checking SONIC NEWS and The Sonic Stadium’s Game Archive.