ASR: Second Jet Set Radio Future Track Discovered

Eagle eyed SSMB member Doctor Eggman has discovered a second Jet Set Radio Future track in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. The discovery came from the last vehicle focused trailer released where a collection of small video’s showcasing the various tracks are shown. Compare the two images above(left is Jet Set Radio Future and right is ASR) and you’ll see they look very much alike.

Thanks to Doctor Eggman over at the SSMB!

Steve Lycett De-confirms Hooked Gamer’s ASR Phantasy Star Online Track Revelation

UPDATE: Steve Lycett under his S0L tag over at the SSMB has de-confirmed the Phantasy Star Online track mentioned in Hooked Gamers preview with the following statement –

Errr de-confim

I’m not sure which track they’re talking about – but it’s not a PSO one. They’ve likely seen a Final Fortress stage


Look’s like Hooked Gamer got confused somewhere during their preview. UPDATE END
Original article below –

Gaming website Hooked Gamers(yeah we haven’t heard of them either) have recently had the chance to check out how Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing is coming along. In their preview they see the game has potential but they also think it might end up being simple and standard.

The most interesting part of the preview is the quote below revealing that the game has a Phantasy Star Online track, unfortunately there are no screenshots to give us a glance at track.

It’s great to see so much of the old classic Sega games return to the TV screen. In tune with these classics, the confirmed stages in this game vary from the bright, welcoming beachside of Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes to a futuristic and whimsical Phantasy Star Online stage.

Check out the preview here.

We’ll keep an eye out for any more info, screenshots and video’s and keep you up to date.

Thanks to Blue Toad over at SEGA Forums ASR topic for the find